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Nobody will deny the fact that every year on the market new materials, intended for filling of bedding. Natural, still, remain the most practical. More and more often heard the name "ECOPUR". What is it? The answer is simple. This brand offers its clients a great high quality products. These blankets and pillows can provide the person a strong and healthy sleep, to give opportunity to relax.

Many people today choose "ECOPUR". What it is, fans of this brand can not even ask. The answer is one: reasonable price and high quality – the perfect combination!

Trademark "Ampuh" – what is it?

Produces these pillows and blankets Ukraine. And by the way, for quite a long time on the market takes the leading place is "ECOPUR". That is, asking consumers naimisha happiness to be acquainted with the manufacturer. Response fit into the simple phrase: this is the highest quality of down and feather products. The cushions are particularly soft, eco-friendliness, warmth, ability of making the right the most comfortable head position during sleep, good absorbency of moisture, maintaining an ideal microclimate. In the litter, by the way, for the very softness meets fluff, but for the elasticity and firmness-pen. Their ratio may be different. Depends on price and weight. Everyone can choose for yourself exactly what you need.acopuj it

Perfect hair

Feathers – the most familiar versions of content for pillows. The comfort of sleep on them appreciated for generations. What can you say about the "Ampuh"? What is this softness, hygroscopicity, free air circulation. Because these pillows are so nice to sleep. However, they require systematic cleansing. Feather and down are natural materials that require regular treatment.


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In order to determine to choose what kind of pillow, you should consider the properties of the filler. That is, if you like a soft pillow, pay attention on the model with a high content of fluff than feather. And, on the contrary. For lovers of more firm pillows will suit those with more pen. In General, for an Amateur.acopuj reviews

Not only cushions, but also blankets

"Ampuh" feedback on the raw material from which products are made, leaves an extremely positive, as the trade mark is used to trust only natural materials. Because, despite the abundance of innovative fillers, the company uses the good old goose feathers.

As for the pillow, lovers of the classics can pick up the most convenient option in terms of content and cost. That is, the more down, the higher the price, as it gives the product a special softness. The company offers various options. In the elite - 90% down, budget-only 2 per cent. Because high-quality pillow with a natural filler can buy each person, depending on their income.

The company also Manufactures and two blankets. They differ in warmth. If your house is very cold, you will approach the feather pattern. They are just 10% small feathers. If you need an easier option, pay your attention to polyphonie blankets. Are products in different sizes, so you can easily pick up the model to any bed.acopuj filler

Baby products

Products for kids are also offered trademark "ECOPUR". Filler these goods mostly consist of fluff, although there are more simple options. Are the products small comfortable cushions provide the child with the maximum comfort during sleep.

In short, the company "Ampuh" offers soft, time-tested. About such a purchase you in no case will not regret it.

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