How to wear a stole on your head to look stylish?


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The stole is a large piece of fabric with processed edges, similar to a wide scarf. There are also gizmos made of knitted fabric. True fashionistas know well how to wear a stole on their head or neck. And they do not deny themselves the pleasure of trying on a new to wear a stole on your head

Depending on the composition and density of the material from which the stole is made, there are models for different seasons. In winter, the world-famous down stoles from Orenburg are well protected from frost. Wool items are relevant in autumn and spring. In summer, airy silk or chiffon are popular.


Many people do not know how to tie a stole on their head or neck beautifully. Girls forget that with the help of a bright accessory, you can diversify into a familiar image. Most often, a stole is simply covered with a head, wrapping one of the ends around the neck. This simple and elegant option is often worn under a coat or fur coat. Another method is a double crossing of the ends of the canvas in front and behind.

tie a stole nicely on your headMany women know how to tie an ordinary scarf, but they have absolutely no idea how to wear a stole. On the head, of course, it is easier to use such things made of thin materials. A fashionista who knows the secret of using this accessory correctly is able to create her own unique image. We can recommend the option of wearing when the ends of the shawl thrown over the head are tied at the back of the head. In this case, the rest of the clothes can be picked up in almost any style, from romantic to business.

Do you still not know how to wear a stole on your head so that it is original? Fasten the scarf on your head, leaving one edge noticeably longer than the other. Now twist the long part of it into a bundle and create a bundle from it, tucking the knot and chipping it with a safety pin. The second option is when both parts of the stole, twisted in a spiral, are wrapped around the head.

Charming east

how to tie a stole on your headThere are a lot of styles where shawls or scarves are used to make the image look complete. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out how to tie a stole on your head correctly in such cases. It is often used to create an image in an ethnic style. To do this, select skirts in the floor of bright colors. A stole tied in the form of a turban will look advantageous in this case. To do this, the ends of the scarf are first crossed on the forehead, and then tied at the back of the head. After twisting, they can be twisted into bundles to get another modification on the theme of the East. The stole can be tied in the manner of a traditional oriental hijab. It is recommended to complement the picture with a brooch or large earrings, and you should definitely draw the arrows in front of your eyes.


How to wear a stole on your head in a vintage style? Very simple! The ends of the scarf must be placed on the side and tied, rolled up in the form of a flower or bow, pinned with a pin. By doing so, you will get a wonderful accessory that looks like a hat. To such a retro style, it is necessary to choose the appropriate dress and shoes with pointed socks.

We can safely say that such an accessory will always be in fashion, since there are a lot of ways to wear it, and every woman will easily choose the most acceptable one for herself. One has only to rely on your imagination, and you are guaranteed to be noticeable in any society.

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