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All around kids - puzzles, everything is a million questions, and often heard answers do not satisfy young researchers. They have formed their own attitude with their concepts and definitions. They need to understand ourselves, to learn something new in your mind, supplementing your vocabulary with new words and imagination to enrich the images and to reach out to all new by using the irresistible forces to learn and explore. Riddles for young children is very important, because they allow kids to explore the world in interesting images, new words and interesting ideas.

Puzzles — a useful exercise for the mind

Riddles left to us by previous generations, carry the poetry, traditions, cultural element. Puzzles is a miniature folk art that helps a child to learn many of the necessary concepts. Thanks to the mysteries of the toddlers learn to reflect and analyze everything they see, hear and speak. These encrypted words concepts help to expand the knowledge of kids. The experience of teachers over many years proves that the new knowledge is perceived and digested much more effectively when accompanied by an active thought process.

The Guessing of riddles, rebuses and charades for kids becomes a kind of intellectual exercise, mobilizing and coaching mental potential. To guess riddles need to be more observant, to follow the life around, be able to recall once I saw, to compare, to compare the phenomena and facts, to divide, highlighting precious moments, to be able to generalize, synthesize found. Crossword puzzles for young children contributes to the development of resourcefulness, improves sharpness, increases the reaction rate and mental activity, develops independent thinking and the habit of deeply and comprehensively comprehend the world.


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Variety of mysteries

The Puzzles were so long ago and so many varieties — it is popular and more literary and poetic form, and in conversational prose, and thematic puzzles, and by way of making, for example, riddles, trompe l'oeil, figurative or narrative, metaphorical, mathematical, logical, humorous. Modern riddles are distinguished by the following criteria.

  • Puzzles-descriptions that describe the phenomenon or object, and must guess on the specified characteristics.
  • Puzzles-questions. When the mystery question to be answered is whether in rhyme, or any other variant, depending on the continuation of the riddle.
  • Puzzles-puzzles. When it is necessary to solve unusual, logical task described in the riddle.

Kids learn piano

the green piano

These puzzles relate to the theme and help you learn more about the theme, in this case, king musical instruments — piano (or piano).

Learn piano for kids with answers in rhyme.


Much music loved

Two sisters — Nura with Nina.

So I bought



Marvel big

In the hall on the concert "howling”.

Fall is open — his teeth there.

Your Fingers on those teeth.

And having all three legs

Do Not rush down the path,

“Gas” not too tight, though, has a pedal…

The name of the monster? …


It stands on three legs

Feet in black boots.

The Teeth are white, pedal.

What's his name?...


Which instrument has the strings, and pedal?

Sure, it is a lovely, white is our...

white piano

Able to Play it as “Fort” and “piano”,

So his name is...

Alma Deutscher

Keyboard black and white series

Pedals yellow gold burn ...

Me with a not carry away in the case.

With a mighty Fort, a gentle piano

And the extremely right,

Who calls us.


Descriptive riddles

It is Very important to interest children trying to make up their own riddles describing the study tool, thus greatly improving the effectiveness of learning, because in the process of creation is remembered, everything is much better.

The mystery about the piano are important, which directed the whole force of small works by concentrating the attention of the baby.


The cow

Ready to Cry.

As for the teeth will — howl no end.


A Giant musical instrument for the hall.

His name I would you suggest

I'm Sure you have guessed for yourself.

With a large wing it and three legs.

a child sings at the piano

With riddles about the piano easier and learning to play this beautiful instrument that fills the hearts of children with love and beauty.

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