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As well, when right in the living room you can see the aquarium with the shark, because this is a dream some boys and girls who live in different parts of the world. Why many people want it the shark tank? There is a rational explanation. One of those reasons is that it is quite difficult to create a good environment in the aquarium for living such a difficult fish like a shark. Another reason is the mania of collecting, which lies in the fact that some people bought one fish, begin to buy and other. In the end it all ends the basic overpopulation of aquarium fish.

In the end, some buy the shark and hooked it to the other mansions of the aquarium, but sharks need special living conditions among other marine fish, and some do not understand. Therefore in order to make the lives of sharks in a home aquarium is quite comfortable, the owner of the aquarium will have to put a lot of effort.

bamboo shark

If that shark in my living room?

Sharks are very different lengths and sizes. Some sharks can reach a length of 15 cm, and some can be 15 meters. There is one misconception that is common among inexperienced shark lovers. It is a mistaken opinion, as if the young sharks do not grow in small aquariums, but it is not so. And frankly, this is utter nonsense. However, there are situations where small sharks living in aquariums are very small in size. According to some reports, one woman, and all contained 5 sharks in an aquarium approximately 1 metre. However, if these sharks grow up in normal conditions, they require an aquarium much more.


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Types of bamboo sharks

If someone is going to include a shark in a small aquarium, then this may fit just a couple of types. One of them is Politova shark. The name of the other may appeal to fans of the jungle, because it is called spotted bamboo shark. Typically, in order to keep them at home, you may have an aquarium on one thousand litres. At first glance it seems that this is a lot, but it will not take more than one cubic meter of room volume.

Also, many do not realize that these fish like a bamboo shark should live in a large enough aquarium to feel comfortable. A bamboo shark can not only swim in two directions: backward or forward.

egg of bamboo shark

Bamboo shark (and many other shark species, for example, the bamboo shark aquarium) is a very hardy fish, so some people use this feature in order to buy small and cramped aquariums. You have to understand that in bad conditions they (including the bamboo shark, bamboo cat shark) will not last long, not to mention their offspring (egg of bamboo shark needs clean water).

Choose aquarium

Some tell stories about how one person bought a large aquarium and installed it. After that, the aquarium is flooded not only office but also home. This means that to perform accurate technical calculations is very important. The aquarium should withstand a lot of pressure, to avoid similar emergencies.

Customers sharks are often forced to choose between glass and acrylic. The materials of which make the aquariums. Glass weighs more than acrylic, but are easier to clean. However, acrylic also has its own advantage, which is that acrylic is not afraid to mechanical damage, but also has a disadvantage: it easily can be scratched.

bamboo shark aquarium

Some sharks are better suited for the home environment?

This is a topical issue for many people. Species of sharks very much, so the answer to this question is quite difficult. You need to choose on the basis of their financial capabilities, otherwise the tank will not be in a very good position: the fish will be cramped and uncomfortable. The bamboo shark is the most suitable for home stay. She gets along well with a person uses artificial feeds, not afraid of closed spaces.

bamboo cat shark

This paper should be the source of information that will have to be aware of many people wishing to become owners of aquarium sharks. Someone may conclude that the shark is not for them. Such a conclusion will not only save money, but will save the lives of these predatory fish, which is very difficult to live in cramped home.

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