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Clay – a substance that attracts the attention of children of all ages. From it can be molded into any object or animal. Here many parents just do not rush to buy this creative material to their children. But plasticine Jovi is designed to played with him children.

plasticine jovi

Brand number one

Italian brand Jovi offers its buyer a lot of goods for children's creativity. But special popularity among parents around the world received a Jovi clay (10 colors). To sculpt from this material have each child. Psychologists and pediatricians believe that in the age of two a child should play with play-DOH. Of course, this creative activity must be supervised by their parents. Clay develops motor skills and allows the child to fantasize. Child can create amazing creatures, learn the form, and it is the job of each finger.

Plasticine Jovi – an ideal material for occupations with children. This product is made only of natural vegetative components. Nothing bad will happen if a small piece of clay gets into the stomach of the baby. The producers have secured the maximum contact of clay with a child.

plasticine 10 colors jovi

The Perfect clay

Many parents prefer plasticine Jovi. The price depends on the number of colors in the pack. If you want you can buy a single color – it will cost from 50 rubles. It is a small amount of money for such a quality product creativity for kids. Very convenient that the clay does not stick to the handles and it doesn't need to stretch for a few minutes to become soft and pliable.

You can also note that the colors of the clay are easy to mix with each other. This allows the children to create the most incredible shades. Such experiments develop the imagination and improve color perception. Psychologists also say that children who mold, more calm and reasonable. Even in the program of each kindergarten have classes on modeling. They are held with children, aged over 20 months. For these purposes, it is best to buy a Jovi clay (10 colors).


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What can I do from clay?

Kids are difficult to start to sculpt three-dimensional shapes. Therefore, I recommend to gradually learn the plasticine mass in creativity. Plasticine Jovi is very soft, so by using it you can create a flat pattern. To do this, take a thick piece of cardboard, draw the outline of the future masterpiece, and begin to obleplivaet shapes clay. You should start with basic shapes. For example, the cloud from which the rain drips or falling snow.

plasticine jovi price

As soon As the baby will be good to do a flat clay craft, you can explore three-dimensional modeling. Plasticine Jovi has a wide range of colors, this allows you to create real songs. Animals, bird, trees and people – these are all great objects for the manifestation of fantasy. It is important not to force the child to work with clay. Every kid must wish to make an object of that mass.

plasticine jovi reviews

Manufacturers often offer special tools and forms to create interesting compositions. They can be purchased at any baby store.

Reviews of plasticine Jovi

Every parent cares about the health of your child, no matter how old he is. On the positive side showed itself known plasticine Jovi. Reviews about this product leave many moms and dads who want the child to develop creatively, and comprehensively. Parents believe that the price of such material is available. Very convenient that you can purchase bars of a certain color. Not always want to spend money on a whole packet, if the child is not enough is the color red, for example.

Teachers of kindergartens also good to say about this product. They claim that they like working with clay this company. Putty does not stick to hands, kids garment remains clean. Another great importance is the composition of the product, which is completely harmless for children. Conveniently, the clay does not dry and remains soft for a long period of time.

plasticine jovi

Children also leave their feedback. They like that the colors of the clay can be easily mixed. Thus it is possible to create the most unusual animals or creatures. To work with such material is very nice, it is soft and does not lose its properties, even if clay is left without packing.

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