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The hero of our article today is a beautiful and versatile representative of a large family of spaniels. This is one of the largest representatives of the breed - the English Springer Spaniel. He won millions of hearts of dog breeders all over the world, as a friend dog, a charming pet, as an excellent service dog, able to detect anything from drugs to hidden criminals by smell.

This handsome man is endowed with a huge reserve of energy, is very hardworking, and in his spare time likes to play and even play a little pranks. This is a dog with a strong will, it is active and energetic. Therefore, it is unlikely to suit those who need a calm and even somewhat phlegmatic four-legged friend. The desire to learn and sociability make this dog an excellent companion for active people who are able to give it the physical and mental exercises that it desperately needs.

Breed History

Popular all over the world, the English Springer Spaniel has a not too clear history of the appearance of the breed. It is only known that the dog was brought to England by the conquerors-the Romans.

Over the course of hundreds of years, the appearance of this animal has changed. This is the result of crossbreeding by pedigree kinship, and possibly the intervention of someone else's blood. Such changes are quite obvious if you look at old engravings or paintings with images of these animals.

Description of the breed

Representatives of the English Springer Spaniel breed are quite tall, which is much higher than other types of spaniels. In addition, the type of addition of this dog is light, which distinguishes it from its family. Outwardly, the English springer is built very harmoniously and proportionally.


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Height-56 cm (48 cm – female), weight-25 kg (23 - female). As you can see, this is a medium-sized dog, active and strong.


The body is of medium size – neither short nor long. The chest is perfectly developed, it is deep and powerful. The ribs have a regular bend. Thighs strong, muscular, slightly rounded.


Straight, with good bone, the front legs. The elbow joints fit snugly to the sides. The hind legs are hairy, the hock and knee joints are well developed.


Not rough, but not too soft, straight. Color brown-liver, white, black and white. In addition, any combination of these colors with spots is acceptable.


Skull of medium length, rounded shape. Between the brow arches is a fold of skin. The occipital bone does not protrude. The eyes are small, oval-shaped, dark brown. Light eyes are a disqualifying factor. The ears are wide, long, soft, close to the head, covered with hair.


Low-set, fluffy. It never rises above the back.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is intelligent and intelligent, confident in its own abilities, and endlessly loyal to its owner. With strangers, he is emphatically reserved. This is a great hunter, has an amazing sense of smell. At home, he is always balanced and calm, likes a calm atmosphere in the family.

Dogs of the English Springer Spaniel breed, whose photos are published by all cynological publications, have a very accommodating and gentle character. They like to play with children. Many owners note the excessive activity and cheerfulness of their pets. Sometimes this causes irritation in people who are balanced and calm. For excessive noise and cheerfulness, you should not scold your pet - his character can deteriorate.

Care and maintenance

Springer Spaniel can adapt normally in a city apartment, but the ideal for him is to live in a country house with a plot where he can frolic, dig holes, and no one will scold him for it. Springers are very sociable animals, and they absolutely do not tolerate loneliness, especially in the puppy age.

They need long, physically demanding walks. Otherwise, the dog can quickly gain weight, and this can have a negative impact on his health. In addition, these beauties love to swim in any body of water.

Hair care

The Springer Spaniel breed has a glossy, close-fitting coat of medium length. It reliably protects the animal from adverse weather conditions.

On the ears, chest and paws, the strands are longer. Molting of these animals is of medium intensity. Springer Spaniel needs regular cleaning of the coat. This should be done at least twice a week. To do this, use a hard bristle brush.

Bathe the dog or clean with dry shampoo experts recommend only in case of extreme need.

Do not forget to check and clean your pet's ears every week with a cotton swab soaked in water. Trim the strands are too long on his feet. If you do not do this, the English Springer Spaniel, the photo of which you see in our article, will collect all the garbage and thorns that will get in its way.


Springer Spaniel has a predisposition to diseases such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, retinal atrophy. In addition, these dogs gain weight very quickly. This often leads to obesity, so you need to carefully monitor their diet - try not to overfeed.

Not so long ago, it was revealed that the springer Spaniel can suffer from such a nervous disease as "anger syndrome". It's a genetic disorder. The syndrome turns a perfectly normal dog into a vicious animal that attacks animals and people. At this time, the dog does not respond to commands. Experts say that this is a form of epilepsy - the dog needs serious treatment.


The Springer Spaniel requires early socialization and obedience training. Training should be built on the basis of fairness and firmness. The key to proper education is the consistency and perseverance of the owner during training. It is strictly forbidden to use physical force! For success, the dog should be praised and encouraged with its favorite treat.


The diet of these energetic animals should consist of 50% meat. The remaining 50% should be cereals, raw vegetables, vitamins and mineral supplements. From meat, it is better to choose low-fat varieties – veal, lamb, poultry. It needs to be slightly boiled. If you decide sometimes to treat your four-legged friend with raw meat, it is better to freeze it first.

From cereals, it is better to choose rice, millet or oatmeal. Food with spices, confectionery and flour products should be excluded from the animal's diet.

You can also feed the springer spaniel with ready-made food. They are well balanced. In this case, you do not need to give additional vitamins. It is better to consult a veterinarian before transferring the animal to ready-made feed.

Where to buy a puppy?

Only in the nursery or with an experienced and knowledgeable breeder. Today they are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, etc.

Do not buy a dog on the market. In this case, no one will give you guarantees that the animal is healthy, does not have any hereditary diseases.

The price of a puppy from which you will grow a hunting companion is $ 400. A dog with an exhibition potential will cost about $ 900.

Owner Reviews

Owners of dogs of this breed know that now there are two varieties of springers: one is intended for hunting, and the other - for home maintenance and exhibition "career".

The hunting springer Spaniel receives only enthusiastic reviews. A properly trained and trained dog of this breed is an unsurpassed hunter.

As for pets, opinions differ here. There are reviews from people who are too tired of this active dog. It is not necessary to get such a dog and families who are overloaded with their worries. Springer Spaniel requires attention and care from the owners.

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