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Pregnancy – a wonderful period in every woman's life – anxious expectation of the birth of the new man. Every minute a mother listens for her child, rejoices in his every movement, responsibility passes all the tests and waiting patiently for the results. Every woman wants to hear that her baby is completely healthy. But, unfortunately, the phrase he hears, not every parent.

In medical practice, various types of pathologies of the fetus, which is installed in different trimesters of pregnancy and before the parents put a serious question to keep the baby or not. Problems with the development can be of two types: congenital and acquired.

the CDF of the fetus

About the different types of pathologies

As mentioned earlier, pathology are:

  • Natural.
  • Acquired.

The cause of the deviation can be both genetic and external factors. Congenital appear at the stage of conception and with proper medical qualifications of the doctor are detected at the earliest possible time. But purchased can appear at any point in the development of the fetus, diagnose them at any stage of pregnancy.

the CDF of the fetus

Congenital abnormalities and their types

All of the CDF of the fetus associated with genetics, doctors call trisomie. They appear in the early stages of fetal development, and deviations from the mean of the number of chromosomes in the child. Such pathologies are:

  • Patau Syndrome. With this diagnosis there is a problem with chromosome 13. This syndrome manifests a variety of malformations, Megaplast, deafness, idiocy and problems with the reproductive system. Unfortunately, children with this diagnosis have little chance of surviving until one year of age.
  • Down's Syndrome – the infamous diagnosis that for many years causes a strong resonance in the society. Children with this syndrome have a peculiar appearance, suffered from dementia and delay growth. Violations arise from chromosome 21.
  • Edwards Syndrome in the majority of cases are fatal only 10% of newborns survive to a year. Because of the pathology of the 18th chromosome children born with visible external abnormalities: small eye slits, deformed shell ears, tiny mouth.

In a separate category includes syndromes caused by problems with sex chromosomes. Classifies them:


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  • Klinefelter Syndrome – typical of the boys and expressed mental retardation, infertility, sexual infantilism and lack of body hair.
  • The Syndrome Shereshevsky-Turner girls suffer. Observed short stature, disorders of the somatic system, also infertility and other disorders of the reproductive system.
  • Polysomy in X - and y-chromosomes are expressed slight decrease of intelligence, the development of psychoses and schizophrenia.

Sometimes doctors diagnose such violation as polyploidy. Such breaches of promise the fruit of death.

If the cause of fetal abnormalities in the gene mutations, it is impossible to cure or fix something. Being born, children just have to live with them, and parents usually sacrifice much to ensure them a decent existence. Of course, there are great examples of people who even with a diagnosis of down syndrome became famous all over the world with their talent. However, you need to understand that this is likely – happy exception, rather than common cases.

the CDF of the fetus

If we talk about acquired CDF

It Happens that the CDF of the fetus diagnosed genetically healthy child. The reason is that deviations can develop under the influence of a variety of external factors. Most often it is the disease suffered by the mother during the period of gestation Chad, harmful environmental conditions or unhealthy lifestyle of the parents. These acquired abnormalities can “strike” on any system in the body of the fetus.

The most popular disorders include the following pathology:

  • Heart disease.
  • Problems directly with the internal organs (their deformation or even partial or complete absence. For example, sometimes the CDF of the kidney of the fetus. Depending on the severity of the deviation is possible to solve the situation with the help of modern medicine achievements. But the CDF of fetal lung often ends with the death of the baby) as well as violations of limbs and other body parts. Often in such situations, suffering the brain.
  • Often, the pathology affects the facial skeleton, forming the anatomical deformation of its structure.
  • Cerebral Hypo - and hyperexcitability are expressed in activity of the baby, muscle tone and in his behavior. Such diseases are well treated, thanks to modern medicine.the CDF of the fetus

CDF without a reason

Acquired abnormalities also include those diseases, the causes of which remain a mystery for physicians:

  • Mnogoplodnaya (the most famous cases – the birth of Siamese twins).
  • The Deviations of the placenta (Hyper - and hypoplasia related to her weight).
  • Multi - or oligohydramnios fetal fluid.
  • Pathology of the umbilical cord (motley occasions from the variations in length up issues with the knots and attachments. Also found clots or cyst-this can lead to the death of a child).

Any of these pathologies requires a responsible approach to the monitoring of the fetus. The parents never heard the doctor's conclusions in the period of conception and gestation of a future family member should be excluded from your life all negative factors that can cause disease.

the CDF of the fetus

What are the causes of malformations of the fetus?

To protect their unborn child from the deviations, you need to first understand what might be the reason for impaired development of the baby. Warning the CDF of the fetus include the exclusion of all possible factors of genetic or acquired changes.

  • The Most common cause of the anomalies are deviations inherited. If the family history of the disease was recorded similar cases, in the period of pregnancy planning it is necessary to consult with a doctor and be tested.
  • Harmful environmental conditions – frequent cause of genetic and acquired mutations.
  • During pregnancy, future moms must take care of yourself, because viral and bacterial diseases can become a starting point for the development of deviations.
  • Often disorders are due to unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, alcoholism, and so on.the CDF of the fetus

The Importance of prenatal diagnostics

Many people recognize, what is the CDF of the fetus during pregnancy, only after prenatal diagnosis. This measure is essential to carrying a healthy baby. So, why such inspection is very important and how it is held?

Diagnosis is performed When the CDF of the fetus, the first thing to do screening pathology – a set of procedures, which is every expectant mother in the term in 12, 20 and 30 weeks. In other words – ultrasound examination. It is a sad fact that many people recognize, what is the CDF of the fetus on the ultrasound. An important validation step are extensive blood tests.

Who is at risk?

Specialists classify a special group of women who have a high percentage risk to give birth to an unhealthy child. At the first examination, they take blood tests and prescribed in-depth diagnosis the possible presence of pathology. Often hear the diagnosis of malformations of the fetus expectant mothers are:

  • Age 35.
  • Get serious medication during pregnancy.
  • Came under radiation exposure.
  • Already had experience of pregnancy with a child with disabilities or if they have a relative with a genetic abnormality.
  • History of a miscarriage, missed abortion or stillbirth.


With absolute accuracy, without the necessary medical examinations to make a diagnosis not be a single competent doctor. Even after obtaining the opinion of the expert gives only a recommendation, the decision is up to the parents. When the anomalies that would inevitably lead to the death of a child (and in some cases the danger to the mother's life), I suggest an abortion. If it is limited to only subtle external abnormalities, then it is possible to do plastic surgery in the future. Diagnoses not amenable to generalization and completely individual.

To do the Right thing only after rational reflection, after weighing in the balance all «over» and «against».

the CDF of the fetus


For minor anomalies and mutations, with which the child can live a full life, timely medical care and modern science can work wonders. In any case can not be discouraged and should always hope for the best, relying entirely on professional opinion of a doctor.


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