What is a lambrequin and what role does it play in the interior?


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what is a lambrequinAll eyes will be on your curtains. And it will be better if you resort to additional decorations. One of them is a lambrequin. If you want, you can apply it in addition to the already established decor or separately. Lambrequin can also be matched to blinds.


There are many types of lambrequins for the bedroom or living room. They will give your environment a completely different look. These decorative elements are used where you need to create beauty and luxury. They are used not only at home, but also in public spaces. You may have a great design, but you may not be missing some zest.

In conversation and in various publishing houses, the word "lambrequin" is often found. But few people know what it means. What is a lambrequin? This is not just a decorative element. Lambrequin is an ingenious fabric invention that is placed in front of the curtain. It consists of frills that hide the rail of the cornice and the upper part of the tulle. With it, you can visually make the window narrower or wider.

bedroom lambrequinsExisting varieties of window decor:

  • Bandeau is a hard lambrequin;
  • A decorative element shaped, soft;
  • A combined lambrequin. This is a good combination of the first and second types.

Choosing decoration for bedroom windows

By choosing the right decor elements for windows, you can visually enlarge the room. Lambrequins for the bedroom will be able to create a sense of comfort and transform the room.

The most popular option is a rigid version of this element. Its look is stylish and modern, and at the same time it needs less fabric.

Soft lambrequins can be varied. They look beautiful thanks to the decoration with braid and various patterns. In which style to choose a lambrequin will depend on individual preferences.

openwork lambrequinsCurtains and decorative elements of contrasting colors will look great. Lambrequin can be radically different from other elements in its coloring. However, it must match the room (bedroom) with its texture so that everything looks harmonious. This will add brightness and showiness to the room. Soft lambrequin is also well suited for decorating a children's room.


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What is an openwork lambrequin?

This is a chic element that is used during the design of curtains. With it, you can create the mood for your interior. It fits perfectly with any curtains. Even if they are exclusive, it is possible to supplement them using an extraordinary approach. There are many options when choosing a shape and color.

Openwork lambrequins can be standard samples – these are repeating elements and structures of a solid type. But there are also individual models that are assembled from modules, they are used both piecemeal and in a set.

What is a lambrequin buff?

This decor is a specially laced fabric. Such modeled boofs in the upper part look spectacular. In appearance, these are hemispheres of various sizes in a compressed form. If you want to add brightness, then use a fabric of different colors, folding it into three layers. So you can create an original decoration for your curtain canvas.

lambrequin buff Boofs are fixed to the cornice with a lace, it resembles the original shape sleeves. They will give more style to the air vents with volume.

These curtains are considered original and very beautiful thanks to the creative addition. For their manufacture, you can use the remnants of the fabric. They provide maximum natural lighting. Such a lambrequin looks great at night.

Boofs can also be created from a single canvas by assembling it on a curtain tape. So you will provide comfort in the room.

Kitchen window decorations

Lambrequins for the kitchen can be varied with a brush, fringe, ruffles and pleats. You can freely express your preference for any style by choosing a lambrequin. It is also very important to choose a model for the kitchen that does not require special care. There are special decorative elements for windows that are made of environmentally friendly and natural material. In addition, daylight and fresh air perfectly penetrate through them.

How to take care of these decorative elements?

What is a lambrequin? This is an element that can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, while using a special soft nozzle. Just swipe the brush from top to bottom on the lambrequin.

Cleaning of curtains should be carried out at least a couple of times a year. If there are dirty places on the lambrequin, then it needs washing. It should be as delicate as possible. When washing in the machine, select the "eco" or "gentle" mode. Do not use aggressive powders, spin and too hot water. The best thing is to moisten the sponge in a soapy solution and wipe the product.

lambrequins for kitchenWhich lambrequins are better to choose?

In addition to aesthetic nuances, it is necessary to take into account functional aspects. Therefore, it is advisable to choose lambrequins for the kitchen, which can be easily washed. In addition, they should not absorb the smell. The product should remain durable even after many washes. Therefore, it is recommended to choose lambrequins made of viscose, cotton or linen.

Good lighting is important for all rooms. The fabric must be light-permeable. But also it should not fade.

You can choose the lambrequin style according to your taste. The combination of furniture with the color of curtains is fashionable now. When buying a lambrequin, take into account all its features, imagine how it will fit into your interior. A solid look for the kitchen, bedroom or living room can be given by a combined option. It is combined with both a low ceiling and a high one.

You have already noticed that lambrequins are not uncommon today. This element emphasizes the originality of the interior. If everything is chosen harmoniously and beautifully, then it will not only give you comfort and a good mood, the window will attract the gaze of your guests.

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