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People Have always been craving for quick and easy money. It seems that — some natural instinct which is impossible to suppress. Exactly on the thirst to earn fast and a lot a lot of scams and schemes, which, in the end, earning only their organizers.


royal invest reviewsThe era of the Internet opened a new field of fast and anonymous payments, by which you can transfer any amount of money to anyone, quickly and easily. Based on the ability to transfer money to them and were built thousands of HYIP-projects, calling to increase investment.

HYIP stands for high yield and a risky project (with English) and is an automated service, receiving and issuing money to the participants. It looks like the site is filled with elements of "beautiful life” — images of money, yachts, cars and beautiful girls, giving to understand that all this can be achieved by making the investment in the project. A classic example can be seen on the project website Royal-Invest (me) - there are attractive photos of expensive cars, and even statistics of deposits and payments (calculated, of course, millions of rubles). The average user of the Internet may indeed seem — what is this? Before us a certain investment project Royal-Invest, which opens the deposits in the virtual currency. However, let us look at everything in more detail.

How HYIP work?

royal investSo, let us examine the scheme in which all function programs like Royal-Invest. The reviews about similar projects it is best to show the dynamics of its activities. From the beginning, the users who bought, say they are ready to take a chance and trust a small amount as an experiment for such a program. They might even get my first payout promised by the organizers (and perhaps not even one). However, unchanged is a lot of negative reviews after a certain period of time the payments stop coming. Everyone understands that the life of the program ended. Royal-Invest is not an exception, since it is the same HYIP, like many others. The money, which come payments to partners are unable to come out of nowhere — that just means, made the following investors. The principle of operation of such programs resembles a pyramid scheme like "MMM", only in small amounts.


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Why do people have money in HYIP?

royal invest ScamThe question is: "If the money people will still lose, so why are they talking about?" And here we return to the statement that was given in the beginning of the article: people like easy prey. The feeling that we can get something without doing anything, attracts us, forcing to make their money. Investors of projects like Royal-Invest these reviews repeatedly confirm, hope that the project will collapse after they withdraw the money. This is the calculation that reads: “Yes, people will lose their money. Yes, the pyramid will collapse. But I'm smarter, and I will be able to cash in on this”. And the truth is that there is a category of investors who do manage to earn by investing in HYIP. Even a project like Royal-Invest (Scam, more precisely) in any case, should make the first wave of payments, and it is the lucky ones who managed to make a profit. And, in fact, due to the first payments and the ability to distinguish between those programs that are able to hold these payments from others, some people receive income from such risky investments.

What happens after the crash?

After the website like Royal-Invest (which reviews gradually worse as the losing of their money) collapses, nothing happens. The organizers of the project is likely to discourage investment in its launch, and continue to access such programs. Users who made a profit and took the money, moved on in search of a profit. And most of those, whose money remained in the project, either knotted with HYIP investing, or doing work on the bugs. And on various blogs, forums and directories of the investment projects comes the news that Royal-Invest - Scam and to keep it away.

Is it Possible to make more reliable investments?

royal invest meOf Course, you can make contact with profitable programs (and an income of more than 30 percent of the investment per year already can safely assume that high) and work with more reliable and “true” ways to increase capital. For example, these can serve as Bank deposits, purchase of shares, asset management. Then, however, to receive up to 50% profit per day it is impossible to count (as promised on Royal-Invest). Reviews of people who testify that these methods of earning are interesting to very few people. It and is clear: conservative investments can be beneficial to holders of large cash reserves. Against the background of large amounts of money invested, the profit that will give conservative sources, can be called significant. While most people have a lot of money, allowing to buy shares of successful companies, no. Accordingly, the income that they can get this way are not enough. It turns out, one way out - to take a risk in orderto “hit the jackpot”.

The draft Royal Invest

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