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Many of us love animals, especially dogs. But before you get a puppy, you should be aware of the high responsibility for the life of a new family member. As people and animals tend to get sick, and it is likely that sooner or later your pet will need to seriously Tinker and spend not so much financially as morally.

But now the center of our attention is not quite the disease, however, it requires the breeder a lot of nerves and patience. Li is anomalously strongly about the dogs – what it is and how to cope?

about Li is anomalously strongly in dogs

The Concept of false pregnancy

Not to say that false pregnancy-this disease. Under the false Li is anomalously strongly understand the syndrome, indicating the condition of the animal, during which he has signs of pregnancy, but as those puppies bitch not hatching due to the lack of fertilization. There is another form of this syndrome, when binding was still carried out, but the embryos for any reason, died. But the reasons for resorption of embryos can be many. This and any illnesses, and bad feeding, bad choice of males for mating.

Simply put, a symptom of false security can manifest itself in physiological changes, and psychological behavior of bitches.

The Occurrence of this syndrome can be considered normal because they are faced by almost every breeder bitches, regardless of breed of animal.

about Li is anomalously strongly in dogs what to do

The causes of the syndrome

To understand why there Li is anomalously strongly about dogs, you need to know about the stages of the estrous cycle. Just in time for some of them there are hormonal changes that can cause this syndrome.


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  • Proestrus – the stage before the heat, during which the oocytes are formed for fertilization. During this period, the animal spotting. Walking animal can leave a peculiar mark, which the male finds the female. However, to make SADC dog still will not allow.
  • Estrus-the period of oestrus, when is the best time to conduct binding, so-called ovulation.
  • Metastron – the stage after a “hunting”, during which should go yellow body (in that case, if fertilization were not).
  • Anestrus – the last stage, when bitch is at rest, and its sexual behavior appears weak.

The Cause of false pregnancy is the yellow body. It is responsible for the production of progesterone which is the pregnancy hormone. In dogs, unlike other animals, the yellow body does not leave the body, and continues to operate it for about 2 months.

Because Of this bitches brain receives signals indicating that the body needs to prepare for pregnancy.


How long Li is anomalously strongly about dogs? Most often this period identical to the period of occurrence of this pregnancy – about 60-70 days.

Many breeders of dogs, have become established recently, did not immediately understand what Li is anomalously strongly about dogs. The symptoms of this syndrome are quite varied, and to understand what is going on with your animal, it helps to pay attention to the behavior and condition of females. Divide the symptoms into physiological and behavioral.

about Li is anomalously strongly in dogs symptoms

Physiological signs

To the physiological symptoms include:

  • An increase in the abdomen, often it is sagging.
  • Swelling of the mammary glands, their solidification. In the prenatal period may release the milk.
  • During giving birth can occur “fights” and attempts. This is especially true when the bitch was already senilis earlier.
  • Fever.
  • Loss of appetite or moodiness when you select a food.
  • Morning Sickness.
  • The Emergence of lactation after pseudoatom.

Behavioural symptoms

  • The Dog begins to build a nest: to carry toys and things in one secluded place.
  • The Bitch becomes restless, irritated.
  • Dramatically increases the appetite.
  • The Dog may nurse the same toy, behaving as if it's her puppy. It should pay attention, as in true pregnancy the bitch will never engage with a toy, because she has no need for it.
  • Dog becomes aggressive when you try to take toys from her “nests” because it can take them for their puppies.

Now you know what is about Li is anomalously strongly in dogs.

What to do?

The Only true question in this situation – what to do? First of all, do not be afraid of this. There is a certain number of actions that need to be made in the event of a syndrome.

Of Course, you need to see a specialist. He will establish the actual existence of a false pregnancy and will explain the principles of treatment.

about Li is anomalously strongly in dogs treatment

If you notice that there is about Li is anomalously strongly in the dog, treatment immediately begin is optional. For starters, you can be prevention of emergence of a syndrome of false pregnancy.

Experts recommend sterilizing females, so as to avoid the occurrence of the syndrome. If the breeder of the dog for any reason does not want to be sterilized bitch, you need to spend the next prophylaxis.

about Li is anomalously strongly in dogs how to treat

Prevention syndrome

On 10-12-th day of the disease is necessary in the calendar to celebrate 9 weeks ahead. In a period of 1-2 days before the onset of marked dates it is necessary to reduce the dog food 3 times and reduce the fluid intake to the maximum. In day it is necessary to feed the animal at all.

Don't worry, like “diet” will not hurt the animal – this is necessary for suppression of lactation in bitches.

Further, 3-5 days, the animals should be fed the reduced ration. You should also increase the duration of walking and exercise.

Please note that in the case of milk in the dog, no need to decant it. If the animal begins to suck the milk, then this situation it is necessary to wear a blanket. However, pumping milk in small quantities is acceptable if the Breasts are excessively swollen, and there is a risk of inflammation. But with these problems it is advisable to immediately contact a veterinarian.

After the prevention of the symptoms of false pregnancy should subside.

cure for false security dogs

Do I Have to treat?

To Treat or not to treat? The fact is that the symptoms may pass on their own without consequences. But only if they were originally quite weak.

In another situation, there may be several solutions to the problem, ranging from drugs to prevent lactation, ending the estrus suppressing drugs. You have to remember that the use of any hormonal drugs can have adverse effects on the body of females, because it is necessary that the treatment they left it with the doctor.


Li is anomalously strongly About dogs-how to treat?

  1. The Best treatment is considered the parenteral administration of inhibitors of prolactin. The cure for false security dogs may be different. Best drugs – “Naloxon”. Dosage: 0.01 mg/kg dog 1-2 times a day until complete recovery of animal. Also used "Bromocriptine" in the same dosage 1 time per day until complete recovery. Since the main side effect of these drugs is vomiting and nausea, for half an hour the medication you need to give the dog anti-nausea pills.
  2. High Quality results noted in the application homotoxicological and homeopathic medicines. These funds are a perfect replacement hormone therapy. Also they are very easy to find, because of problems with the treatment should arise. One such remedy is considered “Barovic”. Means start to apply 1-1,5 months after the end of estrus. Injecting 1 every 3-4 days for 14 days. It is also possible to use pills.
  3. Another method of treatment is considered a homeopathic therapy.

Also in conjunction with the treatment often prescribed sedatives, such as “Novopassit”, “Stop-stress” and others. These drugs are relatively easy for the dog. In the case of the disease in a more severe form the vet may prescribe more serious drugs.

Don't forget that Li is anomalously strongly about dogs, medicine, treatments, and symptoms must be monitored, administered and determined by the veterinarian.

What are the risks of syndrome?

The Danger of the disease, first of all, going through the dog itself. Li is anomalously strongly about can provoke such diseases as mastitis, since “scoops” perhaps the accumulation of milk.

You may Also experience a disease such as pyometra (inflammation of uterus with pus), which occurs due to the accumulation of uterine mucus. The disease is extremely serious, because high...

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