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High altitudes has long lured people. One day a couple of subjugators of tops-Paccard and Balma – climbed Mont Blanc. It happened on 8 August 1786. “the climber Day” - so later call that day, and will celebrate it annually around the world.

the day of the climberThe Pioneers

5 thousand years ago, brave men have climbed mountains – this is evidenced by found high in the mountains finds and human remains. In those days, according to the researchers, they were looking for food. Now the conquerors of nodes you want to test yourself, some people consider mountain climbing a sport.

The climber Day appeared in the calendar of more than 200 years ago, but “master” height, people started much earlier. Blanc tried to conquer several times. In 1741 Pocock and Windham from England opened the Chamonix valley, which started all further trips. Many years to reach the highest point of Mont Blanc was the expedition ended tragically.

And here in 1786, Paccard, together with the conductor Balma conquered the mountain and hoisted the red flag, which was captured by the telescopes in Chamonix. Now August 8 – not just an ordinary day, and the Day of the climber. This is due to the fact that the ascent of Mont Blanc became the starting point of the era of mountaineering.

The Holiday has spread worldwide and has become international. Every climber, regardless of place of residence and citizenship, said on 8 August his day.

day industrial climberThe Holiday in modern times

Not all backpacking with the goal of climbing. Work prom. climber in our time is of great importance. These professionals can clean the Windows and facades, to painting and repair, to remove snow and icicles, to mount the air conditioning and perform other operations without the use of scaffolding.


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The world is becoming more high-rise buildings, so in the future the demand for a specific profession will continue to grow. Remuneration “high-rise specialists” in the world is high because the work is associated with risk of falling. August 8, these workers are celebrating the Day of industrial climber.

work prom climber

Generally, the holiday in modern times I think its people whose activities or occupation are associated with the development of the heights, whether mountains or tall buildings. Grand date serves as an occasion for meetings, exchange of experience, setting new records and impressive sight. Organizations hold for their employees concerts, contests, reward employees with certificates and prizes.

On the Day mountaineer sports clubs organize competitions in climbing to the top of the mountains. Athletes are often offered complicated routes to identify the best climber. Events are exciting and attractive, but dangerous. Therefore, participation in them should be a person trained, trained, trained the basics of survival in extreme conditions.

The Holiday is celebrated climbers around the world. It's spirit day, hardy people. They can climb a mountain or wall of a tall building. But they also need attention, the gifts, so don't forget to congratulate your friends the climbers and wish them conquering new peaks.

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