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The Festival, held under the motto: “buy me or die!" of the stalks along the planet for millennia. For immigrants from the former Soviet Union it until a certain time was strange and unfamiliar, but gradually developed into one of the most exciting and provocative youth events. We are talking about bloodthirsty and horror-based shooter the soul of Halloween.

The Story told before bedtime

The Beginning of this mystical holiday takes from the Celtic mythology. The priests of this ancient people called the druids gathered in oak groves, lit bonfires, and the common people were noisy and partied until the morning. What was the reason for such wild fun? The Celts believed that in the mystical night of the last day of October the boundaries between the worlds of humans and spirits is thinning, winter finally sets in, and the Prince of shadows and his retinue out for a walk. For this reason the Celts believed that it is imperative to dress in costumes of evil spirits, that the spirits found the man for her. According to the beliefs of ancient people, evil spirits had a brutish appearance, so the costumes raging bonfire was made of fur. In those days, the holiday is called by the name of the Lord of darkness – Samhain.

Halloween for kids

The People in this magical night struggled with sleep, to the devil dragged them, taking advantage of the vulnerability of the sleeping.

Came the Romans saw this as a costume event, nothing untoward, so successfully combined it with the celebrations in honor of the goddess Pomona.

Unusual symbiosis

It is Noteworthy that the celebration of Halloween is not eradicated even the Catholic Church. Rather, the higher clergy of the Vatican, of course, opposed to the pagan carnivals. Therefore, the Pope purposely moved the inauguration date of all saints Day on the first of November, but this inadvertently connected both of the holiday. A paradoxical situation is entrenched around the world: along with Catholic masses, mummers visited houses with insistent demands to give them sweets and other treats.


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Foreign scum

In Western Europe and the United States unusual celebration is celebrated magnificently and fun. Halloween for children and Teens – it is a time of mischief and crazy antics for which no judgment. A day of remembrance of ancestors, according to tradition, it was believed that the souls of the dead come to their homes, wander the rooms in search of treats. But along with them in the house could infiltrate witches, goblins and demons, so disguised, they can be daunting.

history of Halloween for kids

But the history of Halloween for children and young people is not very relevant, the main thing for them, the action itself: all-night vigils, an abundance of gifts, the ability to stand out from the crowd and scare the adults. Despite the fact that Halloween is not recognized as an official holiday, celebrated not less pompous than Christmas. The crowd dressed as evil after dark walk around the houses of civilians, joking threats to begging for gifts.

Jack: mandatory attribute of Halloween for kids

Halloween for kids – it is, above all, fancy dress celebrations, sweets and, of course, pumpkin. Why trivial vegetable is not complete mystical feast? There are two versions. According to the first, it was believed that a big and juicy pumpkin – the symbol of abundant harvest and, therefore, it speaks of the end of the summer-autumn period. As to the candle, which is placed in the middle of the orange beauties to help scare away excessively curious spirits.

Halloween for kids

Another version is based on the Irish legend. One day Jack, the man is not alien sins, twice managed to cheat the devil himself. For this the Lord of evil had promised not to send Jack after the death in hell. But in heaven sinful Jack of no place. To this day goes homeless man, light your way with a lamp made of pumpkin, waiting for the Day of judgment.

What do we have?

Interestingly, in the post-Soviet countries Halloween for children and adults has become topical recently. Of course, to celebrate it more like youth and children. Teenagers and students sew crazy mind-blowing costumes of nurses, witch, heroes of Hollywood horror movies and other evil characters. Celebrations last all night, especially bright they are in the clubs and discos. Halloween story for children of modernity incarnated in the night trips for gifts, dressing up gnomes, imps, ghosts, and their sudden appearance before nothing waiting adults. Particularly active in this magical holiday was celebrated in the CIS countries in recent years and, judging by the growing momentum, it promises to gain a foothold in the public consciousness for a long time.

Features of the celebration of Halloween in puberty

Depending on the age, it is necessary to acquaint the teenagers with the history of Halloween, for understanding the meaning of the feast of the ancient people, and its relationship with modernity. Halloween party for children will be slightly different. There will be different costumes, the nature and duration of the mystical event. Children interested in gifts, candy, fake-scared face of parents and neighbors. They are unlikely to enjoy until the morning to wander around in costume through the streets. Older children, on the contrary, would be happy to party all night.

Halloween for children at home

Especially interesting for teenagers there are stories about different ways of divination. For example, young people curious to find out that on Halloween you can make a wish and then to understand, does it come true. For this we need to cut the Apple, and if not to touch the seeds, the wish will come true. To dreams these days also need to be treated with attention. And before going to sleep knowing people follow the custom of the ancient Celts put under the pillow Apple and make a wish. In the morning the fruit is recommended to eat, then the desire will come true.

Halloween desyatiletok

Halloween is for kids, you need to make a memorable and exciting though, because it is unacceptable to forget the traditions of their ancestors. The younger the age group, the more fabulous needs to be a script and design. Halloween is for kids 10 years can be in the form of a matinee with magical characters. To act as the characters of the action may as a classic Baba Yaga, the witch, the wizard or the Goblin, and familiar to the children mystical characters: ghosts, monsters, evil spirits, imps. Arranging a kids Halloween party, you should consider every detail:

  • Theme design;
  • “awful” suits;
  • Fun contests, games;
  • Festive food in the final action.

Halloween is for kids 10 years

The Idea for the script of the opposite sex. A universal scheme would look something like this.

  1. Special attention is paid to the decoration of the hall. Required attributes: pumpkins with candles, spiders, webs yarn, flies, worms, balls, faces with scary characters of fairy tales.
  2. To create a “chilling” atmosphere it is necessary to choose the appropriate musical accompaniment.
  3. The guests of the festival by lottery chosen costumes. It can be various witches, devils, vampires and ghosts. Witches differ from other masks: evil spirit, frightening the children in the dream, meanie, you big goof, sneak. On the same principle distinguish devils (a braggart, a glutton), and other scum.
  4. In the script must be a conflict or problem situation. For example, Baba Yaga had stolen a bag of delicious gifts for the guests, and to find it, it is necessary to overcome obstacles and to perform tasks angry pakastini.
  5. Games and contests will be steps to ensure that the gift is finally found. To the accompaniment of snide remarks Frights or Grandmother-Eiki children perform ridiculous tasks, answer tricky questions. As an example games can be the following: to paint a portrait of the witch, without looking at the paper; to bite a hanging Apple without using her hands. Also a fun atmosphere will support the contests who will recite a difficult tongue Twister; writing congratulatory text with his eyes closed; guess the song specifically distorts the hobgoblin.
  6. After the gifts found, distribute them and invite all the participants at the table.
  7. Meals should be called in accordance with the mysterious atmosphere of the holiday: “tearful Ghost”, “terrible nuts”, “a salad, selected by the teacher”, “scared the berries of the Swamp witch” and the like.

Most Importantly, remember: humor should be present in all endeavors. After all, Halloween is for kids – a celebration of fun.

Creepy carnival

Attention should be paid to the costumes. Otherwise, Halloween is for kids 11 years will be boring and uninteresting. For example, the image of the devil drawn in blood-black tones, the obligatory horns. Will not interfere with gloves and a tail.

For the Ghost costume you will need the sheet to which you want to make a real mess of the bottom. Black markers to draw the face. Another option: using safe baby cosmetics to whiten the face, making under eye black circles.

Halloween for 11 year olds

An Indispensable attribute of witches – a hat. She usually pointed, black. It portrayed a cobweb or star. Mandatory cloak. But the dress can be any desired length.

These are the main heroes of Halloween will decorate any holiday. A popular idea for an interesting event can be a competition for the best carnival costume. Sitting in the jury vermin have to share impressions about the wardrobe of the participants: “what a lovely, filthy hat”, “good stuff”, “this is the best hideous cloak”.

Twelve-year-old devils

Halloween is for children 12 years of age characterized by greater maturity, freedom of ideas and costumes. To the normal set are added to the costumes of vampires, zombies, bats, mummies. Suitable characters of horror films: “Nightmare on elm street”, “Friday the 13th”, “Dracula” and others. To create an image independently, or, buying a costume in a specialty store. For example, a vampire must have a black cloak with a scarlet lining, a large cross or a butterfly. For reliability it is necessary to add artificial pallor, characteristic teeth.

To Represent a bat can be, wearing leather pants, high boots, vest and a Cape with webbed wings. Suitable for girls Gothic dress, gloves, and boots. Authenticity will give a wide drape. The makeup must black hands, white face powder and bright red lipstick. Needless to say that cosmetics should be safe and of high quality.

It is Easier to make a mummy costume. Then you have to buy more bandages.

The Script can be diversified by creating a “panic Room” and the addition of various competitions. Terrible room it isaccordingly decorate the ceiling to hang spiders and bats from lighting only to keep pumpkins with candles inside, and should not be limited carved on them a terrible person: it might be flying witches, skeletons. The room in the most unexpected places should have images of ghosts, monsters, skeletons. The music is carefully thought out: it should be low and tense. No harm will sighs, sudden sobs.

Halloween is for kids 12 years

As for the contests, it will perfectly fit into any scenario hilarious game "to Attach the tail”. The gist of it is that have drawn the donkey with your eyes closed try to attach the tail.

Also interesting competition called "Play the part”. Presenter distributes to participants “role”: of thunder, lightning, curtain, robbers and others. Roles are accompanied by funny sounds that says a group of participants on the team lead the event.

Homemade Halloween

Also Entertaining Halloween for kids at home. On its territory, putting not much effort, you can make a Grand party. For this we need to consider the following factors:

  • Invitation cards for guests;
  • Suitable décor;
  • The script ‘creepy” events;
  • The costumes and makeup.

Postcards are better to create and distribute in advance, thereby giving guests the opportunity to dress up. Decorate areas of the house should be in orange and black colors. The table cover is recommended in accordance with this color scheme. On sale before the holiday comes a lot of interesting things: spiders, flies and worms. A compulsory subject must be scraped-out pumpkin with a candle. Nice to hang faux cobwebs.

Is necessary to Think of everything-from music and entertainment contests to treats. Be sure to ask the child who he wants to be at the ceremony, in time to make the costume scary character.

Halloween is for kids, photos of which are presented in this article demonstrates how you can create an enchanting holiday atmosphere.

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