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Your baby is already quite big, because he has learned to walk, eat and talk on his own. 5 years is just the moment when a child needs to be developed to the maximum. It is known that the baby's brain is most susceptible up to 7 years old: it absorbs everything like a sponge. That is why the correct psychological and mental development of a child at this age is so important. At the same time, educational classes for children 5 years old should not be monotonous in school lessons. A 5-year-old child needs to be taught in a playful way. Doing so, he will think that mom is just playing with him. And this means that he will get the maximum benefit and pleasure. Which will significantly increase the child's desire to study further.

Author's manuals

Recently, it has become very popular to engage with the baby according to the methods of Montessori, Zaitsev and Gleb Doman. Each of them teaches the child some kind of activity in a playful way, contributing to mental and mental development. For example, there are separate private schools for toddlers, in which educational classes for children 5 years old are organized according to these methods. But this does not mean that you are not able to master them yourself. Zaitsev's technique helps to teach a child to read quickly and in a playful way using cubes. According to Meshcheryakova's manuals, you will be able to help your child master the basics of the English language without forcing him to study. The kid will start your lesson with pleasure. Since during the 30-minute lesson you will play with toys, sing songs and dance at the same time, watch cartoons, pronounce interesting dialogues, etc. In Meshcheryakova's manuals, full lesson planning is given.


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The methodology of the famous teacher Maria Montessori will help you to teach your child the basics of mathematics, grammar, and also seriously take up his moral education. Thus, educational classes for children 5 years old can be organized according to any of the methods you like.

Walking with mom

A walk is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with benefits for the health of the baby and his mental development. Wandering through the forest, name the trees and plants that you see. Walking in the park, tell us why a thunderstorm is thundering or why dew drops appear on the leaves in the morning. Compare objects by playing "alive-inanimate", "big-small". Count the birds in the sky or the cakes that the child made in the sandbox. Try to develop the attention and memory of the baby. When you come home, ask the child what he saw on a walk, which shops you were walking past, which of your friends you met. Psychological educational classes for children have not been canceled. Therefore, try to organize them in a free minute unnoticed by the baby. Turn on maximum imagination, and then every walk will be a real activity!

Skillful pens

Motor skills training is very important for a child of this age, because the degree of brain development depends on it. Be sure to buy coloring pages for your baby and study with him. If the child does not like to paint, connect the pictures by dots. Pay attention to the color of the pencil that your baby uses. Bright juicy colors: orange, yellow, red - a sign of good mood and peace of mind. If a child chooses gray, brown or black and refuses to draw with other pencils, this is the first sign of depression. Think about what might be depressing him.

You can also make crafts from natural and improvised materials. Kids usually really like the result, so they are engaged with pleasure.

Developing with the book

Be sure to read fairy tales to your baby and discuss them. Now there are a lot of books with various effects: clamshells, sound, with inserts, etc. There are also such manuals in which a poster (playing field) with stickers depicting characters is embedded. With this set, your kid can play real theatrical performances, retelling Russian folk tales "Kolobok", "Turnip", "3 bears" and others.

Watch Soviet cartoons with your child – they teach kindness, mutual assistance, honesty and mercy. Try to protect the baby from modern foreign animation - it often carries elements of violence and cruelty. Such views can negatively affect the psychological state of the child.

Educational classes for children 5 years old will be interesting for both a child and an adult.

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