What is the holiday on September 11? What is celebrated on September 11?


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We all celebrate New Year, Easter, Christmas and so on. However, not everyone can name all the holidays, especially church ones. We invite you to learn more about Orthodox, ancient and modern holidays.

Beheading of the head of the forerunner and prophet John the Baptist

An Orthodox person will not think long about the answer if you ask a question about what kind of holiday September 11 is, and even tell you its history.

The ruler of Galilee imprisoned the Baptist of the Lord in his prison. Herod Antipas did not like that St. John openly accuses him of cohabiting with his brother Phillip's wife, Herodias.

One day Herod, celebrating his next birthday, promised Herodias' daughter Salome to give her everything she asked for. The ruler really liked the dancing of the young girl. The dancer, after consulting with her mother, demanded that Herod bring her the head of the prophet John, which was to be served to her on a platter.

The ruler of Galilee was upset, because he did not want to incur God's wrath by taking the life of a saint. But Herod could not refuse his words, which he recklessly uttered in front of a huge number of guests. Salome took the dish with the head of John to Herodias.

Philip's wife, having pierced the Baptist's tongue with a needle, buried his head in a place that was considered unclean. Fortunately, Joanna, the pious wife of Huza, Herod's housekeeper, found out about this. She reburied the saint's head, took it to the Mount of Olives and buried it in an earthen vessel.

In connection with this fact, it is worth noting that you need to know not only the answer to the question of what kind of church holiday is celebrated on September 11. It should also be remembered that on February 24, Orthodox people celebrate the finding of an honest head by John the Baptist.


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The body of St. John was buried in Sebastia by his disciples.

The Church has established a holiday in memory of the beheading of the forerunner and prophet John the Baptist. Believers observe strict fasting, expressing their sorrow.

Now, after you have found out which Orthodox holiday Christians celebrate on September 11, let's turn to our ancestors.

The Day of Birth and Childbirth

Everyone knows that the ancestors of the Russian people were the ancient Slavs. They worshipped many gods and were pagans. Do you know what kind of celebrations they arranged? For example, on September 11, what is the holiday of the ancient Slavs? Who were our forefathers glorifying on this day?

The ancient Slavs celebrated on this day of the Autumn (the day of the Family and Rozhanitsa). This is a celebration of family and Kin, well-being in the house and harvested crops, a kind of summing up and preparation for the arrival of autumn.

On September 11, the Earthly Race was glorified, all relatives living according to the Rule. In addition, the trebs were brought to the Heavenly Family (ancestors) and the Family-Everything-to God.

The ancient Slavs tried to celebrate the Day of Childbirth and Childbirth by the water. Oatmeal bread had to be present at the celebration.

By the end of the holiday, a rozhanich cake and ritual food appeared. People drank berry wines, ate oatmeal porridge, beef or venison, cheeses, eggs and cottage cheese.

Also, games were necessarily arranged. They began with a round dance, which was led around the oldest woman. In her hands was oatmeal bread. When the round dance ended, this bread was divided into parts and distributed to those who wanted to cure a pet or a person.

All-Russian Sobriety Day

If you are asked about September 11, which holiday (church or not), then you can safely answer that the All-Russian Sobriety Day can also be attributed to the church. The fact is that it was first celebrated in 1913, and the initiators of the event were the servants of the Orthodox Church. The following year (March 1914), the Holy Synod decided that this holiday would now be celebrated annually. In addition, it is worth noting that this date was not chosen by chance. After all, Christians on this day celebrate the day of the Beheading of the head of John, who was the prophet and baptist of the Lord, and observe a strict fast.

Thus, the clergy wanted the faithful not to be drunk on September 11. What kind of holiday does a Russian person have without wine? And these days all wine shops in Russia were closed, it was forbidden to sell any alcoholic beverages.

Day of Military glory

In 1790, the Russian squadron was able to win a historic victory at Cape Tendra. This event is also celebrated on September 11. What holiday, if not this one, can make us proud of the invincible Russian army and awaken patriotism?

During the Russo-Turkish War, the Russian land forces closely cooperated with the Black Sea Fleet. It was then commanded by Fyodor Ushakov (rank - Rear Admiral). The victory at Cape Tendra became one of the key events of the war between the Russians and the Turks. It was thanks to the bravery of our soldiers that the Russian fleet secured a tight dominance on the Black Sea.

Day of the specialist - employee of the educational work bodies of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

All countries have their own holidays, which are celebrated only by the local population. Some of them also fall on September 11. What other holiday should I describe in this article? Of course, the Day of the specialist of educational work bodies. In 1766, on this day, the Charter was approved, which should guide the Cadet Land Corps. It mentions for the first time the position of an officer-educator.

Today it is a professional holiday of employees of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It is celebrated on a grand scale, all over the country. After all, only in the Siberian military there are more than 800 officers who serve in educational structures.

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