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Almost everyone has a brother or sister. In childhood they are older, which you must obey, or younger, for which we follow. Therefore, it is not always happy. Remember how she just wanted to walk with friends and not to take the little sister or brother. And these constant fights and carve everything that came to hand!

But as time goes on, we Mature, grow older and discretion. Begin to love, forgive and respect their sister. In early childhood it seems that my sister will always be there and aren't going anywhere, although it is unknown what will throw her life.

And now, on the eve of her birthday, so want to sink back with her carefree childhood, playing with favorite toys, watch a cartoon, and just talk about anything. I want to again remind her how much and how much we love her.

On the other hand, if you were previously in SOR, then the upcoming birthday is a good occasion to renew the relationship. Only do step forward, and it should work. No matter who is to blame, the main thing is to maintain the relationship until the end.

Congratulations to sister on birthday can be original, for example, unexpected surprises. And you can just send a postcard with the words: “Thank you, I have you!”. If your sister is quite adventurous and has a sense of humor, then congratulations sister should be executed in the same style. Suppose such an option. You the morning to fall asleep Inbox with all sorts of messages of congratulations. Paste the whole staircase funny pictures and other knickknacks. Then invite her for a walk in the Park, where a sister will greet her friends with huge balloons filled with helium. These balls are great fun for the whole company, and a few bottles of sparkling champagne will be by the way. And don't forget the video camera. Greetings sister will long remain in memory.

If it so happened that my sister lives far away from you and you can not seem to get to see her, then remember about social networks. In our time, they help to communicate at a distance, so you can use them in the right direction. Use a video call – and may you still in pyjamas, unwashed and not combed, still your words will warm the heart of a native man and lift your mood for the day.

Modern people have forgotten about such great things as e-mail. Not surprising, since one almost never sends mail letters or send parcels. And imagine how surprised sister if she knocks on the doors of the postman and invited to pick up a parcel. She will be intrigued and delighted! In the package put what you think is right. Not necessarily something new. Put her favorite childhood toy, your photo and drop a few lines on paper. Such things are remembered much nadolshe than the usual social media message.

If you are a talented person, then write verses for greetings sister birthday. Optionally, select a clever phrase, to search for meaning, a simple combination of words and rhyme will help to create a small masterpiece:

Sister, darling, dear,

I really miss!

I Congratulate you, my dear,

And I wish

Happiness without end,

Love dream

Success in business, studies, skills.

Come quickly

I really miss you…

You Can use a previously invented by someone of the row. Remember, the main thing - attention and care.

The Sister is a person who may know all about you – «and» to «I», which will keep any secret and never tell it, even if you forgot to ask about it. Appreciate every moment spent with sister, who often remind her that she is very close to you and that you truly miss her.

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