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The diary is an organizer, an indispensable assistant when used correctly. No business person, be it a girl, a woman, a teenager or a man, can imagine himself without this accessory at the moment. However, not everyone knows how to keep a diary. And there are unimaginably many types of these diaries - they can be both paper and to keep a diary

Classification of diaries

You can conditionally divide the diaries into 3 types:

- simple;

- standard (organizers);

- "emotional".

Simple diaries

These are the simplest diaries, with no additional information, except for a breakdown by day and lined sheets. Ideal for the elderly and those who need to adhere to serious planning.

Standard diaries (organizers)

This is a kind of "carrier of traditions", having a set of functions, without which it will no longer be "standard". Perfect for everyone who loves classics, as well as people who do not carry out complex planning.

Emotional diaries

 how to keep a diary correctlyThese are non-standard organizers that differ from the usual format. Representatives of the fair sex with great imagination often do not need detailed instructions on how to keep a diary, so instead of the usual dated lined pages, they can see a colorful diary-a book with illustrations and places where entries are entered. Suitable for: girls and girls, as well as emotional and creative natures.

How to keep a diary correctly?

The organizer is kept in order not to forget what things must be done. It will remind you of important meetings, events, plans. You can write your thoughts into it, since our head is not able to remember everything.


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What should I write?

Always remember how to keep a diary - on the appropriate day of the week you need to enter everything you need to do or remember: errands, important things, phones, birthdays, shopping lists and other little things. This will help you structure your time and not forget anything. Get into the habit of reviewing your notes in the morning and try to regularly refer to the diary during the day.

How to keep a diary. Tips

how to keep a diary tipsThere are some tips to help keep a diary correctly and effectively:

  1. Write specifically what you are going to do on the appointed day.
  2. When the job is done, it is necessary to delete it from the diary.
  3. If you didn't have time to do the planned task, reschedule it for another day. But you can also delete it if it is no longer relevant.
  4. You need to put grades for any case. For example, from 2 to 0. If the case does not develop, put 0. If the case helps to develop in some direction (read the book, completed the task, and so on), put 2. The assessments will allow you to analyze how much time you can devote to self-development and self-improvement.

Some more important tips

  1. Make notes every day, no matter how trite it may sound. It is from everyday record keeping that organization develops.
  2. Keep the organizer always at hand.
  3. Write down specific tasks, not abstract thoughts. No need to write "probably..." or "maybe...". If you are not sure that this case is necessary, do not write it down.
  4. Regulate your tasks. Set the time that can be spent on completing a task. But you need to take time with a margin. This item shows how to keep a diary with maximum benefit.
  5. Prioritize the goals. Come up with designations (a star is an important thing, a circle is an average, a triangle is an unimportant task). how to keep a diary for a teenager
  6. Constantly monitor and analyze your records.
  7. At the end of the day, make a list of tasks for the next day, and also be sure to write down what useful things you managed to do today, and how long it took.

Teenager's diary

How to keep a diary for a teenager? The rules of keeping a teenager's diary do not differ much from the generally accepted ones. In the diary, you can enter lessons at school (or couples at the institute), as well as things that you have to do that day. At the same time, it is better to get colored markers and, depending on the importance of the cases, "color" them. In any case, a teenager needs to familiarize himself with how to keep a diary correctly. However, often the organizer of a teenage boy or girl is more like a diary. It records a variety of tests, surveys, photos are pasted in, and so on.

Women's diaries

how to keep a diary for a girlWomen's diaries are different from the usual ones. Their most common variants are:

  1. Organizer from the series "Psychology".
  2. A gift diary for a woman.
  3. Culinary diary.
  4. Women's business diary.
  5. A diary for a girl.

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

1. Organizer from the series "Psychology".

Such diaries are based on positive psychology, they have useful tips for all occasions. Such diaries may contain a lot of useful things, aphorisms, sayings of sages, exercises for meditation, breathing restoration, visualization, and others.

2. Gift diary for women.

Beautiful design, nice cover, glossy pages – that's the secret of the popularity and success of women's diaries. The contents of such a diary: tips on hairstyle selection, appearance care, health, fashion trends. It can also contain size tables, calorie calculations, zodiac signs, and the like. Diaries often become a kind of diaries for women, their favorite photos are pasted into them, poems and quotes are handwritten.

3. A culinary diary for women.

Its pages may contain quick and simple recipes that can be applied every day. In addition to the menu options and a dozen recipes, there may be a lot of useful "tricks" in it: calculation of calories, the content of trace elements and vitamins in products, culinary tricks and so on.

4. Women's business diary.

For women working in a serious business, a business diary without any frills is suitable. Style, convenience, rigor, functionality – these are the main requirements for such an organizer.

5. A diary for a girl.

A kind of women's gift organizer is a diary for a girl. How to keep a diary for a girl? Usually such a diary is very similar to a personal one, it pays great attention to the relationship between a man and a woman. On the pages of the diary, you can place horoscopes, compatibility, psychological types, and so on, which will help build a harmonious relationship. Often on the pages you can see different self-determination tests. keeping a diary

Thus, it is up to you to decide which diary to choose. The main thing is to regularly keep a diary with the help of the above tips, and then you will soon understand how well it helps to plan your life and embellish some of its moments.

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