Curtains for the bathroom: types, mounting, and selection, care


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In the bathroom after water procedures on the floor, mirrors and appliances usually appears water. This leads to unpleasant consequences. Because of splashing water floor will be traumatic. Therefore, the shower curtain will become an indispensable element of the interior. Moreover, it can be a stylish detail of the room. On the types and selection of data elements described in the article.

Why do we need curtains in the bathroom?

The Curtains for the bathroom are required to improve convenience and practicality of application of the soul to each inhabitant of the house. Showers are not in every home, but many have bathrooms. The spray scatter in different directions and cause harm. Humidity can cause deterioration of furniture, mirrors, appliances, cosmetics. In addition, the water can flow under or behind the washing machine, where to dry it yourself will be difficult. To prevent all this, allow curtains for the bathroom.

curtains for bathroom

The Blind will still be a constraint of space, a visual barrier. Properly installed, the product will provide protection from a wide spread of vapor throughout the room. If the bathroom has an extractor fan and it is located in the region of simulated showers, the steam will immediately go into it. This will serve as a protection from the intense humidity of the room.

There are different curtains for the bathroom. They differ in design, materials, sizes. The product should be matched to each room, so that it is not only a stylish element of the interior, but also served as a reliable protection against splashing water.


Shower Curtain made of polyester will be dense and durable, and water-repellent properties. It will be perfect for this room, as it can be processed and cleaned. The product can be applied to different images, besides it does not crease and does not wear, does not fade and does not deteriorate from temperature fluctuations.


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But keep in mind that the polyester do not wash in the machine and do not dry. And iron can be the iron, heated to 140-150 degrees. Products can be not only the same type, but with an original pattern of a certain shape and texture. So to decorate bathroom curtains made of polyester are a better choice.


This is a popular and high-quality blinds-curtains for the bathroom that have a low price. They look quite original. The range includes sheer curtains for bathroom from PVC and products with images, because the PVC is easy to apply different drawings.

rod for the curtains in the bathroom

Blinds are made of PVC does not deteriorate from humidity, hot steam and water. They are not afraid of temperature changes. But there are drawbacks – rapid contamination and non-durable period of operation.


Fabric curtains for bathroom are made from cotton which is treated with a special solution. Products are protected from steam and water, so they do not deteriorate from these factors. Such materials are safe for health.

The Shutters come in different colors and with different decorative patterns. Popular sea theme with beaches, dolphins, shells. Often used blue, purple, and blue colors. Can be unusual and rare colors.

The advantages of these blinds include:

  1. Water Resistance, you need to maintain dryness.
  2. Environmental friendliness and safety. Products do not cause allergies.
  3. Many of the curtains have weights that provide maximum efficiency.
  4. Wide range of shapes, colors and patterns. Among them there are white curtains for the bathroom, as well as color options.

This product needs care. They must be periodically washed and ironed. The curtains weighting the bottom is sewn chain. The curtain remains in a static position in contact with moisture. At the top are rings to fasten to the rod for the curtains. In the bathroom, then it will be a stylish and practical detail. It is important to determine the width and height of the product. The size of the curtains for the bathroom should be such as to provide protection of the room from the spray.

Blended fabrics

These blinds are rarely sold in ordinary shops, they are usually bought via the Internet. This is due to the high cost of the product. Textile curtains include a mixture of polyester and cotton, polyester and linen. They can be crushed, with the original weaves of fabrics with different structures, ruched, ruffles, trim the petals.

transparent shower curtain

There are linen products – with embroidery and without, in different colors. The fabric is not only decorated the room, but there was a splash guard is added impregnation. Some of the manufacturers of such blinds offers protection – made from polyester. The latter is represented in the form of plain products, usually in white with antibacterial coating. The main purpose is considered to protect delicate fabrics from moisture, mold, mildew.

The Main advantage of the blended materials is the fact that they look like “natural” textiles. This is due to the composition of the material and the method of sewing. Washable blended materials are preferably manually at a water temperature of 30 degrees. But you can in the machine, but the delicate cycle. Some models can be dried inthe machine, as well as iron.


These blinds are the most common. The products have the following advantages:

  1. The Material is not able to absorb moisture.
  2. Wide range of textures and colors.
  3. Have a lot of drawings, from flowers, landscapes, dolphins, and beautiful buildings. Moreover, the images do not fade with time.
  4. The blinds can be of different sizes.

Such products there are drawbacks. The material is not very durable, besides paintings nagulivajut dirt. Below the screen were a long time, you must select the rubberized variants, treated anti-dust compounds.

3D image

Vinyl products often make with a 3D effect. A three-dimensional image is created by overlaying 2 points relative to each other. Such products do not fade with the operation, they can be machine washed.

Curtains visually expand the space. They have the following advantages:

  1. The Colors are not changed even due to UV exposure.
  2. Do Not occupy much space.
  3. Opaque curtain with 3D-effect ideal for bathrooms with toilets.
white shower curtain

When selecting a product with a 3D image it is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  1. If the room is modernly furnished, it is necessary to abstraction with bright geometry and white, black pictures of urban landscapes.
  2. When the room is small, you should not choose a screen with vivid colors. But perfect neutral pink, beige, blue and white.
  3. It is Important to consider the size.

With such curtains the room will be much more creative. Vinyl designs can be l-shaped or U-shaped. Screens are fixed grommets, and mounting hardware can be a rod and rings.


It is Important to buy a product that will be a practical thing. When choosing, consider the following nuances:

  1. Dimensions. Therefore, you should measure the length and width to purchase.
  2. Environmentally friendly. Now sold blinds of different materials, but you need to choose the appropriate international safety standards.
  3. Type of attachment. It is advisable to choose a product that is fixed on a special rod.
  4. Transparency. If the room is a little light, it is better to choose a translucent material that let in ample daylight. For combined bathrooms suitable thin opaque curtain.

Given these nuances, you get to choose the functional and practical product. Thanks to him, in the bathroom will be more comfortable and safer.


Most Often sold products in the following sizes (in cm):

  • 200x200;
  • 180х180;
  • 240х180;
  • 240х200;
  • 180x240;
  • 220h240;
  • 200h220.
curtain rings in the bathroom

If required blind length 170 and width 220, it is better to choose the size 180x240 cm, Though the product will have a little more, but this will provide additional protection.

Popular brands

Now sold household goods of various brands. Quality products are manufactured by the following companies:

  1. IKEA.
  2. Lemark.
  3. Spirella.
  4. Bacchetta.
  5. White Fox.
  6. "Leroy Merlin".
  7. Bath Plus.
  8. Zalel.
  9. Tatkraft.

The Products of these brands are high quality and original. They will be able to decorate the room and become functional thing. When buying, consider the cost, the interior of the bathroom and personal preferences.

Hard blind

Previously, they were used for fencing the shower, and now they are used as curtains. Products are of configurations, shapes. Such products have the following advantages:

  1. Compact size.
  2. Long lifetime.
  3. Attractive appearance.
  4. Tough construction protects from the penetration of water on the floor.
  5. A Rich assortment for different baths.
  6. Easy installation.

Panel with a metal frame can serve as a great replacement blinds. The material is used in their production tight – polycarbonate or glass. The second option should not be selected if a home has small children.

Make yourself

Waterproof curtains not only shield the tub, but also serve as stylish decor. The product can be done independently. To work need:

  1. A Piece of material.
  2. Scissors, sewing machine.
  3. Roulette.
  4. Ledge.
shower curtain bathroom dimensions

The Work is done in the following steps:

  1. You Must define a size. Need to measure the space under the bath and the material cut out desired size, leaving the length of the overlap of 5 cm
  2. Then sewn loops on the top edge of the curtains.
  3. The Ledge (rope, tape) should be fixed under the bath.
  4. You Can hang the curtain.

Before attaching the curtain to the eaves you need to fix to the screws installed on the wall. The work on making the curtains in the bathroom are over.

Types of fastening

The Curtains for the bathroom are divided by option attachment:

  1. With hooks or rings. For installation used a special rod. At the end of the piece bore holes through which will pass a ring. During the fixing, you should consider the height of the product.
  2. Clips on the magnets. This is a special clip with magnetic elements. These fasteners are used with different blinds for the bath.
  3. Products with eyelets are convenient. Itpractical ring that is inserted into the created hole. To install leaf you need the rod to reach in the holes with grommets.
  4. Screen – the device is in the form of wings. Through a fold in the material promoting the post. This mount conceals the bar.
  5. The Original method are the curtains with chains. In this fastener the height of the ceiling can be significant. First install the curtain rod to the bathroom, where you put the chain, and they recorded the material.

Popular fasteners are rings. Grommets on the curtains are fixed rarely.

The Mount

You Need to properly hang curtains. But this job is easy. It is important to check the equipment set, as sometimes it is sold separately. Need a special rod for the curtains in the bathroom. On the products usually are eyelets. Then you will need rings for the curtains in the bathroom. All the necessary parts can be sold and complete.

When the holder for the blind is static (not folding) and not a spring form, then hang it using some tools. It is necessary to choose the height of the installation, drill the holes in the wall to install the curtains, put on the ring holder and then just hang on rings product put on them eyelets.

textile curtains for the bathroom

But there is an easier way – no drilling. But then the hose should be on the spring. All you have to do to install – collect 2 pieces of the rod into one, twisting through the thread. Structure is mounted between opposite walls. To do this, put the ring to rest in the wall, to compress the spring and to rest the second part of the rod in the opposite wall.

After you adjust the height and level the rod to gently move the edges along the wall and hung a curtain with rings and eyelets. For the corner bath will take the 1st option, since to rest the rod in the opposite wall will not work. In this case, the holder fixed on the adjacent walls, and then he hung the curtain.


When you secure the shower curtain in the bathroom, get a semblance of a shower. This is a convenient option, but you need to take the time to care. Curtains need to be dried after each bath. To do this, they should not collect on the rod, they should be left stretched for some time.

How to wash a shower curtain in the bathroom? To do so, preferably gentle means and manually. Washing and cleaning should be performed regularly. To ensure that the product does not crumple, it should not be hard to RUB and twist. Dry it must in its place in the bathroom. In the extended position, the curtain dries quickly.

So, curtains for the bathroom are practical and stylish products. What is the best the owner can decide himself. The main thing that the thing is well carried out their main purpose.

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