How to celebrate the year of the child, so that everyone has fun?


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For parents, the very first and important anniversary in their baby's life is always a cause for excitement. Without a doubt, everyone wants this holiday to be remembered, to become bright and unusual, so the discussion of how to celebrate the year of the child in the family begins long before the celebration. We would recommend beautifully decorating the room where the celebration will be held, filling it with toys and balloons. The emphasis should be placed on the number one, which should proudly inform everyone present that not just a birthday is being celebrated, but the First Year!

how to mark a child's yearIt is not always advisable to hold such an event in a cafe or restaurant – the kid may simply be afraid of the presence of strangers, new people for him, who will be the service staff and artists participating in the congratulations. Although each situation is always individual, therefore, you should choose how to celebrate the year of the child, taking into account the level of development and character of the birthday boy. Do not forget that at this age children get tired quickly, so try to break the show program into parts and give him a break in between.

The most advantageous option for how to celebrate a year old for a child is a home holiday. The familiar environment for the baby will relax him. From the very morning you should be affectionate with him and congratulate him, even if he does not quite understand what a birthday is yet. Prepare an outfit for the birthday boy, it is best that he chooses it himself. The house should be decorated, the option with balls and toys is quite suitable here. When serving the table, do not forget to add elegant napkins, you can buy special dishes with a thematic pattern. You can add enthusiasm by decorating dishes in the form of animals or insects, the baby will really like it.


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how to mark a child 1 year oldTo make the holiday real, be sure to think over the photo option-, videography. After all, how can a child celebrate a year without capturing such fabulous moments? But do not forget that he is the main character, his presence is simply mandatory in every frame. Guests can stock up on holiday caps. Make a large poster with photos of the baby during his first year of life, let everyone leave their wishes on it.

Take care of a beautiful cake. Order or bake it according to the most neutral recipe, with a small amount of cream. Be sure to decorate it with a single piece and help the baby blow out the fire. Such a ritual will be remembered by him and will cheer him up. To decide how to celebrate a child 1 year old, you should not make grandiose plans. He's still too young, don't tire him too much. It should be fun for him first of all, so play, dance, turn on children's music, but do not forget to give him a rest periodically.

how to celebrate a year for a child at homeThink about the gift in advance. Remember, maybe the child liked some toy in the store or from a friend? Be sure to try to please him, this is very important. How to celebrate the year of the child – at home or in a cafe – is up to you, you can start the fun at home, and then go all together to an amusement park or to specialized children's play complexes. The main thing is that the birthday boy should be fun and comfortable.

Determining the budget for the baby's first birthday

Sooner or later, an alarming thought knocks on the head of every mother: "The child is one year old soon! How to organize a holiday that everyone will remember?" Images of grandiose cakes, tinsel, and outfits immediately pop up.But you need to be a little realistic even in such a matter as celebrating a child's birthday. Therefore, first of all, we check with the available budget, which you can spend. Sometimes the question in the family is put with an edge: "How to celebrate a child's birthday for 1 year and not go broke?"Believe me, a clear understanding of what amount you have will save nerves for you and other relatives.

We hire, order or take everything into our own hands

Now that the financial aspect has been resolved, it is clearly visible what tactics of organizing a child's birthday in 1 year you can afford. Namely:

  • To do with minimal costs, without attracting paid services, saving money for the main gift (you can delegate some of the cases to relatives and friends if they are ready to help);
  • equally invest both in the main present for the birthday boy, and in the very preparation of the child's first birthday;
  • Simplify the process as much as possible by entrusting everything to professionals for the organization of celebrations.

Where and how to celebrate a child's first year

The choice of a place for a holiday should be given special attention.

Home, sweet home

If your baby is anxious about changing the situation, you have not been with him for a long time in unfamiliar places before, the weather does not have, and the establishments do not fit into the budget or personal preferences, then there remains an obvious and logical option to spend the child's first birthday in the walls of the house.

For a little birthday boy, it is not so important where, the main thing is with whom! Moreover, there are still many celebrations ahead for which it will be possible to get out somewhere, but in the meantime, enjoy a moment of calm and comfort.

Visiting relatives

For some reason, many people forget that a children's birthday can be spent not only at home, but also in the apartment of relatives or close friends. This is especially true if a young family has not yet acquired a large living space, but wants to invite a lot of guests. Of course, to do this, you need to get permission and arrange everything in advance with the owners of the apartment in which the celebration of the child's birthday will take place.

In nature

In the summer, you don't have to hide in stuffy rooms. The street version of the organization of a children's birthday of the 1st year of life will appeal to many. It remains only to decide what is best for you: a suburban area outside the city, an equipped playground, an amusement park or a picnic on the lake shore. Attributes and the right mood will help to recreate the holiday atmosphere.

Cafe, play area, shopping center

How to celebrate the year of a child if there are already older children in the family or there will be guests with their grown-up children? The best option is a place with a thoughtful children's area and a separate dining area. Do not forget to check with the staff if there is a secluded area where you can feed, change your baby or just be alone if you need it in the midst of the holiday.

Photo Studio

The most unusual, but no less cool and modern option is to rent a room in a photo studio. Many establishments of this kind, in addition to standard filming, allow guests to organize festive events, so if you are ready to meet in a few hours, do without a global feast, but just have fun, at the same time making cool shots for memory — we recommend.

By the way, when it comes to how to organize a birthday for a child, many people remember the festive shooting in the style of "My first cake". The essence of which is that first they make more elegant and standard shots of a sweet treat and a child in a thematic design, and then they allow the baby to have fun and get dirty in the cake, bite it off without using a spoon. But the tradition can be slightly changed by holding such a photo session directly on the birthday in a rented photo studio.

The child is one year old: how to celebrate a birthday and not to bring down the mode

The next item in the planning of the holiday should be the daily routine, compiled on the basis of the existing regime of dreams and wakefulness of the baby. We agree that when a child is a year old, almost no one knows how to organize a celebration at a certain time, because the birthday boy can sleep for 40 minutes or all 2 hours, and possibly switch from two dreams to one or vice versa. In any case, it's definitely worth making a plan in advance, but you don't need to get upset if something goes wrong.

The main thing is not to force the child, because in a year he will not understand why he is woken up earlier, and it can be easy to throw a tantrum from lack of sleep.

Festive image of the birthday boy

You are already beginning to understand how to celebrate, so it's time to think over an outfit for the birthday boy, as well as the rest of the family.

It is clear that the whole focus of attention will be focused on the main character of the celebration. However, mothers often spend too much time on how to celebrate the baby one year, forgetting about how they will look on this day themselves.

So, when choosing an outfit for a child, consider first of all convenience and comfort.

Yes, a dress with a bunch of petticoats will look much more solemn in the photo, but will my daughter be able to walk and run in it? And if the baby is still mostly crawling, then this image will not be too much to her liking.

Sequins and rhinestones can fall off and go straight into your mouth, so give preference to either textured fabrics or bright elements.

How to arrange a holiday for your son without tying a butterfly around his neck is a mystery for some parents. After all, how else to give the image of a boy solemnity? If the baby does not resist, fine, otherwise you can look for a bodysuit with a tie pattern, or with a polo collar, adding a vest to the image.

Be sure to prepare a replacement set of clothes for the birthday boy, in case the first one gets dirty.

Birthday of a child in 1 year: ideas of festive decoration

Before you start creating or ordering holiday attributes, you need to think through the theme and concept. You need to start from the points discussed earlier: budget, location, duration of the event and the number of guests. Also consider how it will be more convenient for you to celebrate a child's one-year-old at a common table, in the form of a buffet or in the style of a game.

The most used options for decorating the room are paper banners, posters with children's photos, balloons (both separately and in the form of a composition), a thematic photo zone or a photophone.

For those who do not know how to spend a birthday for a child at 1 year old without making something with their own hands, we advise you to pay attention to a large figure in the form of a figure. Here you can show your imagination. It is usually based on one principle: you cut out a unit from cardboard and paste it with flowers from napkins, twisted spirals of paper, multicolored cotton balls, feathers. In general, what your heart desires and what is at hand. You can make it even easier to wrap a figure with a satin ribbon and decorate with a bow.

By the way, an unobvious option is to buy a ready-made one, if on the contrary it does not work out on its own.

Usually there is not much difference in how to celebrate a birthday for a boy or a girl, but still, in terms of design, we will consider both options.

How to spend a birthday for a boy at 1 year old: choosing the theme of the celebration

Take a closer look at your child's hobbies, because the answer to the question is: "How to celebrate your son's first birthday?" it lies on the surface. What the kid is most excited about, and will be the best theme.

As examples: favorite cartoon characters, sports, marine theme, gentleman (or beat like little man), locomotives, cars. You can do with decor simply in a color scheme suitable for a boy. Pay attention not only to the blue color, but also to green, yellow, turquoise, beige and khaki.

Entertainment is also selected in accordance with a given topic: sports games and competitions (in a form accessible to a child), watching the best cartoon episodes or attracting animators in character costumes, as well as racing toy cars or running a train by rail.

Remember that when your son is 1 year old, how to celebrate a holiday is not such a difficult task, because the birthday boy will be glad of attention and new gifts in any case.

How to celebrate my daughter's 1st year

Girly themes can primarily include everything related to princesses, fairies, dolls. A little less obvious: flowers, fruits and berries, birds and cute plush friends. The heroines of your favorite cartoons will also come in handy.

Do not forget that while the child is one year old, it is possible to celebrate a birthday in a neutral way, without reference to gender. This is especially true if there are different-sex twins in the family.

Baby's first birthday: ideas for a festive table

If the baby is allergic to some foods or the mother is just not ready to introduce sugar into the diet yet, then the question arises, how to celebrate the child's first birthday without a cake? What to treat the guests with?

For invited adults, a convenient and more rational solution will be a decorated candy bar, where they can eat without attracting the attention of a child who cannot do this yet.

And for the birthday boy himself, you can bake a dietary children's cake using permitted products. Fortunately, there are many recipes on the web now, where one or another allergen is excluded. By the way, the cake does not have to be sweet - there are vegetable analogues, where pancakes smeared with sour cream are used instead of the usual cakes.

Don't miss out on different bold ideas, the baby's first birthday is a great reason to experiment!

How to organize a child's birthday in 1 year: choosing a gift

Perhaps the most difficult question faced by the parents of the birthday boy is what to give? Let's analyze the best ideas for a child's first birthday.


A high-quality and well-thought-out bizibord will be a really wonderful gift for a one-year-old child. Promotes the development of motor skills, new skills, and allows mom to free up a little time for her own affairs. There are both large and small variants in the form of cubes. This is especially true for those who, when planning a holiday, think about how to celebrate one year for a child and at the same time not fill up the apartment with unnecessary junk.

Wigwam or tent

Small children really like to climb somewhere, so let it be a cozy and safe "hut" rather than narrow and inaccessible places of the apartment.

Creative kit

How to celebrate a child's birthday at 1 year old, so that gifts from relatives are useful, and not gathering dust in a corner? Ask them to buy consumables that are always needed: paints (including finger paints), coloring books, plasticine, kinetic sand, pencils, seals, cardboard and much more. All this can be beautifully decorated and presented, and most importantly, using it in the future, remember the donor with gratitude.

Lego set or other constructor

Lego Hollow, Magformers and other similar products are universal for any gender, suitable even for such kids, but at the same time they will be interesting in the future (in secret, even for adults).


Of course, such a gift is more logical for a boy. However, kids at this age like to watch a train moving along the rails, regardless of gender. And if all this is accompanied by sound and light effects, delight is guaranteed!

Dry pool with balls

When a long-awaited child is 1 year old, how to celebrate a birthday and not give something big and grandiose? If this is about you, then take a closer look at dry pools with filling in the form of balls. They come in different colors, so they will suit both a boy and a girl. And the impressive size of such a gift and a huge number of balls will not leave the child indifferent.

Tolocar or other transport

Do you know how to celebrate your son's first birthday and not give him a typewriter? We are not. Therefore, we advise you to present the boy with a new personal transport, on which he can, pushing off with his feet, ride around the house. By the way, such a gift is perfect for my daughter.

How to spend a child's first birthday so that adults won't be bored

No one disputes that the organization of a child's first birthday is based mainly on satisfying the interests of the baby, however, it is not worth forgetting about adult guests. We suggest not to arrange too banal contests, but to use easy and fun alternatives.

Surely in the house where the first birthday is celebrated, there will be stocks with baby puree: broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, etc. Invite guests to blindfold and, tasting the "delicacy" to taste, guess what's in the jar. At the same time, feel for yourself what yummy food the baby has to eat.

Mashed potatoes have been eaten, now you can drink. And what do babies drink from? That's right, from the nipple. Which of the guests will cope with this task faster? It's worth checking out and rewarding the fastest (or the hungriest).

How to celebrate a child's birthday in 1 year, at the same time remembering all the significant dates, numbers and events from the baby's life? A fun quiz questionnaire will come to the rescue. The one who knows the baby best can be given a symbolic gift.

You can turn idle looking at photos into another contest — let adults try to guess how many months the birthday boy is on each of them.

Do you know how to spend a birthday for a one-year-old child and at the same time enlist the support of relatives for the future? Come up with and write down promises for them on pieces of paper and offer to pull your own out of the bag. Examples: "I will buy toys", "I will help with lessons", "I will teach you to ride a bike", "I will take you on a mini-trip" and so on.

How to celebrate without harm to the baby

I would like to draw attention to some not so obvious moments in the organization of the celebration. Namely:

  • All holiday paraphernalia should be safe and under the control of adults. Any child will want to learn new bright balloons, stretch marks and so on. The kid can start trying something that is not intended for this, and small details are generally insidious, as they tend to get stuck in the most inappropriate places. If you doubt something, it is better to exclude it from the decor altogether than to worry constantly afterwards.
  • Despite the fact that a birthday is a fun holiday, the child's psyche gets a kind of overload from the very fact of an abundance of emotions. Therefore, in the midst of the celebration, arrange breaks in silence and alone with the baby.
  • Be flexible, don't get upset if something doesn't go according to plan. Having spent the first birthday, how to celebrate the next ones you will know for sure better, because nothing can replace your own experience.

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