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Listen to your favorite music during the way to pass the time and please yourself - what could be better? Once our peers used cassette and CD players for this purpose, but later, there were more compact options that also provide higher quality sound - mp3-players. But they soon followed the fate of the camera and the player function became available in mobile phones - after all, it is great when all you need is at hand and no need to carry multiple devices. The wide spread of WiFi networks and mobile Internet has led to the fact that it is now much easier to download your favorite melody directly to your phone, but how to do it for free? Is it possible to download music from the social network?

Music library "Vkontakte"

contact How to download music to your phone

The Popularity of social network "Vkontakte", no doubt, due not only to easily and instantly communicate with interesting people but extensive audio and video. Navigation is built in such a way that each user individually to build your own music library. "But as with "Contact" download music on the phone?" - frequently asked by users who are attracted to the ease of navigation and the availability of interesting tracks that in the future it is difficult to find in the Internet search. There are few caveats here. The fact that Apple, for example, has a very strict policy on copyright on the content, and the fact that the site "Vkontakte" contains counterfeit materials has led to the blocking of the same application for smartphones and later to limit the possibility of background music. How to download music to your phone free of charge through the "Contact"? Answers - on!


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"life hacks" for owners of smartphones on iOS

How to download music from a contact on the phone

After the limitations of a background player in the official application "Vkontakte" users found a few more options of downloading music to your smartphone. The first option is the easiest and least cadastrally is background playback of music library via the built-in Safari browser. Simply go to the website, log in and enter the section "Audio" the music continues playing in background when you will need to close the application "Safari" or block the smartphone. The only disadvantage of this method is the complexity of navigation and the possibility of listening to music exclusively online. To download music on your phone with "Contact", to help bring special programs: Fonoteca, Color player. They give the ability to save music directly on your phone and much more convenient in terms of navigation.

How to download music with "Contact" on the phone on the Android operating system

download music to phone for free using Kontakt

The Owners of Android smartphones more luckier - the developers of this operating system does not have the same radical views on the placement and use of the content, as in the Apple, so downloading music is much easier. As "Contact" download music to my phone? First, you can use the usual official application "Vkontakte", which is available in Google Play. With it is available the background music and all the required functionality. If for any reason the use of the official application is not suitable, for example, you need a player that plays music without connecting to a cellular network, there is another option, showing how to download music with "Contact" on the phone. First, using scripts for downloading music, you can keep the tracks on your computer and then transfer them to your phone using connect your phone via USB. Secondly, there is also a convenient extension from the market Google Play that allows you to download music directly to your phone and listen to it using the built-in player: for example, Music Pulse or Vkontakte Music Sync.

How to download music from "Contact"?

download music to mobile phone contact

As mentioned earlier, using the computer, you can download the audio files from the network "Vkontakte", and then using a USB connection or iTunes to keep the files on the device for later playback in the embedded player. In order to answer the question about how to "Contact" download music to your phone, you can use various extensions or scripts. The most popular program is VK Saver plugin, downloaded to your device and allows you to add the possibility of downloading files from "Contact", there are also sites where you can by name to search for a track and download it from the library VK: VK Music, VK Sound. In General, the user can try several ways to select the most suitable for you in the future know as "Contact" download music to your phone!

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