What to do if a child (2 years) bad night sleep, often wakes up screaming?


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Very often young parents wondering why a child (2 years) bad night sleeping. When he learns to relax from evening to morning? Even today there are
Parents who blame the problem of the evil eye, or some mysterious force, by resorting to spells and other tricks, to force a child to sleep all night without
Breaks. But what actually keeps the little man quiet rest all night?

Most Often, the end of the first year of life, babies can sleep without interruption all night. But there are children who need more time to master this skill. According to statistics, of the five children at least one child 1-2 years doesn't sleep well. Including such behavior may be a manifestation of the character of this kid. Active, restless children are able to Wake up from any extraneous sounds, while again sleep they can be very difficult. And the time
Recreation of such children requires much less, so they Wake up very early.

child for 2 years on a bad night sleeping

Of Course, a night spent in trying to lay a crying or laughing child, will not have consequences for the family as a whole. Parents feel tired and as a consequence irritation. Annoying and child, and partner, and home or work. It is therefore necessary as early as possible to begin to teach your baby to sleep all night. However, after a fight with his fists do not wave, and if the child (2 years old) doesn't sleep well, it is important to urgently find out why and decide what to do with it.


Most problems arise not only directly from a night's sleep, but falling asleep. That is, in principle, to Wake up at night for children of this age
Okay. But the majority of kids, realizing that it's not time to get themselves to sleep. The child whose sleep problems, sleeping alone can not. As difficult it can be to lay it in the evening. What could be the reason?


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2 years the child is not sleeping well at night

the Pain, hunger, thirst. All three of these needs are dominant and will not allow the child to sleep.
is the Tipping point. Like an adult, a child in a dream experiencing what happened to him during the day. So if in his life there was something important
Went to kindergarten, changed the place of residence, added a new family member, etc. - sound sleep not wait.
- the Reluctance to sleep. Indeed, it is very difficult to sleep, if you are not too tired or going to bed early.
- the condition of the mother. It has long been proven that the baby feels the mother, so if she's depressed, excited, upset, the child in most
Cases will be bad to sleep.
- Discomfort. Perhaps the Onesie is already small baby and prevents to feel comfortable. Or he could ask on a pot: the child (2 years) bad night sleep if his bed is wet.
- External factors. With the lights on, an elevated level of noise the child is difficult to sleep and is much more likely that he will Wake up during the night.
If it is not possible to completely isolate the child from such influences, it is necessary to make them less noticeable as possible.
Activity. If a child before sleep were playing in emotional games, do not expect that he will sleep. Even if the effects of fatigue, he falls asleep quickly, for the night will Wake up several times, reliving the emotional moments.
- Fear. Child 2 years old doesn't sleep well, cries, screams for another serious reason - if he's used all the time to be with your mom, and now have to be
Alone in his crib. If the baby slept with her, perhaps he is not ready for independent sleep. If the mother for some reason is compelled to be absent, well, have a few nights to listen to the complaints of the child.

The Need

It is Sometimes difficult to understand, the child really doesn't want to sleep or he's just really overworked. If you really didn't want to make it pointless, so the easiest
To ensure that the child began to sleep badly at night. 2 years is a fair age to have an opinion and a right to be heard. To understand whether or not the child did not want to sleep, you need to know how many hours of sleep at what age required. Daily requirement for, for example, children three-month - 16-20 hours. To six months the child missing for 14.5 hours to feel good. To year this figure is reduced to 13.5 hours in two enough 13. Four-year-old children sleeping for 11.5 hours a day, six to 9.5. To 12 years children in their need for sleep closer to the adult figures of 8.5 hours. And don't forget that this calculation is given on the day. That is, if two year old sleeps 4 hours, you can count on a full night's rest. If you let him sleep longer at night, he will catch up those hours that have not played during the day. If the child is not sleeping through the night (2 years) Komarovsky advises to reconsider the mode of his day dream. It is likely that he just pours in the daytime.

Day Mode

An Important role in the healthy sleep of the baby plays his routine. If the child (2 years) bad night sleep, there are broken routine. To accustom the child to the family schedule needs from birth. To prepare for sleep you need in advance. The time at which the child needs to go to sleep, needs to be changed. At the same time it should be comfortable not only for the child, but also to make parents to not have disagreements.

the baby is not sleeping through the night often wakes up 2 years

The Day the child should saturate positive developments. Of course, not necessarily every day to give him an entertaining show for the whole day.
It is quite active walking, playing outdoor and educational games. At daytime sleep place your baby in the fresh air. In the evening it is necessary to limit the emotional and physical activity, inviting the child quiet games like sculpting or painting.


Perhaps someone it will seem strange, but if a child (2 years old) doesn't sleep well, blame for this can be improper diet. From a biological point of view, night feeding is not needed to have 6 months. Therefore, if the child (2 years) bad sleeps at night and demands food, it does not mean that he is really hungry. Most likely, he's doing it out of habit, or he wants to communicate. The more parents these requirements are satisfied, the stronger the baby's brain settles this pattern of behavior. At night it is better to avoid feedings. First, the habit of eating at night is never brought, and secondly, a full stomach may be a cause of sleep disorders.

the baby is not sleeping through the night 2 years Komarovskiy

The first dinner (second to last meal) a little better for underfeeding the baby, so in the final day of the dinner to fill his stomach. All this must be done without fanaticism - the last meal should be at least 2 hours before bedtime. Dinner is best fruit, porridge, small amount of meat and dairy products. Sweets eaten in the evening will add activity to the child and will interfere with healthy sleep.

A Place to sleep

Of Course, every mother knows what's best for her baby. However, if the child doesn't sleep well, often waking up (2 years), it may mean that his place to sleep is not the most appropriate. Check out this easy - simply follow the recommendations of the experts and see whether this will bring the result.

Pediatricians believe that a child under one year the perfect place - separate bed in the parental bedroom. However, they are willing to accept that this is a place
Suitable for many children up to three years. But still most of the children, according to the doctors with it to be in their own crib in the nursery. Joint sleep specialists are extremely negative. Of course, such a phenomenon occurs, but it can hardly be called healthy for the child and for mother.

child for 2 years very bad sleeping night

Help sleep

To avoid any complaints that the child (2 years old) doesn't sleep well, you need to make sleep and falling asleep comfortable. So, shortly before bedtime it is desirable to ventilate the room without creating drafts. Preferred the room temperature +18-20 degrees. If it is too hot or too cold, the child is difficult to sleep. In addition, pay attention to humidity: comfortable will be 60-70 %. Promotes restful sleep take a bath with aromatic oils or herbs. Comfortable pajamas, a dry diaper, a suitable pillow - those are the things that kid will surely appreciate.

It is Desirable to create a ritual that will turn the baby into a peaceful sleep.

- a half hour before sleep is well with the child to walk. It is desirable that it is not running through the yard, and quietly it was like.
- Dinner should be at one and the same time, not too dense, but not so that the child is experiencing hunger.
- bath. Foam, a pleasant smell of aromatic oils or herbal infusions helps the nervous system of the child to calm down, the muscles relax.
Tale. All children love, when read to them before bedtime. Often at this time they fall asleep. But even if a tale is listened to the end, it finally allows the child to know that it is time to sleep.

child 2 5 years not sleeping at night

This is a sample list of calming actions that will help baby to sleep. Of course, nobody forbids to add your personal touch or remove any of the
The existing items.

Not sleeping

Sometimes, despite all efforts, the child (2 years) bad night sleeping. In this case, it will have to resort to different tricks which, if not will cause the baby to bed, but allow him just to sit quietly in his crib without disturbing cry for the whole family:

- it Is necessary to put the child early, it will give the opportunity to relax in the evening, if it is early in the morning he will Wake you up.
let the kid love to spend time in the crib, then he would have woken up, just play it without disturbing others.
- Spend most of day time with child, more often hug will calm him, reassure him that he's loved and not cast. With such confidence he is not
Will be afraid to sleep alone in the room.
- Gradually feeding a baby put next to a stuffed toy. Gradually she will start to symbolize for him, parental warmth and sleep with her
Comfortable and relaxed.

Help sleep

The Answer to the question of why the child is 2 years old doesn't sleep well, can be very simple: he doesn't feel protected. Kids need to feel that parents will always help at any time of the day. Therefore, when a small child cries, it is necessary to approach him, so he will know that you can trust. It is very important to learn how to help your child againto sleep at night.

- Despite the fact that to approach the crying child, this must be done not at the same moment, allowing the baby to fall asleep independently. If his crying quiet, maybe he won't Wake up until the end. If you really need him, he will be able to "add sound".

- Stepping up to the crib, make sure that the child is not awakened by strange sounds, light, wetness.

to Solve the problem should be quietly and quickly. Instead of taking up or in your bed, better to just Pat the kid on the back.

If the child is 2.5 years doesn't sleep well, calm, measured steps parents will help him cope with emotions and to continue to rest until morning.

the child began to sleep badly at night 2 year

Rules of sleep Komarovsky

For a generation of children grew up on the tips Dr. Komarovsky. The famous pediatrician, there are recommendations for every occasion. If the child (2 years) bad night's sleeping, you can use the rules of the famous doctor, which contribute to a relaxed night's rest:

don't forget about their needs. The doctor believes that for any child the most important is a happy family. Happy and precipitated including. And
So, the first tip Komarovsky for parents: be sure to get enough sleep.
- Clear mode of the day. As mentioned above, for stable sleep is essential to proper organization of the whole day. The following timetable gives
The child a sense of security and confidence.
- With whom to sleep. According to Komarovsky his place to sleep should be available to every member of the family. A joint sleep of children and their parents, he does not consider useful.
- too much is not necessary. If the child is too long to sleep during the day, it is necessary to Wake-up to all the time he rested at night.
- to Optimize feeding. Do not overfeed the child, to prevent snacking. Feeding should happen at the same time, the evening meal, should
To be nutritious, but not heavy. The situation, when the child is 2 years old, doesn't sleep well, cries very often occurs on the background of overeating.
- to Correctly carry out the day. To move a lot, play outdoor games, read books, walk.
- Air. The room where the baby sleeps, you need air daily. Possible before the night's rest you need to do wet cleaning, and purchase
A humidifier.
- Bed. The mattress of the child should be dry, smooth, evenly stuffed. Babies up to 2-3 years cushion not needed at all. Older children can
Put a thin pillow. Linen for the bed should be only natural. Wash it need baby detergent.
- Diapers. The diaper should be breathable, not leaky, appropriate child size and model.


If the child's sleep disturbed due to colic or toothache, it is better not to experiment, and to consult with your doctor. In addition, problems of a medical nature may be the reason that moms come with their complaints to the doctor. Child 2 years, very bad sleep at night, frequent waking, poor sleep - all of this must be discussed with your doctor. Also, what is the mode of the day baby, then the doctor can give advice or even prescribe a sedative.

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