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Steam iron Philips GC 3320 – comfortable and functional device equipped with a sole ‘Steam Glide” that allows you to iron clothes with maximum comfort. Indication of the liquid level increased a hole for water, and extra long cord make this device popular among consumers.

General information

Philips GC 3320 is at a high level among all similar models from other manufacturers. The capabilities of the instrument note the following:

  • A three-meter cord;
  • Steaming in a vertical direction;
  • Limescale protection;
  • Self-cleaning;
  • A steam generator, the feed steam 30 g/min, impact – about 90 g/min.

Philips GC 3320

The weight of the iron Philips GC 3320 1.5 kg, its power is 2200 kW. Unlike other analogues of the corresponding price categories:

  1. System called “drop-stop”, not giving to get fluid on the linen.
  2. Pointed spout to assist careful Ironing even the most hard to reach places.
  3. Extended opening for pouring liquids.
  4. Convenient travel and freedom of movement, thanks to the considerable length of the power cord.

Among the main characteristics there was a clear indication of the liquid level and modern sliding sole “Steam Glide”, which allows carefully to iron even the most delicate fabrics with a slight temperature. Excluded the possibility of clothing stains from the water.

The cost of the instrument justifies the high functionality and long service life. Philips GC 3320, the price of which varies from 2000 to 3500 rubles., can afford almost all Housewives who wish to transform the tedious process of Ironing in a pleasant and comfortable pastime. In just a few seconds to fill the tank with water and smooth even the most difficult fabrics due to the tip nose of the iron.

iron Philips GC 3320

The Perfect sole slides easily on any matter, simply and quickly cleaned resistant to mechanical damage and scratches. Even copes with dried things, room service is quick and efficient.

About the model Philips GC 3320 reviews can be found on the pages of any Internet-store of household equipment, and in most cases they are positive. Users note the stylish exterior design, ease of Ironing, in spite of the considerable weight and high power steam. Of the disadvantages of isolated fast flow of water, required the addition of a tank antinakipin, as self-cleaning are often thrown out of the holes, the remnants of lime.

Advantages of the model GC 3320

Philips GC 3320 is not leaking when Ironing, if you are using does not tire the hand even when processing a large amount of Laundry. A long cord allows more freedom of action, even at high temperatures sole does not stick to the fabric. Vertical steam is not inferior to that of high-quality models of steamers. Fluid reservoir holds 0.3 l of water, which allows you to iron a lot of clothes. Folds and Assembly is easy thanks to the tip to straighten out the nose. The steam supply is regulated: the smooth mode as well as manual. Press the iron heavily is not required for more efficient smoothing.

The dignity of Philips GC 3320:

  • Excellent service;
  • Ergonomic;
  • Glide;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Convenient opening for pouring in water;
  • Strong steam flow.

Philips GC 3320 reviews

Copes not only delicate fabrics, but tough. Stylish design does not imply anything extra: plastic case in blue tones.

Deficiencies identified by users

Philips GC 3320 – a great device, suitable for every housewife who value their time and effort. The downsides of iron is much less than the benefits: these include a significant consumption of water due to a heavy steam. Continuous mode 300 ml may be sufficient for only one t-shirt. Another disadvantage is the slight creaking when working.

Main features

Before purchasing the iron always need to know that, in General, is a device. Model GC 3320 has the following parameters, which are the main criteria for purchase:

  • Rated power is 2200 kW.
  • Manual adjustment of steam is present, automatic - no;
  • Modern sole “Steam Glide”;
  • Spray;
  • The ability to vertically steam the linen;
  • Volume of water tank = 0.3 l;
  • Power cord length 3 m;
  • Anti-drip system;
  • Self-cleaning;
  • Guaranteed safe.

Philips GC 3320 price

In this model there is no automatic disconnect, cable salivette with housing ball mount. Dimensions: 13х16х32 see the set of irons includes measuring Cup and instructions.

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