What to give children for cough from folk remedies?


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Cough is a very common phenomenon not only in sick children, but also in healthy ones. The cause of it may be the ingress of a foreign body or dust into the respiratory tract, an allergic reaction or stress. Therefore, before choosing what to give children for cough, you need to determine its cause. After all, even healthy babies cough, most often in the morning. This is a normal phenomenon that cleanses the bronchi of accumulated mucus, and it is not necessary to treat it in this case.

what to give children for coughSometimes parents decide on their own what to give their children for cough, often making it even worse. After all, such drugs are divided into three groups by their action: suppressing cough center, diluting sputum and mucolytic. Which remedy to choose depends on the type of disease. For example, in no case should a wet cough be suppressed - this will make it difficult to remove sputum from the lungs and may lead to their inflammation. Some medications are not recommended to be used together, so as not to cause a complication.

Most often, children and parents suffer from a dry cough on the background of acute respiratory infections. Since it is mainly associated with a sore throat, expectorants should not be used, because sputum does not form in the lungs. It is necessary to give anti-inflammatory drugs and treat the throat. Most often, herbal syrups and extracts from plants are used for this.

Folk remedies help children well from a dry cough. It is recommended to drink more warm liquids, mainly herbal teas, gargle with saline solution and do steam inhalations. One of the most common cough remedies is honey. It can be given just like that, mixed with lemon juice, from dry cough to childrenAdd to tea or warm milk.

What else to give children for cough? If your throat is very sore, you can eat a spoonful of butter. And at night it is good to drink warm milk, to which soda and honey are added. Milk boiled with sage or pine buds is also useful. It will not only calm the cough, but also improve sleep. If the child does not like its smell, add a little vanilla.

An effective recipe for cough is a decoction of oats and raisins. For one and a half liters of water, you need to take them two tablespoons each. Evaporate over low heat by half. Mix the strained product with honey and give children a tablespoon several times a day.

From herbal syrups, it is best to use a licorice remedy. But it is not recommended to give expectorants to children under two years of age, since they still have a poorly developed cough center. You can also not use antibiotics for treatment if cough radish for childrenCough is not caused by infection.

Very often, cough radish is also recommended for children. There are several recipes for the preparation of such a medicine. The easiest way is to cut off the top of the washed vegetable and scrape out a small recess, which is filled with honey, and if the child is allergic to it, then sugar. After a while, the juice will begin to accumulate, which should be given to the patient a teaspoon several times a day. You can also bake radish in the oven with sugar, cut into pieces.

Parents definitely need to know what to give children for cough. After all, doctors often prescribe powerful medications to be safe. And in many cases, coughing can be handled with safe folk remedies.

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