The rating of child safety seats: features and reviews. Child safety in the car


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The child's Safety in the car is on control, not only from parents but also from the state. That is why there are certain rules for transportation of boys and girls in the car, and that is why many experts conduct various tests to create a ranking of children's car seats, which will help parents to choose a safe model.rating baby car seats


When the ranking of children's car seats are accounted for, as a rule, two important aspects: comfort of the baby during transport and safety in the event of an emergency. Experts confirm that the use of car seats in 95% of cases it saves the child from death when the car collision. It is scientifically proven that during hard braking, the car weight of the baby increases by 30 times. This means that if a child is unbuckled while driving, the risk of serious injury is increased several hundred times. You should carefully choose a baby car seat to 36 kg, since this weight (at age 12) children are particularly moving and active, and thus can inadvertently hurt car seat to 36 kg

For babies

Unfortunately, many modern parents have to transport babies in the first months of their lives quite often. This causes certain difficulties. First, newborns are unable to sit independently, and means to fix them is very difficult. Second, to leave the baby, wrapped in a blanket or diaper, it is impossible! And explain there's nothing here – it's dangerous. That is why baby car seats from 0 years are simply obliged to meet all the requirements of international standards. But unfortunately, of all the possible models to date, there is only one such device. Romer Baby-Safe Sleeper – so it's car seats from 0


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Features and feedback

Is this model of bassinet from the stroller, made of high impact plastic, with a hard casing, a protective visor, with a comfortable handle. The seat features three-point locking system, standard seat belts, which are in any car. To transport the seat can newborn whose weight does not exceed 10 kg. unfortunately, many parents are deterred by the price of the travel system – about twenty thousand rubles. However, as they note, many kids already in six months, dressed in winter clothes just do not fit in the device. However, the model is still the safest to date of all available avtolik, according to the conducted numerous crash tests.test child restraints

Romer Baby-Safe Sleeper

Baby car seat from 0 years are not required to be in the form of a cradle. This model is a hybrid of the chair and the cradle, which got the highest score on the results of European crash tests. Moreover, the model is fully safe during the accident, so it is still comfortable enough. One of its advantages is the adjustable headrest which is moved to seven different positions. In addition, the chair is made of easy to clean fabric, which is also important. The scheme of fastening – five-point. The kid is not just securely fastened in the chair, but also firmly fixed in the car. The cost model is low enough for the German quality, about 7-8 thousand rubles. Most parents quite this car seat because it allows you to carry as quite a tiny child, and quite grown-up babies, weighing less than thirteen pounds.

Children up to 4 years

Because the rating of car seats are drawn up by independent experts, and the description of the models provided by them and not by device manufacturers, which, of course, the most beautiful paint its products. The safest, the results of crash tests of independent experts are two models – the Maxi-Cosi Milofix and Cybex Juno 2-Fix. One is made in the Netherlands, another – in Germany. “Maxi cosy Melafix” intended for the carriage of kids whose weight does not exceed eighteen pounds. The method of attachment of the child – belts with five-point system. In addition, the test of car seats showed that this model is developed with maximum side-impact protection to protect baby from even the slightest injury. The chair itself is mounted on a special base, has a special anchor for a stronger fixing. The parents were pleased with this model completely, because the child is comfortable not only to sit in the car seat, but and sleep, because the head restraint is lowered very car seat price

Cybex Juno 2-Fix

This child seat, the price of which does not exceed ten thousand rubles, had in mind not all parents, despite the fact that it has adjustable headrest, which is fixed in eight different positions. The model is also equipped with a protective table, which causes some discomfort. So, for example, it interferes with the grown-up baby normally and sit comfortably in a chair. On the other hand, the table creates additional protection in the abdominal region, save the baby even from a minor injury. Side bolsters are also made for protection. Material chair easy to clean fromcontaminants.rating baby car seats

Children up to 12 years

Baby car seat to 36 kg is suitable for kids that age. Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2 – the German model, which is highly recommended by podiatrists. And there are reasons. First, the shape of the backrest is designed so that removes even the slightest pressure off the spine. Secondly, the material the chair is made of a material which forms a particularly pleasant microclimate in the device – the back does not sweat and does not freeze when the temperature drops. Side bolsters prevent from shock in the accident. And comfortable adjustment of the backrest does not allow child to slide or fall off during sleep. Wide belts do not cause discomfort. Price category – from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. Most parents who have tested this chair was completely satisfied. The rating of car seats allows parents to choose the safest model, though not the cheapest. It is worth remembering that price should not stand higher than the child's safety - you need to prioritize.

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