Kitchen knife universal: features, basic features


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Correct pocket knife can replace the kitchen different types of special tools designed for cutting. Usually it is acquired for many years, so saving it is not recommended.

One for all

Knives are an indispensable attribute of any kitchen. Of course, without special tools can not do, when you want to cut through bone or cut frozen food. But to perform the simplest of operations it is possible to use a single knife for all occasions. Equally successful in coping with the cutting of fish, meat, slicing vegetables, it is able to replace even the standard chef's utility knife

Pocket Knife does not necessarily have to belong to the famous brand. Often the knife is made by hand, invested in its product soul, can much exceed the performance characteristics of the products of famous brands. So it is hardly worth chasing fashion, brand and price. Importantly, the knife liked and was comfortable to use.

Types of universal knives

These tools for kitchen are different in many ways. They can have different length and shape of the blade, and the blades are ceramic, titanium or stainless steel. The handles are used as metal and wood or high quality plastic.

The High valuation consumers got the tools for kitchen in Japan. For example, each pocket knife Hatamoto Color is an additional cryogenic processing, which increases its flexibility and uniformity of structure. Comfort when working with this tool ensures a smooth back side of the arm, and the granular inner surface helps to hold the tool even in wet or buttered hands, which will eliminate the injury.


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The Japanese Santoku knife (manufacturer Gipfel) able to cut and chop, and chop. The very name of it in Japanese means “use”. The invention in the form of recesses on the working end of the blade allows you to stick the sliced product when slicing. This tool copes with the cutting of meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables. Santoku – it is quite affordable and at the same time very comfortable, modern utility knives (photo can be seen at the bottom).
pocket knife

What to look for when choosing

A Good kitchen knife has certain parameters and characteristics, which should be paid special attention when selecting the tool. The quality of the cut depends on the material from which made the blade. It must be high quality stainless steel. Its hardness and corrosion resistance influence of different additives (chromium, molybdenum, silicon, etc.). Parameters such as hardness and brittleness of the blade, needs to be balanced. It is important that the blade for a long time did not dull.

When you choose you need to pay attention to the lack of patches and stains on the blade (this is not Damascus steel).

Special attention should be given to the handle. Made of wood, it is, on the one hand convenient, but on the other – it's not really practical, because wood is not very resistant material and with prolonged use it can form cracks, which will eventually accumulate dirt. Besides from frequent contact with water is poorly treated wood begins to lose form.

A More practical arm of high quality plastic. However, they do not always look quite aesthetically pleasing and presentable.

universal knives photo

But more durable knife handle that is made of stainless steel. A feature of such tools is more significant weight compared to others.

It is believed that the best utility knife should be sharp, have a low weight and a long time to keep grinding. These parameters correspond to the tools with a blade Zirconia ceramic. The only drawback – increased fragility.


To acquire universal knife met all expectations, careful attention should be paid to his sharpening. It can be bilateral or unilateral. The first option is the most popular, especially if the knife is for use in the home.

Of Great importance is the characteristic of the blade. Cutting edge with hardness up to 60 units would require the use for sharpening diamond sharpening tool. Choosing a pocket knife, it is necessary to take into account.

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