Why cat bites when his stroke: possible causes


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Probably every owner of a cat faced with a situation where the animal does not accept affection, and when trying to play with him scratches and scrapes. Ill not in the mood or wild? In fact, the reasons for such behaviour can be many. Remember when you come home after a hard day. Whether you want to answer the arms of a spouse? Of course, you're not going to bite, but cats are more immediate and directly Express their feelings. Of course, it is very frustrating when pet aggression is responsible for the expression of love, however, we must understand the reasons of such behavior than we do.why cat bites when his stroke

Norm or pathology

To Exclude anything it is impossible, in animals as in humans, there are cases of mental disorder. However, speaking about why the cat bites when his stroke, it is necessary to note that the diagnosis must only bet professional based on examination and history. However, most often the explanation lies in the more simple things.

Indeed, cats are by nature quite affectionate, but also independent. And character each of their own. Some are willing to spend hours to make affection in very different form. Other even after many years of living in the family continue to keep your distance. And here, too, everything is ambiguous. Some kitties are ready to take a few minutes to stroke without aggression, others complain immediately. Therefore it is impossible in General to consider why the cat bites when his stroke. In any case all very individually.why cat bites when petted

Sudden whether the attack

If not to consider cases when the cat bites the child for what he unknowingly hurts her, such a situation can be prevented or at least mitigate. You do not even need a long time to figure out why the cat bites when his stroke. Just keep track of the changes in the behavior of purring. Animals demonstrate very clearly, they do not know how to hide emotions under the masks.

Put the focus on the cat and see how it changes when you hold your hand on the back or tummy. When the animal gets the pleasure, it stretches and relaxes under your hands, purring, relaxed, like a fluid. Otherwise, all the muscles of the body are grouped, as in a moment of danger. The ears are pressed, the pupils dilate, the skin at the site of twitching strokes, there are strokes of the tail. Further affection in this case is inappropriate, an urgent need to leave the pussy alone.why my cat bites when his stroke

Complex character

This is the first reason why cat bites when his stroke. We emphasize again that males are more likely to combat the behavior. This is due to the physiology. Males are always more independent and freedom-loving, it is necessary to take into account when you choose a pet for yourself. In addition, there is a separate breed, known for their independence. Is Persian and the Siamese, the British. However, each breed can meet “savages”, which simply need to accept who they are. In this case, you just need to allow the pet to choose a suitable for petting time. When it is clearly in the mood, you can run around, and the rest of the time just pay attention through voice and a delicious lunch.


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Accustom since the childhood

So how to wean cat or a cat to bite and scratch in adulthood can be very difficult, start the exercise you need from a very early age. Toddlers often demonstrate this behavior. Think that's normal as he learns to interact. But now we need to encourage only desirable behaviour, and trim excess. So if during the game the kid grabs your hand with his paws and starts violently gnawing, you need a loud “to Boo” and immediately stop the interaction. If the kitten requires to continue the game and again latches onto your finger, you can pull him by the collar, showing that this will not work.why cat bites patting the hand

If the bites happen periodically

However, we have not answered the question of why cat bites when petted. This behavior can be triggered by a number of factors. Cats are very sensitive to smells. The aroma of the neighbor's dog, which you stroked, spices, perfume, or cream may not be suitable for her delicate sense of smell.

Periodically, the cat may bite you in if you caught her off guard when it is not configured to interact with you when she's too excited (and spring) or she has something hurts. In addition, the purring may just not love the long strokes in one place. In this case it is not necessary to adjust her behavior, just watch it and determine the precise point when it is enough.

As you can see, it is difficult to clearly answer why a cat bites when petted. But in any case, talking about aggression, we mayM only in the case when any drawing hands to the side of the animal leads immediately to the bite. In other situations, you, as the owner, should think about what went wrong and how to fix it.

In Addition, the animal may bite in the event thatif to pet him in certain places. It is the tail or head, tummy, or chin. In this case, it clearly demonstrates that he these actions are not like you.how to wean a cat or the cat biting and clawing

Nonverbal communication

This is another answer why cat bites patting the hand. When you just touch the pet, he may like these weasels. However, at some point, the repetitive motion start to annoy. The animal can not tell you “Enough”, “don't hold so much”, but her discontent begins to grow. Therefore, it uses the available channels. If the host is not able to understand that the purring is experiencing discomfort, then the culmination will be a bite. The best solution would be to stop after a few minutes of foreplay. If the animal is configured to further contact, it will require continue. In another case, quietly doing paper priglazhivaniem her coat.

Electric field

Even we are not having a coat, sometimes significantly hit each other with discharge. With prolonged stroking of the back of the cat occurs a static electric field. Most often this is due to the low humidity. In addition, the reason may be that the wool is over dried by the drying. The static electricity can cause discomfort and even pain, so it's no surprise that the pet will try to avoid continue. And again we're talking about what the attentive owner has time to notice his displeasure.cat purrs and bites when it stroked

Bite of pleasure

This is another common behavior. In this case, the cat purrs and bites when his stroke. That is, he responds to you with affection, and at the same time delivers additional pleasure, as we get it from chewing gum. In this case, from a very early age to correct his behavior. Every attempt to bite you during play should be blocked. The game is over, the owner shows displeasure. If when you resume stroking the cat does not attempt to bite, then the pats are as incentives.

How to avoid conflicts

First make sure in what situations is a aggression, and that it precedes. We have already talked a little about why my cat bites when his stroke. Are independent animals who are looking for affection only in those moments when they need it. In other cases, it is not necessary to bore them with his obsession.

At the first sign (pinned ears, twitching tail) remove your hand. This allows you to quickly end this conflict. If calmly slumbering cat suddenly grabbed your hand, it is best to cry out sharply , to a hissing sound and stop contact with the pet until his “apology”.

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