Can I use licorice root in pregnancy?


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Waiting for a child – it is a joyful and exciting moment for every mommy. And even the most perfect pregnancy, there is always the risk of catching colds. While dangerous for the child can be both the course of disease and treatment, since all medications have an impact, even slight, on the development of the baby.

Today we talk about the most common ailments of which few can protect themselves in the spring and autumn period. Acute respiratory infections and colds often lead to airway inflammation and cough banal. Can I use licorice root in pregnancy? Let's deal with it.licorice root in pregnancy

For and against

Actually the first tool that comes to mind when you have a sore throat – licorice. However, during pregnancy its use is in question. While traditional healers say that it is absolutely safe for the woman and fetus. However, the traditional doctors do not prescribed to women in an interesting position licorice roots. During pregnancy, despite the fact that this remedy is completely natural, according to doctors, to use it strictly prohibited. However, the reasons are usually not explained. Let's try to understand this question.

Properties of medicinal plants

Before you make a final decision, let's first understand the properties of licorice. Roots in pregnancy many people use out of habit, not thinking that today, the body undergoes significant changes. Even the most harmless drug can have a significant impact on the development of the baby, so you need a very good understanding of how it will affect the body.


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The Root of licorice has a wide range of useful actions. It has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, mucolytic, wound healing, choleretic properties. Therefore, it is possible to determine the range of application of licorice. Roots in pregnancy use during disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, but most often it is a real salvation from acute respiratory infections and SARS, in which it is used as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory. However, while we saw nothing that could have alerted, so far it seems that it is possible licorice root during pregnancy to use.syrup of licorice root in pregnancy

Main arguments of physicians

We have already pointed out that doctors do not recommend its use for expectant mothers. And it may be a categorical prohibition or a more liberal recommendation to use with caution. We give three main reasons why syrup of licorice root during pregnancy is prohibited. The fact that substances derived from licorice root, can change the water-salt metabolism in the body. That is, even during normal operation, the kidney swelling that during pregnancy the baby is absolutely not necessary.

There is another reason. Syrup of licorice root during pregnancy can lead to activation of the hormonal system. No need to explain that this is not only useful but also very dangerous. These reasons relate to the very roots, and to the syrup.

However, we cannot say about the last reason. The syrup contains alcohol, which is undesirable for the baby. Even small portions of alcohol can cause irreparable harm to a growing organism.licorice root medicinal properties and contraindications


In fact, every rule exists to be broken. Very often, doctors have to assess the possible risks to mother and child and, on this basis, to make a final decision. Licorice may be prescribed by a doctor only if other means for any reason prohibited or powerless. However, keep in mind that women should use this drug only under strict medical supervision. the licorice root in pregnancy manual

Complications of pregnancy on a background of reception of preparation

What else is licorice root during pregnancy. The manual warns that you must be very careful. Licorice can cause uterine bleeding. Therefore, if a pregnant there is a risk of miscarriage or other pathology, then be sure to refrain from this drug. If the reception is coordinated with the attending physician, it is necessary to start with minimum dosages and keep a track of their condition. When you receive the nausea or the dizziness, violations of liver function and joint pain should immediately stop taking and consult a doctor. Remember that each of these symptoms can progress to severe disease, which is highly undesirable during pregnancy.the licorice root in pregnancy

The Main contraindications

You Need to remember that while breast-feeding use this tool too. And even after it it is necessary to consider that the root of licorice, medicinal properties and contraindications of which are known since ancient times, it is possible to use not all. You can not use it for obesityof the third degree. If you have hypertension, then we should also refrain from taking licorice. It is very important to consult with a specialist if you have organic lesions of the kidneys and liver. Of course, you need to be very careful when the possibility of allergic reactions. With diabetes you can not eat nor roots fresh, not syrups. Generally, if you plan to use licorice root, medicinal properties and contraindications should be carefully analyzed and weighed.

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