October 11: what holiday is celebrated in Bashkortostan since 1990?


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Between Europe and Asia is situated the Republic of Bashkortostan, historically became the first national autonomy of Russia. It happened on 15 November 1917. But celebrations are held annually in the country on October 11. What holiday is celebrated in Bashkortostan this day?

National character

Bashkiria has received the name by name the main constituent Republic of the people. Maintaining a friendly and living in peace with other nationalities, the Bashkirs have always cherished their isolation. There's historical evidence that in the 8th century they were called an independent nation.

Even in the times of the Golden Horde, the Bashkirs won the right of territorial autonomy, so strong was the people's resistance to foreign subjugation.

Republic joined Russia on a voluntary basis in the 16th century. "Tree" or "pedigree Bashkir", suggests that the merger was beneficial to both parties. Russian rich boyars had no right to take these lands. When in the 18th century this part of the agreement has been violated, Bashkirs raised a desperate rebellion, then the right to live on their land was defended by all the indigenous population, killed every fourth.

11 Oct what holiday in Bashkiria

In 1990, the most important day in the Republic began on October 11. What holiday is celebrated in Bashkortostan this day, know all the residents. October 11 has been formed in Bashkortostan.

Talking facts

The territory of the Republic is less than 1 % of the area of Russia, but the population density is much higher than elsewhere – 28 people per square kilometer. Industry and agriculture in the Republic of thrive: the volumes of gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, livestock cattle, honey and milk are on the first place in Russia. The chemical industry is developed, processed a lot of wood.

Life Republic is designed so intelligently that more than 82 % of the enterprises profitable. Their products Bashkortostan trades more than 100 countries around the world.

what holiday is October 11 in Bashkiria

Staying open to the world, the Republic celebrates its autonomy already 26 years old on October 11. What holiday is celebrated in Bashkortostan this day, knows every local resident.

Peaceful neighborhood

Today, when religious conflicts tearing the world, Bashkirs show everything as fine as possible to live in harmony among themselves. On the territory of the Republic live and friendly Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, old believers, Jews, and the parishioners of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Here is an rule: to establish a religious Shrine, you need to hold a gathering of the population and to obtain the consent of all residents. It's hard to imagine a more effective measure than a General discussion of the problem. All the peoples of Bashkiria, have learned not to tread on corns neighbors in defending their rights. In Ufa there are over 22 churches of various religions. Acts of vandalism here - an extremely rare phenomenon.

Perhaps patience and wisdom can one explain the fact that always happily passes day 11 Oct. What holiday in Bashkiria can collect a huge number of people? Of Course, The Republic Day.

What holiday is October 11 in Bashkiria?

This day was adopted the Declaration proclaiming sovereignty.

Every year during the festival in the Central square of Ufa held festivities. Today's date has a vibrant tourist coloring: fair is the exhibition for sale of the Bashkir honey became for the Republic brand. You can see and buy birch bark products, various vessels for honey, stone crafts and ceramics. Lovers of Handicrafts like traditional fur and leather clothes, especially women's hemispherical caps that serve as a talisman. Here we show and explain in which cases you need to wear a scarf and hat. It turns out that it is a science. Hat Malachi came to us from Bashkiria, dress with ruffles, too, was born here.

October 11 festival in Bashkiria

Be Sure there is a concert in which artistic groups dance in folk costumes. Ends with a fireworks display on October 11. Holiday in Bashkiria has its own characteristics, there are new programs and development.

Tourist Bashkiria

Today, when actively developing domestic tourism, Bashkiria got a second wind. In the Republic there is a long time social tourism. At the initiative of the government to relax inside of Bashkiria with minimal cost can labor veterans, pensioners and disabled people.

The national Park “eager” is called the second Switzerland, because there is beautiful and well maintained. Totalthe number of nature reserves – 150 is a huge number for small country.

The government plans to develop a “Golden ring of Bashkortostan” (travel route), where you can visit all the main cultural and historical places.

11 October Bashkiria

Perhaps in the near future 11 October in Bashkiria will become the celebration that together with the people will be noted by tourists from all over Russia. Skiing and resorts, river cruises, car routes, bus Christmas tours – all developed and improved.

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