How to choose rubber boots for kids?


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Here came the autumn season, but not always it is very pleasant weather. Often the window all day drizzles rain, on the pavement formed a huge puddle, and playgrounds turn into a dirty swamp. In those days, mothers usually think that the kid should stay home, but the little naughty totally different opinion on the matter. For children there is no bad weather, and the puddles and mud give the child as much fun as Sunny days. Therefore it is necessary to think in advance about walks in the autumn time of year and buy rubber boots for kids.

rubber boots for kids

Shoes for slush

While walking in wet weather, the child often does not avoid puddles and dirty places, but quite the contrary, tries to jump into them and enjoy the spray. After these walks, the kid returns home with wet feet, and it threatens with colds, because the autumn season is marked by the lack of vitamins and decreased immunity.

Parents may comments and long conversations to make the child to get around a wet spot, but it's completely optional. Practical solution of this problem can be rubber boots for kids. The result will be a happy kid and relaxed parents. In such shoes you can walk not only on city streets, but also in the country after the rain, in the woods.

Models of children's rubber boots

Today, kids rubber boots – this is absolutely not the same shoes that offered the kids the entire Soviet space. The current rubber boots – this bright, stylish models of various styles. Manufacturers offer shoes with bright prints, favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, which every child will wear with pleasure.


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children's rubber boots

Among the most common and popular models are:

  • The boots bag in the upper part – this prevents water from getting inside when the child will jump in puddles;
  • Shoes with knitted lining – it is recommended to wear in dry weather;
  • Rubber boots for kids with insulation – for cold but wet weather;
  • Rubber boots with fur – suitable for wearing even in winter slush;
  • The model, the design of which suggests two ways of wear: due to the removable insulated cover, they can be worn in wet weather in the summer in autumn bad weather.

The set of boots you can pick up a raincoat or an umbrella with a matching print. Due to this ensemble image of a baby will be bright and stylish even in the most inhospitable weather. Rubber boots for girls can be decorated with ribbons and beads. Boots for boys make the corresponding colors. Such shoes are displayed cars, favorite cartoon characters or colorful abstractions.

The Right choice of size

There is a perception that rubber boots are a must to wear with thick socks, so the shoes should be a couple of sizes more than necessary. Today, however, most of the boots come with insulated lining. Socks can be worn if the Shoe is unlined, and planned to wear it in cold weather.

rubber boots for kids insulated

Children's rubber boots don't have to push and have a size exactly corresponding to the length of the foot. A small margin of about one and a half centimeters should be. But do not buy a pair several sizes larger than necessary because this can lead to the development of flatfoot in a child will cause him discomfort when walking and cause permanent drops. Manufacturers offer different rubber boots for kids. The insulated models can be worn during wet conditions.

How to care for rubber boots?

Care rubber footwear presents no problem. It is enough to wash under water and a good wipe. If lining is not removable, the boots can be drier near the battery. We must remember that too close a heat source may lead to cracking of the rubber. Removable cover do not cause problems – it is enough to remove and dry it on the radiator.

rubber boots for the girl

Rubber boots for kids – an indispensable accessory in the autumn wet weather. This shoes children's feet will be dry and warm even in the rainy days. If your toddler likes to walk under the drizzling rain, you can easily join him by purchasing a pair of rubber boots for myself.

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