GAZ cars and colic in babies - what to do? Causes, treatment


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Often the first months of a baby's life is complicated by various unpleasant phenomena. Finding GAZ cars and colic in newborns what to do for inexperienced mothers? You first need to calm down, as they often obscure the symptoms attributable to natural causes. To alleviate the condition of the baby in this case without asking for professional help.

Jeep newborns: the causes of

You can Not start to fight against negative phenomena, without identifying the sources that caused them. This symptom is gas in infants, causes may be very different. Often the problem lies in improper feeding of the baby, in which he does not receive the necessary substances. There may be a reaction to mother's diet if the baby is fed with breast milk.

GAZ cars and colic in newborns what to do

Another possibility – antibiotics. At the same danger as the drugs that are assigned to the child and the means with which he was treated during pregnancy, or treated a woman. Finally, cramps in the tummy newborn can result from increased excitability, stress hormones contained in mother's milk, unhealthy psychological environment.

Do parents Have to decide the issue or ask the pediatrician? Show the baby the doctor will certainly worth it, because seemingly innocuous symptoms can be a symptom of the disease. Self-treatment is possible only after consultation with a specialist.

What are the symptoms appear?

As a mom to know that torturing jeep newborn? Signals can be several, but one of them is always there – crying. It is characterized by sudden onset, intensity, duration. The scream is often accompanied by the discharge of gases, which indicates the discomfort in the intestines. After that crying is to temporarily subside.


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from colic in newborns

Definitely should touch the belly, one of the signs is its inflation, the density. To pay attention to the restless behavior of the child, in which he is constantly tossing and turning, pressed legs bent. Alarming – refusal of food, baby not taking the bottle or breast, quickly cease to exist.

The Above signs indicate not only to gas and colic in newborns. What if Chad in addition, loose stools, sudden weight loss? Immediately go to the doctor, because similar symptoms often occur in serious disease. You also need to worry if the cramps occur more often than four times a week, continuing more than three hours.

How to feed a baby right?

If the above symptoms do not indicate disease, their elimination begins with the revision of the system of feeding the baby. It is useful to consider the following recommendations.

  • The Best remedy for gas in newborns – long-lasting feeding. A quick grabbing of the breast the baby is fraught with the fact that he gets only the front milk, rich in energizing gas substances. The hind milk is where they need the immunoglobulins in the body with virtually no hits.
  • The air Penetration at the moment of capture baby breast nipple – a possible source of the problem. The correct method of feeding – pressing the baby to her so that the head remained above the breast. It is important that the sponge was wrapped almost the entire areola.
  • If your baby is on an artificial diet, excessive flatulence can cause a wrong bottle nipple. In such a situation the remedy for colic in newborns – the replacement of devices for feeding. Optimal found the nipple, having a small hole, which helps to slow the flow of food.

Special diet during lactation

Products received in the mother's body, penetrate into the blood, appear in breast milk. It is especially important to monitor the diet of the first months, abandoning food, pose a threat. In the first place from the menu excludes legumes, cabbage, apples, bananas. Caution is required when added to the daily diet of almost all varieties of fruits and vegetables if they are raw. It is forbidden the consumption of carbonated beverages.

dill water for newborns colic

How to deal with farting in newborns with the proper nutrition? Inexperienced mothers often believe that the quality of milk need milk. In fact this product does not have to process any effects, abuse can lead to allergies, problems with a chair from a baby.

The Amount of sweet in the diet in early lactation also requires significantly reduced. Banned is not only candy, but also harmful flour (cakes, pastries).

If practiced artificial feeding

Not all infants in the first months of life are breastfed. If an artificial diet arise GAZ cars and colic in newborns what to do? It is possible that the source of the problem – an incorrect mix, provoking a negative reaction of the immature organism. Often to eliminate disturbing symptoms allows the transition to another product.

how to deal with farting in newborns

Another option – a mixture is suitable, however, is preparing parents wrong. You should carefully study the manual to fully comply with it.


Changes in the diet of the mother and baby, unfortunately, quick results are not provide. The solution could be the right massage for colic in infants, which is easy to do at home. The procedure produces a strengthening effect on the abdominal cavity, regulates the bowels, removes excessive voltage.

the best remedy for gas in newborns

The Massage is for babies before meals, in any case can not proceed to it directly after feeding. The procedure involves a circular movement, produced in accordance with the progress of the clock hands. The duration of the massaging of the tummy is about three minutes, it is important to start with warm hands, pre-focusing on their thorough cleansing. Pats have to be careful, but tangible.

If GAZ cars and colic in newborns what to do after a massage? The baby's legs gently bent at the knees, tightened to the body, held briefly in that position. This simple action promotes the discharge of gases, the optimal number of repetitions – three.

To Do gymnastics

Exercises should not be performed immediately after feeding crumbs. Definitely worth the wait time. Great result provides exercise “bike”, if we turn to him regularly. To perform the action you need to put the baby on her back, gently move his legs, simulating riding on this vehicle.

farting in newborns causes

As to pull the jeep in newborns by means of gymnastics? Need to flip the baby on his stomach, leaving him in this position for some time, producing strokes back.

Massage and exercises there are certain contraindications, so you should not do without consulting the child's doctor.

How to use dry heat?

If the above steps do not resolve the GAZ cars and colic in newborns what to do? Multi-layered diaper is heated with iron, laid on the sore spot. The retention of heat promotes folk remedy – flax seed, enclosed in a linen bag. When heated, it cools down over a long period of time. There is an alternative – a warm potato.

The Full relaxation of a busy toddler contributes to its immersion in the warm bath. Bathing can be combined with massage, light exercises, this will enhance the effect. Finally, a useful contact with the skin, for which the child is without clothes laid on the naked belly of the mother. A simple action contributes to the elimination of tension, soothing. Putting some useful exercise and as a preventive measure.

The Possibility of folk medicine

Dill water for newborns colic – a treatment instrument, proven over the years. Its pharmaceutical analogues of fennel tea also help reduce gas in the intestines, elimination of spasms. Allowed to use for medicinal purposes and other herbs: cumin, anise. An effective antispasmodic recognized pharmacy Daisy.

torturing jeep newborn

The Above products are brewed as a tea. Start eating better nursing mother, it will help to make sure that no allergies in the baby. If a negative reaction to the healthful beverage is not observed, dill water for newborns colic may be given directly to the baby. However to consult a specialist still stands.

Another tool that is often featured in the recommendations of folk medicine, freshly squeezed carrot juice. One Cup per day should drink a woman breast-feeding. As with other informal recipes, it is important to verify the absence of Allergy.

Should I take drugs?

That also helps against colic in newborns? There are drugs useful in Troubleshooting such problems:

  • Medicine “Plantex” is based on vegetable elements, it can be used from birth. The advantage of the funds – a convenient packaged form, it just dissolves in water before use.
  • Drug “Drops” shows excellent results in flatulence. If it's assigned to the child, it can be diluted with water. Taken medicine several times a day.
  • Means “cough syrup” is not suitable if the baby was not yet the month for children older than 28 days it fits.
  • Probiotics – products that supply child's body with beneficial bacteria. Are assigned, if the baby does not remove essential nutrients from breast milk.

Any of the drugs listed above, you should not assign the child without consulting with a physician.

How to use vapor tube?

As to pull the jeep in newborns? Vent tube – a device designed specifically for such tasks. Before using the instrument, be sure to boil, cool. To simplify the typing necessary to lubricate the rounded portion via vaseline or its analogs.

Too deep to enter the vapor tube, as well askeep it for a long time. The best position of the child at introduction – lying on the abdomen, the legs bent towards the body. Before using the fixtures should be placed under the baby's diaper, the action actively promotes the release of feces.

How else to help with gas and colic?

The uncomfortable symptoms, according to statistics, most often appear in troubled children, largely due to the emotional climate in the home. Care should be taken to eliminate negative situations. To baby has found a sense of security, realize the parents ' love, mom and dad should take him in her arms. Relaxation contribute to lullaby performed a soft gentle voice talking to a baby.

If discomfort provoke crying, you should definitely take the child on hands, rocking, wearing, supporting in a vertical position. Close contact effectively helps to calm and release of tension.

Regardless of what triggered the GAZ cars and colic, to consult a specialist before treatment is very important. Some tools can pose a real threat to the immature organism.

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