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From a huge variety of catfishes, perhaps, “loricariidae” or loricariidae have the most unusual appearance. Their name originates from the word “Lori-ka". So called in Ancient Rome, the armor of the legionaries. The whole body of the fish of this species is covered with symmetrically arranged bony plates, which are fused together.

Description catfish

The Family chain can be divided into five subfamilies, which include seventeen genera and over two hundred species. Unlike other catfish species, loricariidae are not predators. The basis of their diet is algae, the leaves of plants.

Now we take a closer look at the most popular types.

Ancistrus star

These loricariidae aquarium relatively small in size. Their bodies stretched in length and flattened, covered with rigid scales (free, it leaves the abdomen). The mouth resembles a suction Cup. He has horn-shaped scrapers, which allow the fish to scrape off food with a variety of solid surfaces (for example, growths of algae).

Loricariidae pearl have the body and fins, is painted in a thick and rich black color, with a scattering of blue-white small spots, which with age become a light brown color. On the fins of young specimens can be seen a broad white edge that fades with time. loricariidae species

The Male has a distinctive leathery branched appendages that are located on the sides of the head. Experts call them tentaculate. In females, these growths are completely absent or very poorly developed. The male is usually much larger than females and can reach a length of 8 inches.


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Common Ancistrus

The loricariidae, a species which is very diverse, different from other aquarium inhabitants distinctive, somewhat flattened body shape. Is no exception and the common ancistrus. Its body shape - teardrop-shaped-flattened. The head is quite large. The mouth is a suction Cup, with hornlike appendages (scrapers).

The whole body of this fish is covered with "armor". Parusovyy dorsal fin quiet. close to the body. The fins are painted in different shades of grey with light yellowish tint. Throughout the body scattered light spots.loricariidae aquarium

Externally, the males have a more slender body. They are higher than in females, dorsal fin, and the tail – much wider. Males have on the head leathery outgrowths which are absent in females.


Loricariidae of this type are so bright that confuse them with other species is impossible. It is alternating stripes of black and white, which fish and was so named.

The Head of hypancistrus elongated, the eyes are set very high. If you look at it from above, you can see that the eye connects white wide strip, from which depart four cross. The upper jaw has seven or eight long, curved teeth on each side, which to the edge of forks. The lower jaw has only eight deeply forked teeth.loricariidae species

The Tail fins of fish has a V-shape. In adults the fins are all decorated with white and black stripes.

The Males noticeably larger than females. The ventral fins have spines. The same growths are in the mouth area. Females have a more rounded abdomen. In the home aquarium, these fish do not grow more than 9 inches. They live in captivity for about ten years.

Brocade glimepirid

These loricariidae – the dream of every aquarist. This is due to their very effective appearance. Brocade leptopril has an elongated and slightly flattened body. His light brown background scattered brown spots. The dorsal fin has the shape of a sail. Som have well-developed oral sucker with which they stick to the glass surface of the aquarium so much that they are pretty hard to tear. Around the mouth you can see thickened at the base of the antennae, which are trimmed with a skin fold.loricariidae

At length brocade catfish grow up to 60 cm, Males larger, more slender, and their color is much brighter than the females. On the pectoral fins are clearly visible spikes.


Armored catfish live well and develop in ordinary fresh water with a temperature of 26° C. In this case, its acidity should be neutral, some tolerance is allowed.

When making the aquarium more often used artificial plants. Welcome of live grass with a good root system - Cryptocoryne, echinodorus.loricariidae

Catfish lead a solitary way of life, do not like bright light, prefer soft. These fish required numerous shelters. They may be rocks, roots of grapes, where they could retire, relax or just sleep. In the aquarium it is necessary to install the driftwood, which for catfish are the source of edible pulp.


These fish are omnivorous, but their diet is koretra, bloodworms, black bread, Tubifex, lean meats, Daphnia, and special dry food. To food was full, feed catfish spirulina intablets.

Some species of armored catfish prefer vegetable food. Special feeding only require a distinct predators.

Loricariidae – breeding

During the preparation for the spawning fish need a varied and rich feeding live food. At this time females and males it is better to plant out in different capacities. Spawning should have a volume of at least 20 liters and a height of 20-25 cm it is filled with fresh tap water. Within two days of spawning aerate. Then you can put a few clumps of plants with strong and broad leaves. The water temperature decreases by 2-3°C, but it should not be below +18° C.loricariidae breeding

Armored catfish in spawning drop in the evening, at the rate of one female to three males. Spawning usually begins in the morning.

This species of aquarium fish has an interesting feature - they become more decorative with each subsequent spawn. Catfish often spawn in a community tank. In this case, you spawn with a substrate to transfer to a separate container.

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