The most mysterious breed of cats is the sphinx. All about the favorite breed of Egyptian pharaohs


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This amazing, very friendly and affectionate creature will not leave anyone indifferent. When he wraps his paws around your neck and licks your face, your heart will forever belong to him. It is believed that the lack of fur in this miracle turns sphinxes into lovers of hugs. This is an amazing breed of cats. The Sphinx loves to be the center of attention so much that it is absolutely not afraid of strangers. It is very important for him to be everyone's favorite. Sometimes these animals are compared to small monkeys. They have "adopted" some features from the dog – sphinxes can walk for hours after their beloved owner.sphinx cat breed

Extremely curious and very energetic, this cat quite often gets into unpleasant situations. Therefore, if you left your pet sleeping on the couch, do not be surprised that in a few seconds he will be in a completely different, unexpected place.

The Sphinx cat breed is completely devoid of aggression. The animal will play very carefully with a small child, will never scratch it, even accidentally. He will try to establish relations with other pets, if they live in the house. Sphinxes are ready to communicate with all living beings. Surprisingly, this is an easily trained cat breed. The sphinx is able to understand its owner from the first word. He walks with pleasure on a leash, carries toys in his teeth.

Sometimes these animals are called aliens. This is a completely human-dependent breed of cats. The Sphinx has a vital need to communicate with the owner. People who spend a lot of time outside the house should not have such a cat. She just can't stand being alone for a long much does a sphinx cat cost


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There are also some features of care that this breed of cats needs. Due to its physiological characteristics, the sphinx cannot stay in the scorching sun for a long time. On hot days, it is necessary to bathe him once a week or wipe his skin with a special lotion. When it gets cold outside, your pet should have clothes appropriate for the season, and a warm and cozy place should be equipped in his room. For example, you can put a warm heating pad in the "cat house". Hypothermia can cause disease of the animal.

The Sphinx cat breed needs a good energy exchange. This requires enhanced nutrition. On average, the sphinx eats almost twice as much food as an ordinary cat.

There are three types of sphinxes:

- Donskoy (Donskoy bald);

- Petersburg (peter bold);

- Canadian.

Currently, only one cat breed has received worldwide recognition. The Canadian Sphinx is a stable breed with a 40-year history. It transmits its genetic traits in a recessive type. In the Soviet Union, the first Canadian sphinxes appeared in Tatiana Smirnova. They were imported from North America. They were the famous Pelmen cat and Nefertiti cat, who were the first to give offspring in our country.canadian sphinx cat breed

Animal lovers are often interested in the question of how much a sphinx cat costs. A kitten can cost from 5 to 30 thousand rubles. The price depends on the pedigree of the animal, the merits of its ancestors, the prospects of its participation in exhibition activities in the future. If you want to buy an adult animal, then prepare an amount two or three times larger. Moreover, a cat capable of bearing offspring is more expensive than a cat.

The sphinx cat is considered a unique animal, despite the fact that many of their appearance repels and does not cause pleasant associations with fluffy pets. The main difference from other cat breeds is a short or completely absent coat. Sphinxes are rightly considered to be one of the most ancient breeds, representatives of which were met back in the time of the Pharaohs. They can be called the same age as the great Egyptian pyramids.

In those days they were considered sacred and protected by laws. The life of cats was valued much higher than the life of a slave, they were worshipped, sought to please. Of course, nowadays it is unlikely that sphinxes are deified anywhere else, but with them there is a sophisticated expression of the muzzle, a piercing attentive look and devotion to the owners.

History of origin

The most popular varieties of sphinxes are:

  • Canadian;
  • Peterbolds or St. Petersburg;
  • Donskiye;
  • Devon rex;
  • Cornish rex.

They owe their names to the places where the first individuals of these breeds were discovered. The first mentions that have come down to us are found in the historical chronicles of the IV century BC. In ancient Egypt, they were given the opportunity to communicate with the gods, as well as the dead who had gone to the afterlife.

According to one version of the origin, these cats descended from a bald Mexican cat, tamed by the ancient Aztecs many thousands of years ago. Modern sphinxes have their own history, for each type of breed it has its own. Canadians appeared in Ontario in 1966. The first representative's name was Prun. Breeders managed to breed healthy kittens, which marked the beginning of the widespread distribution of Canadian sphinxes around the world.

In 1975, a kitten named Epidermis was born in the USA, in the city of Vaden. In 1976, another hairless cat appeared here, these animals became the founders of the Canadian breed. Breeders and breeders will soon receive registration and standardization of a new breed from international feline organizations.

Don sphinxes are not genetically related to Canadians, they are an independent breed that appeared in Rostov-on-Don in 1987, that is, more than thirty years ago. A woman picked up an ordinary stray cat from the street and sheltered it in her house. After a while, the cat completely lost its fur. Veterinarians could not detect any health problems, attempted treatment for lichen, but it was unsuccessful. The cat brought three kittens, completely bald. Only the girl who got the nickname Chita survived from them. It is she who is considered the founder of this breed. The breed received its official recognition, as well as approved standards of appearance, in 1996.

St. Petersburg sphinxes owe their origin to the professional felinologist Mironova M. She crossed the Don sphinx with an oriental cat. It happened in St. Petersburg. Kittens received the gene responsible for the lack of hair from their father, and from their mother – the features of their physique, paws, and the shape of the skull. They received official registration from WCF in 2003. Each breed has its own history of origin, however, the general description of sphinxes is the hairless gene, which all representatives have. Geneticists have their own version of its appearance – a spontaneous mutation of the animal's gene that occurred in different places and at different times.

Description of the breed

All sphinx cats have developed muscles, delicate skin. The head has large ears resembling locators, the eyes have a slight slant. All sphinxes have a high body temperature, this is a feature of the heat exchange of the animal, it is not necessary to contact a veterinarian in this case. The average height of a cat is 30-40 cm at the withers, and the weight is about 5kg. There are common standards that the entire Sphinx breed possesses. They are also applicable to all representatives of hairless cats.

Appearance and standards

There are the main features of the sphinx breed, approved by international organizations, which should be followed by breeders, nurseries engaged in breeding these breeds of cats. The characteristic features of sphinxes are:

  1. The head has an average size, in the form of a rounded wedge, the length should be greater than the width. The forehead should be flat, with a smooth transition between the bridge of the nose and the forehead. The muzzle itself is short with high cheekbones and clearly defined borders. The chin should be strong, creating a perpendicular with the upper lip. The whisker pads are well pronounced, but the whiskers themselves (vibris) may be absent altogether.
  2. Ears. They are the main objects of attention. They are large in size compared to the head. They are erect and open, with a wide base. The inner side should not have wool at all.
  3. Eyes. Large, almond-shaped or lemon. They have a narrowing on both sides, planted far from each other. The color of the iris can be any, but it should be in harmony with the general color.
  4. The neck of the animal is of medium length and has the shape of an arc with developed muscles.
  5. Body. It is of medium length with a developed wide chest, round shape. The belly is also rounded. The back of the animal is rounded.
  6. The paws are of medium length and should be proportional to the whole body. At the same time, the hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones. The shape of the paws has an oval shape and long fingers on all limbs.
  7. The length of the tail corresponds to the general proportions of the body, with characteristic flexibility and grace, gradually tapering towards the end.

It is by these criteria that it is possible to determine the thoroughbred of the breed, as well as to determine the quality of the pedigree.

Wool and colors

The skin of the sphinx is thicker than that of other cats, has numerous folds. Especially there are a lot of them on the muzzle and paws. Externally, the animal looks completely bald, but in fact there is a small fluff on the skin, several millimeters long. The hair can be on the outside of the ears, between the toes of the paws, on the scrotum. There is a classification of sphinx wool, dividing it into different types:

  • Naked. Such animals are already born naked and are considered the most expensive and rare, they are highly valued by breeders. There are homozygous and undressed. The latter have an inconspicuous fuzz, which quickly disappears.
  • Flock. Such wool is soft to the touch, very short and almost imperceptible. Sometimes it can disappear altogether.
  • Velour. This type of cover is felt when you touch it, but the cat looks naked. To understand that a cat has a cover, you need to stroke it. Once a year, the animal sheds. There are three types of velour – light, velour-point, downy.
  • Brush. The animal is born with dense curly hair, the vibrissae are curled. There are three types of brush – brush-velour, point, dense.
  • Straight-haired. Such an animal has a coat like an ordinary cat, but the physique and character of a sphinx.

The color of the sphinx can be any. These are all types of colors that are found in all breeds of cats – solid, tortoiseshell, tabby and others.

Is it true that there are no allergies to naked cats?

This is one of the most common misconceptions that is associated with these animals. Many are sure that sphinxes do not cause allergies. In fact, there is an allergy to sphinxes. Firstly, sphinxes have wool, which also sheds, causing problems for allergy sufferers. Secondly, such a reaction is caused by the skin secretion that these animals secrete. This breed has an increased such ability.

How to care for a sphinx

You can teach the sphinx to the tray by simply showing him the right place to go. Even if the kitten does not understand this the first time, the kitten needs to be shown again. If the owner notices that the cat begins to behave unusually, begins to look for a place, it is necessary to immediately transfer the kitten to the tray. In general, animal care does not differ in special conditions. The main difference in the care of this breed is its wool. The cat, because of the high body temperature, sweats very much - the cat needs to be bathed often, at least once a week.

Such cats need to be wiped daily. It is better to do this with wet wipes. Dead hairs of wool are removed in the same way. Periodically it is necessary to clean the ears and eyes. To do this, you can use cotton swabs soaked in warm water. Once a week, it is important to wipe your eyes with a wet cotton pad, so the discharge from the tear ducts is removed. You can use chamomile broth or weakly brewed tea.

There are some requirements for bathing:

  • The water temperature should be 36-38 degrees;
  • During the procedure, you need to talk to the animal in a calm, pleasant voice so as not to cause stress and discomfort;
  • It is better to bathe the animal in a thick, dense foam;
  • You can not wash your head so that water does not get into your ears;
  • After bathing, the cat needs to be wrapped in a towel and wiped dry well.

Once a month, it is necessary to clean your teeth. To do this, you need to purchase special brushes. It is also necessary to cut your nails regularly. This breed is distinguished by its long claws, which require special attention.

Health and life expectancy

The average life expectancy of sphinxes is 12-15 years. Observing the requirements of proper nutrition, a balanced diet, these cats rarely visit veterinary clinics. Health problems are often provoked by hypothermia, hygiene violations. There may be problems due to the prolonged stay of the animal in sunlight.

However, there are diseases characteristic of sphinxes – urticaria, various skin irritations, rash. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is also one of their health problems.

With it, the septum between the ventricles of the heart suffers. However, geneticists have no evidence that it is associated with poor heredity. Another disease is myopathy – it is inherited. This disease is common in Devon Rex. The body temperature of the sphinx normally reaches 39 degrees, which is much higher than that of other cat breeds.

Features of pregnancy

The first estrus in females begins at 6 months, but it is impossible to bring together a cat during this period, since the hormonal background has not yet formed. The male becomes fully mature by 8 months. They can be brought together only after the third estrus in a girl, that is, at about 1.5 years old. In this case, the probability of obtaining healthy offspring is maximum. Before estrus, both animals need to get all the necessary vaccinations, carry out caring procedures with claws, otherwise they can damage each other during the mating process.

It is forbidden to cross different types of sphinxes, for example, a Canadian with a Petersburger. In this case, the probability of getting sick and non-viable kittens is almost 100%. The first signs of pregnancy in a cat are noticeable in the third week. The nipples become saturated pink, and the belly begins to increase in volume. Pregnancy lasts 65 days. In about a week, you need to prepare a place for her where the cat will bring offspring. It should be a quiet secluded place, with warm and soft bedding. There are about 4-6 kittens in the litter.

How to choose a kitten

When choosing a kitten, it is necessary to pay attention to its health. Such an animal should show playfulness, activity, curiosity to a new person for him. He should have no discharge from his eyes or ears. The release of ocular fluid is allowed, but only of a transparent color and odorless. Also, the new pet must have all the documents, which include his pedigree, veterinary passport, available vaccinations, which the breeder must supply to him.

Interesting facts about sphinxes

This breed has many interesting stories about themselves that they have acquired over their long history. Here are some facts about sphinxes:

  • Sphinxes are very intelligent animals, but with a sensitive psyche. You can't shout at them, much less beat them.
  • These cats have a high appetite, which is associated with rapid metabolism and increased body temperature.
  • Many owners notice that in their activity and ability to climb, they look like monkeys, and in the degree of attachment to the owner – like a dog.

Due to the peculiarities of the skin, all the flaws of the figure are noticeable on the figure, especially the weight gain. This breed has an increased tendency to obesity, so it is important to monitor the diet of the animal and its body weight.

Advantages and disadvantages

Choosing a breed that you plan to have, often the choice falls on sphinxes. But before that, you need to know everything about sphinxes, their differences, features, habits, and most importantly, their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of sphinxes can be called:

  • Activity;
  • Curiosity, but sometimes it can be considered a disadvantage;
  • Tenderness and tenderness;
  • Communication skills with people and animals.

The disadvantages include the need for frequent bathing of the animal, otherwise it will stain the furniture, leaving spots of gray-yellow color on it. They are also afraid of the cold, the owner must monitor the temperature in the apartment very closely. Sometimes a cat can annoy a person because of over-attachment.

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