Which is better veterinary clinic (Tomsk)? Where to treat animals?


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Pets often require special care and maintenance. And every good host would do anything for your pet, if he is not in pain, not sick, not bored, and I've had a good and fun life. It is worth noting that the residents of Tomsk have divided institutions (hospitals) into two types: one can resort to and is strictly to be avoided. Latest just hit its negligence, treatment of animals, and most importantly, they take a lot of money for their ‘medolechenie”. This article considers the clinic of each type.


The veterinary clinic (Tomsk) is not a commercial Association. What created this institution? The administration expresses great hopes to help the state to fulfill its intended commitment – to carry out veterinary service. “Combatants” acting for the good of society creates a variety of events, helps to fight against bad products, is the coordination of the population, in order that people could know about animal diseases and their prevention.

veterinary clinic of Tomsk

This veterinary clinic (Tomsk) has become a favorite place for many skilled physicians. The network, dubbed “Combatants" only works with high quality and branded medicines. Treatment, of course, will cost a bit more but the guarantee that all goes well for pet is quite high, and it's really worth it. For the minimum amount of time the company has managed to become a leader in Tomsk and to prove the inhabitants of his serious intention.

Zoo Clinic

This veterinary clinic (Tomsk) was established in 2006. Now she is known all over the city to demand from consumers. The team is just excellent. Doctors and nurses constantly raise their qualification level, improving skills and abilities. Clinic reviews more than good. Complaints about the poor work very little. Many say that if the animal has not helped in the Zoo Clinic, it is unlikely that pet could do to help. People appreciate and value this institution.


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veterinary clinics of Tomsk reviews

unfortunately, such a reputation can not boast of many veterinary clinics of Tomsk. The reviews on them are weak, there is a lot of negative comments. Of course, this is not talking about their poor qualification level, but only that the Zoo Clinic do high quality and powerful job.


Unfortunately, this is one of the worst veterinary clinic in the city of Tomsk. If you look at the reviews about it, you can quickly verify this. The surgery is performed incorrectly, the drugs are assigned in accordance with the testimony, moreover, tests on hand are not issued. Veterinary clinic «Feelgood" (Tomsk) were unable to show their best side. And most importantly – the doctors hardly put the correct diagnosis. Of course, there are isolated cases when in the hospital helped the animal. But there is enough little, so it's worth considering whether to take your pet is here.veterinary clinic veterinarian Tomsk

If we talk about the doctors who work here, some surprisingly friendly, however most of the staff is bad for animals. What is surprising is that this veterinary clinic (Tomsk) takes a lot of money for the service.

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