The development and nutrition of the child in 10 months. Proper childcare at 10 months


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10 months for a child is a special date for both parents and the baby. Many children at this age begin to walk, as well as rapidly develop and improve other skills. If earlier your child played on the floor or in the arena and it was enough, now you need to arrange more space, where the baby will be comfortable and comfortable. He's spending a lot of energy now.

development and nutrition of a child at 10 months

Why is this age so important?

The development and nutrition of a child in 10 months play an important role in his proper upbringing and perception of life in general. The mode of the day at this age practically does not change, but now the kid with great interest learns the world around, learns new toys, comes into contact with other children.

It is important to start instilling in your child certain skills. Try to make the child learn to repeat specific sounds and syllables. When a child reaches 10 months, his development progresses rapidly. He is interested in learning about the world around him and acquiring new skills.

As a rule, at 10 months the child already knows how to sit, so it would be not superfluous to start accustoming the baby to the pot. If he doesn't like your idea, don't raise your voice, try to force him to sit down. Let him play, get to know him and maybe make friends with him, so it will be easier in the future with another attempt to accustom him to independence.

The development and nutrition of the child in 10 months should be under the control of the mother, as it is a special stage in the baby's life. Try to buy for him as many developing toys. It can be a children's piano, which at the touch of keys makes a certain sound, balls, balls and other entertainment, helping to get to know the world around him.


child 10 months development

Achievements and skills

Every mother worries about whether the child has sufficient skills at 10 months. "What can a baby do?" is the main question that bothers her.

The necessary physical skills of the baby include:

  • Increase in height by a couple of centimeters;
  • Weight gain by 400-450 g.

To sensory-motor skills:

  • Has walking skills.
  • Sits down on his own from the standing position;
  • Independently gets on the legs;
  • Holds the toy with both hands;
  • Actively crawling.

To intellectual skills:

  • Repeating a few words in a row
  • Expression of interest in new toys (cubes, rings);
  • Exploring the world is becoming more and more fascinating - the baby is increasingly touching the handles of foreign objects, opens jars and drawers, exploring what is inside.

To social skills:

  • Playing with water while swimming;
  • The baby reacts to the music, starts dancing;
  • Answers questions "in his own language";
  • Can mimic someone else's laughter or facial expression.

10 месяцев ребенку

Toddler's diet

The development and nutrition of a child in 10 months requires special attention. The diet in 10 months remains unchanged in the mode and in quantity. The baby still needs a full five-time feeding. At this age, children are slowly transferred to a common table. Now the carapace can, of course, with some exceptions, eat the same as you.

Try to balance the food to the maximum in 10 months for the baby. It should be caloric, varied and beneficial, contain vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. But keep in mind that giving children fried at this age is strictly forbidden. Boil food or steam.

If the child is 10 months old, it is necessary to include in the diet not only pureed fruits and vegetables, but also small pieces. Most children of this age already have about 6 teeth, so they can easily chew banana, apricot, boiled vegetables, bread.

The baby's food still has to include breast milk or milk mixture. But the number per reception should be reduced to 200-250 ml.питание в 10 месяцев

A 10-month-old child's menu should look something like this:

  • 1 feeding: Mom's milk or mixture, 50 grams of mashed fruit.
  • 2 feeding: milk porridge, 50 grams of cottage cheese.
  • 3 Feeding: soup of vegetables with white bread (10 grams), vegetable puree, steam cutlet, fruit juice or kisel (50 ml).
  • 4 feeding: kefir (100-150 ml) baby biscuits (10-15 grams), raw grated vegetables (50 grams), puree of fruit.
  • 5 feeding: kefir.


The daily routine of a 10-month-old baby should include sleeping, feeding and playing. As a rule, during the day the baby should sleep at least 2 hours. The night rest should be about 11 hours. Be careful, accustom your child to the set schedule. Put it to bed at certain hours.

When your child is awake, take it in developing games. Let this active time last 2-3 hours. It is necessary to often ventilate the baby's room (up to 5 times), at which the temperature should be at least 20 degrees.

At 10 months, the child, as in any other age, necessarily need walks in the fresh air, bathing in the bathroom, gymnastic exercises - all these recommendations will help to combine the pleasant with the useful.мальчик 10 месяцев


The following exercises can be included in the massage complex:

  • Backs;
  • Belly;
  • Bending and flexing legs;
  • Movements of handles in a circle;
  • Squats (of course, not without the help of my mother).

Games and entertainment

For the age of 10 months will be suitable almost all kinds of activities, both quiet games and active.

Try to entertain the child one of the useful fun:

  • Cartoons. Any developing video that will help the baby learn to talk will be suitable.
  • Drawing. Fingers paints - just what you need.
  • Colorful editions. Cardboard products will help to leave the book intact, and bright pictures will lure the child into the fairy world.
  • Toys. It is better to choose the ones that move. It could be a groovy doll or a typewriter.

So gradually the baby will learn to play some time on his own, sometimes to let my mother do their own thing.

10 months what can he do

Height and weight of 10-month-old baby

The height and weight of a child at this age reaches 74-76 cm and about 10 kg. If you have a young lady, it will weigh at this age it will be about 9 kg, and its height will be about 73 cm. Weight 10 kg in combination with a height of about 75 cm - when you have a boy.

10 months for a baby is a very active period of his growth. Although the pace for each child is individual, parents need to be very attentive to the parameters of the baby. After all, not always active weight gain is a plus and an indicator of maturity.

If the deviation from the average of 600-700 grams is normal. In the case of 1.5-2 kg - indicates that the child has an overweight or underweight. Be sure to consult your doctor if you notice a abnormality.


The child began to walk - so parents will worry about the development of flat feet in the baby. It is necessary to buy shoes for it with anatomical insole. This will help avoid flat feet in the future. Choose comfortable and "breathing" shoes with a strong back, non-slip sole. It is also necessary to make sure that it does not squeeze too much leg, and even was a little free.

Recommendations for moms and dads

Protect the baby by removing on his way various items that can cause harm. This applies to sharp and heavy objects, fire.

Do not forget to engage in the development of the child, give him a massage, play more often and walk in the fresh air. The general trend is noted by many mothers who have a child of 10 months. The development of the baby is accelerated: the active researcher seeks to know the unknown, to learn more and more new.

Encourage the baby's first steps. Buy comfortable shoes to form a foot. Maybe he won't want to wear shoes or shoes right away. Let the carapace get used to them a little, playing in advance.

So, the development and nutrition of a child in 10 months is a period of special and very important not only in the life of the baby, but also his parents. The more independent it becomes, the more time should be devoted to it adults. Developing games, walks, day mode and proper nutrition - all this will help the baby in the formation of his personality.


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