Natalia Yaschuk. Who is she? Blogger, Weiner or TV presenter?


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Internet Users have probably seen funny videos called Minami. The network currently thousands. Make them completely different people, and the subjects also varied. So, one of the authors of these movies - the incredible Natalia yaschuk! Who is this smiling girl?

Is She from the moon?

Natalia yaschuk

Like many of the popular bloggers, Natalia yaschuk at one point, on this happy occasion (or maybe not), just became very famous. Shooting funny videos to Instagram, she attracted the attention of the public, and soon her name became famous. But who was she? How old is Natalia yaschuk? What does she do?

Yaschuk was born 15 February 1991 in the town of Skadovsk in Ukraine. Skadovsk town, and seemingly a girl who was born in it, not waiting for any prospects, but to stay to work it on the vegetable warehouse. Natalia proved otherwise. He went to study in Kiev after high school, a girl with glowing eyes he decided to try himself as a model. And here again broken another stereotype! Lady low growth may not be a model, but yaschuk serendipitously received an invitation to participate in a local beauty contest and gained it the victory... and you say: "low model - not a model". This is, in fact, begins her story.

Music channel M1

Natalia yaschuk how many years

Biography Natalia yaschuk is quite interesting. After participating in the beauty contest had plenty of offers to pose for covers of magazines, to participate in the filming of clips of famous musical artists. But to stop there is not an option for the purposeful shadowdance. Moreover, after such a gift of self-confidence has increased, because the girl was sensitive about his small stature.


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According to this principle, Natalia yaschuk decides to apply for participation in the casting of the project "Old Search" on M1 TV, in which thanks to his charm, and external data becomes a finalist and winner. Participation in the project it opens a lot of doors, besides the fact that it is already a presenter on the same channel. Then she understands that the work of the presenter and have something that brings her great pleasure.

Generally I don't chase popularity. I just want to do what you love and uplift others, and then sought in the air. Of course, very nice, when strangers recognize and make compliments.


Natalia yaschuk biography

It would Seem that everything in the life of an aspiring TV presenter are going great. Shooting in fashion magazines, music videos, work on TV, which brings great pleasure. In 2013, Natasha fated to met with the famous TV presenter Alexander Khomenko. According to Alexander, Natalia, he was contacted for a work thing, but I didn't know that the girl lives in Kiev. Working relationship in that time they did not take place, but it formed a bond of friendship.

After some time after meeting and active communication Natalia moved to Moscow. Here, their relations have been developing rapidly, but the lady with charming smile don't forget about his career and continues to appear in videos and magazines.

With regard to relations with Alexander, then a few months after moving yaschuk on vacation in Thailand a young man proposes to her, and a pair of officially confirming his Union.

"Instagram" and fallen in popularity

the blogger Natalia yaschuk

In the era of "Instagram" the popularity of stars is estimated by the number of followers and likes. A celebrity with number of subscribers less than a million - not a celebrity.

Natalya with confidence can be called a celebrity. Followers from her account for almost 2 million, and the video with her participation, the so-called vine, gaining about 1.5 million hits.

Like many well-known instagram-bloggers, the story of God begins with the fact that she puts one of funny videos, shot and edited in haste, and it is gaining an unbelievable amount of views and likes. Then she realizes that the content which was published, people like it, so go for it. The essence of her movies in "Instagram" is a beauty tips for young girls. Tips that Natalia gives presented in a light humorous way, in fact, that is why they are so popular with users.

By the Way, the number of subscribers of account of Natalia yaschuk significantly increased after she participated in the clip Scrooge "Rukalitso".

Today Natalia is trust Ploskov Production. This kind of producing center, which operates many well-known people.

YouTube Khomenky

Natalia yaschuk and husband

The Husband of Natalia yaschuk Alexander, together with her overall lead channel on "YouTube". This is a fun blog where the guys are having fun from the soul together with various invited celebrities. The themes in their videos, they raise very different, and everytime it's something new and incredibly funny. Among the famousguests on the channel Khomenkov was Natalia Rudova, IDA Galich, Ivlieva Nastya, Karina Nigay and others. The topics they discuss do not have any restrictions. Yesterday we were talking about what to give the man, and today IDA Galic preparing dinner in their kitchen. What will happen tomorrow - even hard to imagine!

Secret to success

His charisma, humor and original ideas Natalia and Alexander have attracted to your channel 300 thousand subscribers, and the average video gets about 400 thousand hits.

Summing up, we note that Natalia yaschuk is a good example of how an ordinary girl from a provincial Ukrainian town, without rich parents, with great desire and ambition can achieve such a success. Desire, ambition and talent is what allowed her to go so far and continue to grow.

For example, Natalia, each of you can try your hand at what long dreamed of, and achieve this! The main thing you need is to believe in yourself, in your strength and, most importantly, in your talent, remember that like you, no more! Be honest, real and funny, people like it, and success will not keep itself waiting long.

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