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One of the most popular and necessary for society, professions – the work of the teacher. It can be compared with the medical operation, the doctor is the only doctor of the body, and the teacher forms the soul. In this regard it is worth quoting the heroine Barbara Brylska in the film “the Irony...”: “teachers ' Mistakes are less obvious, but in the end cost the same expensive…”. This is the absolute truth, so teachers began to honor and appreciate for a long time. However, not all countries in this difficult and noble work meant adequate payment. But this is a question of social guarantees provided by the individual state. Whatever it was, but to celebrate the holiday as a tribute to the teacher should definitely.

A Little history

A Common day of celebration of the profession – 5 October. But the Soviet Union used to celebrate it in the first October Sunday. After Russia's accession to the world organization UNESCO, this date has become a native and the former Soviet Union. A landmark event took place in 1994.

Since 1965, teacher's Day is actively celebrated everywhere. Only it is not the teacher cares about the students, but on the contrary: holiday concerts, sound funny happy teacher's Day to the teacher, children and parents thank the mentors, to give gifts.

My first Teacher

Life goes by rapidly, forcing sometimes forget important things.
But the name of the first teacher remembers everyone, regardless of employment status and occupation. This man gives young students the knowledge of letters, numbers, teaches to understand the essence of things and to distinguish good from evil.
funny greetings teacher Day first teacherTherefore, the wish teacher Day first teacher should include lyrical digressions, childhood memories, immense respect for the work of teachers.


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We entered the class shyly and awkwardly,

The Portfolio to the pain in the fist clutching.

Blackboard and school Desk, and crayon in the box,

Meet – you, a smile warming.

We were not given letters flatter,

Tasks we watered with tears,

But next to you we became bolder,

In the soul lit a flame of confidence.

Oh, how I wanted to pull a pigtail,

The Girl, passing on a number!

Beat the obnoxious boy,

But you watched, deprecating look.

Thank you for your soul,

That gave forever, for free.

Tested for a long time already notebooks,

Last call over pompous.

Bow to you low for good faith,

For life for the good of the people.

Thank you, the teacher first

We take you forever, believe me, will not forget!

The Words of appreciation he said sincerely, a pleasant man of any profession, and, of course, congratulations to the teacher on teacher's Day will touch a sensitive soul of a teacher.

Fun pozdravlyalki

If the teacher is young and progressive, it will undoubtedly enjoy a humorous greeting. Importantly, the humor was kind and considerate. wishes with teachers Day first teacher, Along with fun gifts and heartfelt speeches it is appropriate to look short greetings, originally designed and submitted in a witty manner.

“a Letter from the careless student”

I write to you, what to do…

Errors, well, as always.

I sprinkled a chair for you chalk

And the buttons stuck sometimes…

And you tell me everything is always forgiven:

Cursing in a whisper in a handkerchief

Not so loud you screamed

When splashed the ceiling…

Calm, like the Sphinx,

Did You drink in silence "Validol",

I apron burned Marinka

And soiled with dirt corridor.

You have erected a monument in life,

And from the heart, and not concealing,

Want you to see

Students of such as I!

These verses to the teacher on the day the teacher will give the official notes of mischief and fun, which sometimes light up the school routine.

Parent thanks

Parent the team should not remain on the sidelines, but on the contrary, is obliged to take an active part in the organization and execution of teacher's Day. Recognition of the usefulness of the work of the teacher is the adult part of the team will influence the attitude and mood of the teacher. Especially important to correctly and mentally to make a greeting teacher Day first teacher from parents.

poetry first teacher on teacher's DayThe Content of this kind it is easy to find online, only you must try to choose not too hackneyed texts. Banal desire can nullify the whole effect of the event.

First teacher, first counselor!

We brought to you your kids.

New journal paste red marked

Wise words for children's ears.

We were sometimes dull,

Even obnoxious, what is there to hide.

Your patience we have not forgotten.

Supercial want you to call!

Children were given a treasure of knowledge

They won't kidnap nobody!

Happiness and success from the heart wish,

Shine on you good luck star!

It is worth to give a memorable gift that is remembered not only for the kind words and poems to the teacher on teacher's Day,but felt the gratitude of the parents.


A Good teacher being in place and working by vocation, is able to give a great start for further study in high school and the start in adulthood. beautiful greetings teacher day first teacherSo the seniors don't overlook the person who taught them the basics of what they know now. Make beautiful greetings teacher Day first teacher it is necessary, such a possibility cannot be ignored.

You know us at recess,

At Least has grown and stretched us.

Do You remember a scratched knee,

And a terrible crash of broken braid.

You've been quietly wiping tears,

And along with wet noses.

We Gave you timidly Mimosa

The Cold morning dew.

Thank you for your assistance and studies,

For your kindness, patience bow.

You have covered a long journey,

Where we go over the horizon!

This greeting to the teacher on teacher's Day would be appropriate and leave pleasant memories.

Experience the benefit

That experience, kindness and patience different teacher, gray-haired. They often treat their pupils like their own children. The majority of these teachers are altruistic, endearing calm and steady attitude to childish pranks and disadvantages. At least these valuable qualities they should be thanked, sincerely congratulated on teacher's Day. teacher Day. First teacher-pensioner, congratulationsFirst teacher-pensioner congratulations must be chosen lyrical memories.

Forgive us for early graying,

This morning on the notebook sheet,

For our inept pictures,

For all we apologize to you.

Come the year, the students grow up,

Your way will find every bound.

And your heart in school, not age,

Doesn't want to leave to change.

You gave knowledge and wisdom,

You taught to think about the good,

We are in the teacher's Day is not difficult,

Pat heartily for you in your hands.

It is Easy to wish the best of luck,

Health, and so for many years to come!

May your Eyes never cry,

Let you sidestep adversity!

Congratulations to the teacher on teacher's Day will be especially nice for a person with more teaching experience. After all, his students have grown, but not forgotten the years spent in elementary school. Such gratitude is well worth it.

Advice to Committee

Mostly greetings to the teacher on teacher's Day lies on the shoulders of the parent Committee. Everything went smoothly and without overlap, it is necessary to follow simple rules:
greetings teacher Day first teacher from parents.

  • To develop a quality script.
  • Be sure to make notes of humor and poetry;
  • Involve the organization of children holiday;
  • To prepare high-quality poetic texts;
  • Use games and competitions;
  • Colorful draw playful newspaper;
  • Make a fun award ceremony (diplomas and medals are welcome).

If you approach the preparation of the event creatively, then congratulations to the teacher on teacher's Day is firmly part of the school's annals as a role model.

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