How to treat sinusitis in a child: medicines and folk remedies


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Sinusitis, the child is considered the most frequent complication of colds. This is due to the peculiarities of the skull structure and nasal passages. Sometimes, however, parents begin to deal with the problem, which is not. A poet it's important to know exactly how the disease in children and what to do, so it doesn't become chronic.

treatment of prostatitis in the home in children

The Structure of the nasal sinuses in children

The base of the skull and the nasal passages of small children is significantly different from the structure of the adult. The maxillary sinus of a child who is not yet three years old are at the highest point. While gaymanova sinus resembles a narrow slit, which with age has expanded and become normal traits. Teenagers who have reached 16 years of age, already have all the chances of developing sinusitis as adults. But up to 3-4 years pneumaticaly the upper jaw has not yet occurred, so the development of sinusitis is simply impossible.

Function of the maxillary sinuses

In the organism everything is interconnected, and each organ performs its inherent role. So, the sinuses have several functions:

  • Warming of air, its purification and hydration;
  • Affects individual speech dissonance;
  • Forms the structure of the skull and protects a person from physical injury;
  • Protect against cold air, the base of the fundus and the roots of the teeth;
  • Give the opportunity to feel the change in pressure due to the cells that are responsible for this process.

However, the maxillary sinus of a child is not able to fully cope with the above functions. Therefore, the quality of the inhaled air for young children in the first place. In this context, negative changes in weather conditions lead to runny nose and nasal congestion.


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Treatment of sinusitis in children

Sinusitis - what is it

The child Sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. The nasal cavity is connected with the upper jaw using the channel. Therefore, problems involving the nose inevitably affect the sinuses.

The Child's body is not perfect, the common cold always causes negative changes in the maxillary division. Therefore, colds inevitably causes sinusitis in children. However, not always the problem requires drastic intervention. Often after elimination of the main symptoms of the disease resolves on its own.

Causes of sinusitis

The Main culprit of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses are viral respiratory diseases. But the cause can also be:

  • Injuries to the face;
  • Pathology in the structure of the dental system;
  • Disruptions in the endocrine system.

Sinusitis the child often takes place in not complicated form. Doctors diagnose catarrhal form, which occurs without the formation of pus. Treatment, it is specific, not required. The pediatrician prescribe medication to eliminate the runny nose and the problem resolves on its own.

But with the age of the baby can be observed and purulent forms of the disease. In this case, the required comprehensive examination. Treatment of sinusitis in children may require admission to professional assistance.

Treating sinusitis at home child


The doctor could diagnose, it collects history, examines a child and studying the data nasal endoscopy. Parents it is important to talk about the complaints, not embellishing events, but not ignoring the problem.

If the age of the baby allows the pediatrician to talk with him. But mommy also needs to objectively assess the severity of your child. Only a comprehensive survey coupled with data from interviews will help the doctor to establish the true cause of illness.

In young children nasal mucous sheath is much thicker than in adults. Therefore, any infectious process occurring in the nasal passages, causing swelling. When conducting x-ray examination, you can see how these places are darkened. But to consider their structure and the cause of the problem is not possible. Therefore, only on the basis of x-ray final diagnosis is not put.

Often in cases of suspected purulent maxillary sinusitis and assigned a CT scan. The survey allows us to accurately diagnose maxillary sinusitis and prescribe an effective treatment.

Signs of diabetes

To the treatment of sinusitis in children was effective and directed at a specific problem, it is necessary to know the initial signs. But the difficulty lies in the fact that in the beginning of the disease all symptoms similar to banal cold. After the transition of the disease into suppurative stage, the clinic becomes pronounced. Therefore, parents should alert the following:

  1. The child deteriorated General condition, fever and a headache. Talking about the symptoms of intoxication.
  2. Toddler often breathes by mouth, there is a twang of a voice.
  3. The Child refuses solid food. When inflammation of maxillary sinuses are affected the roots of the teeth, so the chewing brings pain.
  4. There is irritation of the nasolabial triangle and the base of the nose. In this casesnot thick, but may be absent when blocking the output channel.
  5. The Mucus that occurs when the inflammation often runs down the back wall of the larynx, as a result the child may cough.
  6. The Child complains that it can not smell your favourite food. This is due to the swelling of the nasal passages.
  7. You can Often observe swelling of the lower eyelids and swelling of the face. Bone septum of the child is still too thin, so the inflammation quickly goes to the jaw and eye sockets.
  8. There is a photophobia and frequent tearing. It is caused by blockage of the nasolacrimal canal.
  9. Lead to pain when pressing on the sidewall of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.

If a child has had a number of such signs, without consulting a pediatrician and ENT doctor can not do.

remedies for the treatment of sinusitis in children

Combination therapy

How to treat sinusitis in children tell the doctor. A set of procedures will depend on disease severity, stage and form of problems as well as General health and presence of additional complications in a young patient. Therapies fall into several areas.

Restore nasal breathing

The Treatment of sinusitis in the home children may, if there are no complications, and purulent discharge. The doctor will recommend medications to restore nasal breathing and to bring pathological discharge from the sinuses.

Often use saline solutions - "Akvamaris", "saline". Drugs are freely available in the pharmacy. Such tools will help to remove the swelling of the mucous membrane, moisten excessively dry air passages and helps to eliminate bacterial content. It is important that salt solutions are not addictive and do not give adverse reactions.

how to treat sinusitis in children

Nasal Lavage

Catarrhal form of the disease, the doctor may prescribe rinsing the sinuses with saline. However, the procedure is not recommended for children under 8 years and purulent discharge. Otherwise, the infection may spread further and affect the departments of the middle ear, leading to hearing loss.

If catarrhal sinusitis in a child, treatment at home involves the use of containers with narrow spout and warm water. The child is asked to stand near the sink and tilt your head slightly sideways. You then carefully pour in upper nostril and a little liquid. Tilted head ensures that the water flows out from the other nasal passage. The procedure can be repeated twice on both sides.

Nasal Lavage cleans the cavity. Along with the water from the axils of leaves slime. So breathing is restored, swelling reduced and the concentration of bacteria is much smaller.

However, you must remember that such procedure is prohibited in diseases of the middle ear. Also botched lavage may lead to complications. So, how to treat sinusitis in children with washing, you need to look at the ENT. He will tell you about techniques and show the process.

nasal irritation in the sinus

The Use of vasoconstrictor drugs

If the child has difficulty with nasal breathing and nasal congestion prevents him from properly eating and sleeping, the doctor may recommend the use of decongestants. The most popular are "Nazivin", "Nazol-bebi", "Vibrocil". However, their use should be strictly confined and without the pressing need not to use. Drugs contribute to addiction and may cause persistent narrowing of the vessels. More than 7-10 days to use them is not recommended.

Medical procedures

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe a nasal wash for Proets. The method consists in moving fluids. The procedure is performed in a medical office. The child lay down on the couch, the doctor using a special tube pouring into one nasal passage fluid, his assistant from the other nostril the liquid cleans. It is important that no water gets into the throat, it is necessary to ask the child during the procedure to continuously repeat the syllable "ku". The entrance to the nasopharynx overlaps the soft palate. For children such manipulation is almost painless and causes no discomfort. Often it is called "Cuckoo" because of the characteristic words, which need to constantly say it.

If the child has a purulent form of sinusitis or blurred clinic, requiring accurate diagnosis, you will need to puncture the mucosa of the maxillary sinus. In this case, using a local anesthetic and the puncture is carried out with a special needle. After that, the sinus washed with antibacterial solutions. If diagnosed bilateral maxillary sinusitis at the child, then often leave drainage. It allows you to have access to internal moves, and permanent irrigation.

Folk remedies for the treatment of sinusitis in children

There is a pretty good means to eliminate the problem of inflammation, which were used even by our grandmothers. To facilitate nasal breathing, remove puffiness and bring out the mucus, you can prepare droplets of beet juice, Kalanchoe or aloe. Similar means can be used, but first must obtain permission of the attending physician. The use of onion juice for instillationcompletely prohibited. Onions can cause severe irritation or even burn the delicate mucous membrane inside the nose.

Good effect gives massage sinus. The skill and technique of the movements can show the doctor. Also, consider doing a little breathing exercises to improve the natural flow of mucus.

Having Considered how to treat sinusitis in a child at home, it is necessary not to forget about regular examination by a specialist. Only nasal lavage, instillation of drops, and massage are not enough. It is likely that you will need antibiotic therapy.

Antibiotics for sinusitis in a child

Antibiotics are necessary to completely eliminate the purulent inflammatory process. Of course, it is best to conduct a study on the bacterial component and to determine the sensitivity to various antibiotics. But it doesn't always happen. In this case, your doctor may prescribe pills from a wide range of actions.

Often, the doctor recommends antibiotics from the category of penicillins and cephalosporins. If the baby has an Allergy to this number, it is assigned to macrolides. Well, if the data of the tests will show exactly of the causative agent. Then the specialist will accurately pick up the medication, taking into account the sensitivity of microorganisms to him.

List of antibiotics is quite wide. However, their names will recommend the attending physician and for purchase need a prescription.

It is Important to remember that the compulsory treatment of sinusitis in a child intended to include antihistamines. Medications reduce swelling and eliminate allergic reactions. Often assigned "loratadine" and "Core".

Antibiotic when the sinusitis children


If to treat sinusitis at home, the child can offer physiotherapy. There is no need of hospitalization, but the effect of them is quite palpable. Procedures help in improving the flow of mucus. UHF relieves inflammation, laser therapy aims to eliminate edema. Methods are many, but each has its indications. Therefore, the recommendation provides only a doctor.

Preventive measures

The child did not have any problems with nasal breathing, it is necessary to fortify its immune system. Then the face of viral diseases a small body will resist and will not receive complications in the form of sinusitis. The child needs to ensure a balanced diet, adequate and regular exercise and gradual hardening.

If you follow these tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of sinusitis to a minimum:

  1. In the room should always be clean, cool and moist air.
  2. If you have problems with the nasopharynx, the need for timely and competent treatment.
  3. Do Not apply no urgent need vasoconstrictor drops. It is better to replace them with saline solutions.
  4. Nasal congestion can be massage and breathing exercises.

A Decisive factor in good health often become regular walks, exercise and good nutrition.


A Fairly common problem -- sinusitis in children. Feedback from parents show that if the time to go to the doctor, to follow all of the recommendations and provide the home fresh, cool air, the prognosis is always favorable.

If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, you cannot refuse. Parents can find out the validity of their purpose, but completely ignore the advice of a specialist is impossible.

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