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When doing sports or dancing, it is very important that the shoes fit snugly on the foot. This does not mean limited movement and excessive crowding. Additional discomfort should be excluded. First of all, the convenience and the degree of fit depends on the fastener option. Most often, for example, laces are used for sports shoes. And there are a great many options for tying them. In this article you will find several ways to lace up sneakers. Variants of interlacing are described in the form of step-by-step guides to execution.

how to lace sneakers

History of modern lace

Thin ropes for fastening shoes on the foot were used by the ancient Greeks. But it was only at the end of the XVIII century that the quick-witted Englishman Harvey Kennedy guessed to thread the laces into the holes and weave them together. The main convenience was that with the help of them it was possible to adjust the degree of fit, providing the foot with the necessary comfort. At that time, the innovation did not cause much enthusiasm among the public, since more attention was paid to the elegance of the fasteners and the beauty of the finish. And only after some time the new idea spread. Fans of sports and outdoor activities especially liked it. Today, of course, every student knows how to lace sneakers or boots. And the kids make their first attempts at threading ropes through the holes even at kindergarten age. For them, it is both an exciting game and hard work. And later, the kids often even compete with each other on how to lace sneakers stylishly and fashionably. Although convenience and practicality are still more important than beauty.

how to lace up air max sneakers

Different ways of lacing

With a wide or swollen foot

To ensure the greatest comfort, you need to reduce the tightness at the beginning of lacing and slightly increase to the ankle. To do this, thread the laces into the first few holes from the sock parallel to each other, without crossing. From about the middle, the binding should be cross-shaped. When moving, the foot will not be too tight in its lower part.

With a narrow foot

How to lace up sneakers if they seem a little loose, although they fit when you bought them? Do the opposite of the work described above. The lower cross-shaped bindings will provide the greatest fit. And in the upper part, one or two parallel "stitches" will be enough.

When lifting high

To relieve shoe pressure, use the horizontal direction of the laces. From the outside, the bindings will look like transverse strips, and the inside will be cross-shaped. Such a moderately loose lacing will not be too tight and will provide the greatest comfort with a high rise of the foot.

how to lace nike sneakers

What is the distinctive feature of lacing Nike sneakers?

This brand is considered primarily sports shoes. Therefore, you need to remember about the convenience of active classes, excluding distractions. Among the main ones is the determination of the place where the tied ends will be located. How to lace up Nike sneakers, ensuring the absence of freely fluttering strings? To do this, it is necessary to carry out the work so that the direction of penetration into the topmost holes of the shoe is not outward. Both laces, threaded in this way, will be inside the shoe. Bring them together under the tongue and tie them. The loose ends do not need to be brought up after that. Usually they are carefully tucked under the edge of sneakers, while protecting them from fluttering bows that can interfere with walking or running. The same rules apply to how to lace up Air Max sneakers, which are the most popular of the entire branded shoe series. Tight fastening on the foot and additional cushioning due to the air cushion inside the sole will provide increased comfort and convenience.

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