What kind of insulation for the Windows are?


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Integrity Windows – it is one of the most important components of preserving the heat in the room. If it is broken, neither of which comfort is not out of the question. In this case, you should choose insulation for your Windows and mount them. This approach allows quickly and efficiently to reduce heat loss in the apartment, private house or other dwelling.insulation for Windows self-adhesive

Rubber seal

This insulation for Windows - self-adhesive. They are very convenient to use. One side of his sticky. It is protected by a paper backing, which is removed during installation. Rubber seal is available with different profile shapes and heights, which largely simplifies the product selection for different sizes of cracks. The advantages of this insulating material can be attributed to the abundance of colors. Ie you can choose a rubber gasket, which will be virtually invisible.

Silicone sealant

This material has many positive qualities. He well fills in the gap, retains its properties under the influence of moisture, sunlight and wind. Also, silicone sealants are not afraid of temperature changes. Such insulation for the Windows are available in different colours. But the most popular are white and colorless. Unfortunately, the above sealants are a serious drawback-they do not lend themselves to decorative treatment. Ie paint them is almost impossible. Therefore, their use as a seal the window frames with the glazing. They are usually applied in the grooves before the fixing of glazing beads.


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foam insulation for WindowsFoam insulation for Windows

The insulating of the window material is quite popular. Foam insulation is sold in rolls. Usually one side has an adhesive basis, covered with a paper backing. I.e. to mount it, very simple. For this you need to remove the film protecting the sticky base, then firmly press the material to be pasted on the surface. The effectiveness of foam insulation small. But it allows you to “breathe” for Windows.

Putty for glazing

This sealing material is one of the oldest. Sold in DIY or hardware stores. Looks like plasticine. The physical and mechanical properties too. It is used for sealing joints between the glass and the frame. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

insulation for WindowsInsulation for plastic Windows

All the materials discussed above are suitable for wooden Windows. But for the last time on the first plan went out the window plastic. If they are made qualitatively, and their installation was carried out professionally, then additional sealing, and especially insulation, are required. Otherwise, you will have to solve the problem yourself. And here you have several choices:

  1. To seal small cracks, you can use paraffin or silicone sealant.
  2. Inner and outer slopes can also be warm. For this purpose, suitable foam or polyurethane foam. After installation, the isolation slopes should be covered with putty.
  3. In some cases, insulation for Windows, not needed. Elimination of defects is achieved by adjustment of accessories.

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