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Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a person without a mobile phone. Now there are many different services and services for users of smartphones and simple mobile phones. But there are different services from operators. For example, the company "MegaFon" is the service "Megafonpro". This service is available to subscribers of the cellular network MegaFon and combines three technologies: GPRS, WEB and menu SIM.

megafonpro it

What this is

Many subscribers are holders of subscription MegaFonPRO. What is it and what does it do, consider in this article. This service represents a huge resource the right information on the telephone and the Internet. All new mobile entertainment and world news is now available at any point. "Megaphone PRO" is:

  • Source of interesting information (all the news of the world);
  • A great resource for entertainment (games, music, quizzes, contests);
  • Reference (poster of your city, etc.);
  • Dating and communication (forum, chat).


On the WEB-portal you can find a lot of useful information and interesting entertainment. It provides information about rates, services, special offers, promotions, and all sorts of mobile entertainment: ringtones, Wallpapers, videos, games, etc.

megaphone pro disable subscription

A Registered user "Megaphone PRO" has access to additional resources:

  • The most popular songs in various format;
  • Apps and games;
  • High-quality Wallpapers for your desktop;
  • Video;
  • Interesting SMS services.

In addition, this portal can send SMS messages to their friends and also receive MMS settings and WAP for your phone, and of course, subscribe to mobile phone services.


How to implement

This service has both a mobile version of the site. If you are not able to go to the website with your PC, you can find the necessary information via telephone, for this purpose, http:// you need to add "m.” after “http://». Lots of interesting videos, pictures, music and helpful information about MegaFon-it's all there on the website. To use the portal on mobile need GPRS settings, which can be found on the WEB-portal service or by calling the information service network.

megafonpro ru

Services for SIM cards

Each subscriber when buying the SIM card automatically gets a special menu MegaFonPRO. What gives? Thanks to the automatic SIM menu you will get access to such data and entertainment:

  • Billboard;
  • Addresses of the nearest cinemas, sports clubs, shops;
  • Humor, entertainment, chat;
  • Ringtones, pictures, quizzes, contests, etc.

As you can see, it is very convenient and practical to use MegaFonPRO. What it is, we understand, now consider how you can disable this service.

Subscribers don't know how to disable a service

There is Often a situation that the subscriber wants to deactivate a subscription. And really, the service is quite confusing. Often you can find messages like: "This is a special divorce to "cut" money from customers." It is a bit wrong. Service, as you could see earlier, quite useful, but somewhat tricky. You will need exceptional intelligence to understand what was happening in "Megaphone PRO". To unsubscribe is also quite real. Not everyone has the time to deal with it, so our article will help to deal with the problem. The main thing is to distinguish between ordinary mobile subscriptions and service PRO "MegaFon". They are a little different.

What is this application and is it possible to get rid of it

There are also questions about MegaFonPRO: what is it and how to remove it? But this application recorded on the SIM card, and it is impossible to draw from. It is important to budget phones, but there are complex smartphones like the iPhone. At last it can be found in "Settings" - "Phone" - SIM "Program." Many SMARTS it is right in the settings and is called "MegaFon".

Remove this application from the SIM card is impossible. Similar apps are available in almost all operators. But you can disable all subscriptions and not to use these services.

http megafonpro

How to know which subscription connected

To determine the number and names of the subscriptions that are on your room, there are two options:

In every cell phone has a special SIM card (mentioned earlier), which gives access to the portal PRO. Go to it, go to "Subscriptions" and see a list of all services that are connected to the SIM card.

  1. You can simply send a message with the text "List" or List in the information room operator. In the response SMS you will receive a list.

How to refuse service", Megafonpro"

There are several ways of refusal of a subscription "PRO" and disable access to the portal:

  1. The First method – using this menu. Go to "Megafonpro" and find the section "Subscriptions". Here you can either disable a specific subscription, or disable them all the same menu item. If you need to unsubscribe on your tablet or modem, you need to pull the SIM card from the device and insert it into any phone. Then performed all the same steps.
  2. The Second method is suitable for those who prefer TEXT. To reject all subscriptions of the portal need to send a messagewith the text "Off" or Stop to the number from which come SMS "Megaphone".

megaphone pro

Today, unfortunately, there is no possibility at "Megaphone PRO" to unsubscribe the service through Service or personal account. But the mobile operator MegaFon extends the capabilities and range of additional services and options for its subscribers, providing more convenient features to the customers network. Most likely, and the possibility of disconnection using a personal account or Service is also coming soon.

As you can see, this service is not so difficult to disable, and much of a problem it represents. But at the same time, it gives the user a lot of useful information and functions, it is important to understand how to use the portal "ABOUT" from the "MegaFon".

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