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How to increase the relevance?Despite the fact that modern search engines are trying to adapt to the users searching information in the Internet does not become any easier. All because every day on the web expanse of the thousands of new sites. And the amount of garbage that regularly post to the network, no longer count.


Relevance is a term denoting the degree of correspondence of the search result to the user expectations. In other words, if the user found what he was looking for, found the material is relevant. If not, it is called irrelevant.

Quick facts

Any modern search engine has its own algorithms to estimate relevance, and analyzed not the entire site as a whole and every material that was posted on its open spaces. As a result, adapting to the requirements of, for example, search engines Yandex, no one can guarantee the same degree of conformity in the issuance of Google. Today before to increase the relevance, you have to spend a lot of time on the analysis of existing content. Only then can we start practical action.

How is the relevance?

Search queries.

The relevance of certain information and the suggested query is determined using the innovation of search algorithms. They include all of keywords to the total volume of articles published on the page. When creating a page, each search engine determines your optimal percentage of occurrences. How to increase the relevance, therefore, to rise in the results? Many people prefer to stick to the five percent ratio of keys to the total amount of text. But happens and so that content authors face difficulties. The main problem of any webmaster is that any deviation from this ratio can lead to pushing pages to "ignore". In addition, a strong exaggeration of the percentage of occurrences will lead to the fact that the search engine will fully block the results, identifying content as spam to (spam).


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Initially, the relevance of information is determined by a number of internal criteria, for example, the frequency of keys in the headers, the density of key phrases in the text, meta-tags, elements, formatting text, and so on. As soon there were sites which used to redirect to the promoted resource, there is a need in modernization of the search parameters to match the relevance.


The boost - it is not very difficult. But it requires a lot of time and we must always be ready. There are a number of recommendations, allowing to increase the relevance of a page or the whole site.

How to increase the relevance?

  • Keyword Density. do Not have to place key phrases are close to each other. For one, the COP is enough to put 2-3 exact request. Approximately as much - in a diluted form. Sometimes you want and less of occurrences, it depends on the size of the editable content. As a rule, the larger the material, the higher the number of occurrences.
  • Natural. Despite the fact that key phrase in certain cases may be difficult in perception, it is imperative that phrase from the query had the most natural appearance in the material. Before you can increase the relevance, remember that the materials for publication is primarily created for new guests, and not for robots.
  • Podzagolovok tags. Tags h1, h2 and h3 consist of headings of the 1st level and the number of sub-headings (2, 3). There are tags for smaller headings, but often enough h2 and h3. Inside defined tags are subject headings, and they must contain the keys. If you can not correctly enter the key, it is better not to insert it at all, otherwise the relevancy of the queries will be broken.

    Relevance of queries.

  • Keywords in the header. As mentioned above, to achieve optimal relevance need to specify the keywords in the headers. This is done so as the user often enters a search query. After key or to it further raises other words, the most suitable meaning. Ideally, the title make to click on it and appealing to the reader.
  • Dilution and decline of key phrases. place keywords Inside other phrases, try to persuade the words, or to use prepositions.
  • The Selection of key phrases underlined, bold or italicized. It is not necessary to highlight all the key phrases placed within the text. It is enough for a pair of three selections that require treatment attention. Most importantly, always know when to stop. Using tags it is possible to allocate a number of additional phrases, which the reader should pay utmost attention. After all, the real use and maximum naturalness is paramount for every reader.
  • Composing descriptions. Properly prepared description will add a lot of new users to the website directed from search engines. Google uses the snippet (the text block with the description that is under the site title in the results). Some content management systems havespecial plug-ins to significantly help in compiling the correct descriptions. Before you can increase the relevance, remember: in the description you need to put down the keys, but here it is necessary to know the measure. Otherwise, spam filters, ban.

Search query and relevance

Check relevance.

In order For the website to send the users the search engine won't be enough only one presence in the results. You need as much to try to get to the top of issuance.

The Criteria that influence the position of the links of the website pages in search engines, conventionally divided into two large categories:

  • Text;
  • Non-text.

Even the name is clear that the text criteria represent the characteristics of the text component of the website. While non-text criteria are required in order to assess the relationships page. Textual information published on the pages plays no role. Text criteria to verify the relevance of words, are taken into account at the stage of creation of articles and website as a whole. Non-text materials available for processing after the web site posted to the Internet network and submitted for indexing.

Search engine Indexing

Relevance of words.

If you work with indexing search engines it is important to remember that the search begins only after you have entered and confirmed the search queries. This can be a word, group of words, phrase, phrase and so on.

Very often when you enter phrases occurring semantic (meaning) gap. The search engine is in no way responsible for what he thinks the user when entering text. The user, in turn, sees no difference between "wrong" and "right" queries.

As a result, before you create a web site, you need to look at the form in which users often request information that interests them. On the territory of the Russian Internet is only one source that allows you to get reliable search queries - "Yandex.Direkt".

Relevance of information.

Check the relevancy of your page

Of Course, the definition of the approximate extent of the relevancy of pages can be enjoyed on their own, just reading the material. But what if the site is not one page of text, and thousands or even more - tens of thousands? Independent verification will take too much time and effort. To facilitate the work created a special online service to verify the relevance in a few seconds. Not every website owner prefers to seek help for them, because sometimes it should be clear that written posts have a high degree of matching search queries. However, better once again to dispel all doubts and to breathe a sigh of relief.

The Most simple method of obtaining accurate relevance ranking is pr-cy - Russian specialized tool designed for high-precision analysis of the content. In the information filed in this tool, you specify everything you need: the number of keys, the relevance, the density of occurrences and so on. The service is convenient, but not as much as its competitor - MegaIndex. It is intended to promote sites, but its functionality has a large number of free tools that are useful to the optimizer. The information is analyzed in two search engines simultaneously - Yandex and Google. However, this service is guaranteed accurate test of relevancy with the minimum error.

a relevance Check.


The Relevance is what you need to focus any SEO and site owner. Provide users with content that meets their expectations, you will achieve the popularity of the project will grow steadily. Then you will be able not only good and high quality to promote your site, but also decently to earn it. You just need to start to work, and in the future will come both experience and confidence. Good luck in your endeavors.

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