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Today, the world markets are ready to provide consumers products for every taste and budget. When choosing quality of the goods the buyer pays attention not only to the technical characteristics and security and proved this or that brand. One of the most popular companies considered to be negative. The products of this brand has won a multimillion-dollar popularity due to the large range of products and high quality.

products Henkel detergents

But what kind of products the company produces? What is its advantage over other manufacturers?

Large range of products - the guarantor of continued demand

Going to a regular store household chemicals, the most prominent shelves you can see just what products company Henkel. The company's products are divided into three broad categories:

  • Cleaning agents;
  • Glue and other means for adhesion;
  • Cosmetics and personal care products.

Four years ago, the company entered into a rating of hundred most influential trading companies and became the honorary 486 place.

The Founder of this company is the Fritz Henkel, which gave way to a new brand in 1876. The partners of the young Fritz were also two friends with whom together they brought the first universal powder. The company worked perfectly, had a steady increase of customers, and by 1907 was able to release the first washing powder Persil. This has led to a rapid popularization of the new brand Henkel. Products had a wide resonance and was sold very quickly among the customers. In addition, the founder of the company first resorted to marketing tricks and advertising your product by telling buyers about its composition and properties.


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What is the brand today?

The Rapid growth of popularity resulted in the fact that in 1995 the composition of the Henkel Group is famous brand of care products for hair, Schwarzkopf.

A List of brand products has considerably increased, because now the goods positioned in the market as Schwarzkopf & Henkel and found among the audience of buyers of their fans. So now all the designs received their marks and names, and were divided into groups, all products of Henkel. Household chemicals, namely detergents and cleaners that are so popular today, this brand Persil, Losk, Pril, Bref, Vernel. It is not only powders, but also detergents for dishes and bed linen.

Henkel products

But that's not all products of Henkel. To cosmetic and personal care products include brands such as Fa (shower gels, shampoos, antiperspirant), Taft (varnishes and glitter hair), as well as other equally popular means of Brillance, Indola, got2b, Natural Styling, IGORA System, Silhouette, Bonacure, OSiS, Seah.

Adhesive and technology

But there are other products of the company Henkel, which is more related to the repair and installation. So, the most popular glue is considered the “Moment”. Particularly popular are construction and dry mix Metylan, Ceresit, Pritt. Added to the list of sealants and construction foam Makroflex brand, Thomsit, as well as products Teroson, Liofol Dorus. Also the number of items "Henkel" includes Optal, Loctite, Technomelt and P3. If consumers are interested in sealants for microelectronics, the company has its development under the brands Hysol and Multicore.the products of the company Henkel

From this we can easily understand how popular manufactured brand of Henkel products. A list of trademarks, included in its composition, and still filling up. The company has a huge financial turnover from goods supplied to all corners of the world, and therefore more popular.

Brand Henkel – recognized quality

But what caused such popularity? Is it just a marketing ploy? Not at all. The products of this brand became popular and sold only because it has high quality, has very reasonable prices and has different characteristics. It would seem that household chemicals – it is harmful, but this is a feature of Henkel products. They were able to make all products safe for humans, but a high-quality and effective.Henkel products list you Need to remove deep dirt from the carpet, dishes and clothes? Come to the aid of cleaning products «comet». Needed home repairs? There is also great helpers are sealants, construction foam, and dry mixes. Well, for those who wish to upgrade their hygiene, give of choice is products from Schwarzkopf & Henkel. High quality and safety of products of this company are verified by hundreds of studies. Every brand has a quality certificate, and thus, buying these tools, you can be sure of their safety and effectiveness.

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