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On the website E-planet.ru you can make just two main steps to start create a website: register a domain and pay for hosting. The company exists formally, allowing fearlessly to give her hands on support. You are entering into this agreement for the provision of services, and it means that the hosting provider will take full responsibility for their actions - or inaction.

E-planet.ru provides Hosting services for all interested persons, whether owners of large known resources or beginners who want to try yourself in the building.

E-planet.ru has worked well when working with legal entities. Check websites of major companies and the shops here often because of the good reviews and the fact that the company "E-planet" provides the necessary documents for reporting.

If there is any doubt about the choice, you can always contact the technical support where it will be given competent advice.

Advantages hosting

This hosting service can boast of high quality service, namely:

- clock work of specialists – those who did not know how or are lazy, the company simply will not take.

- solid experience in the field of its activities;

with the cooperation with reliable partners who value our reputation;

- high quality software and equipment minimizing the risk of failures;

high speed connection

with the ability to quickly and inexpensively Register domains.

E-planet.ru – the place where you can immediately start creating a website, not running from one resource to another to bind a domain to the hosting. This is especially useful for beginners because it allows them to do everything quickly and in one place. Many people who create sites, totally do not understand the technical intricacies, which greatly slows down the process. This hosting has taken care to ease these tasks.

Additional features

Using the E-planet, you can not only get good service, but to make it even better by connecting additional services. Basically, they need those who have a large online project with great prospects. In this case, even programmers can not cope with all the workload.

Additional services include extended support and providing an external drive for backup. The first includes the continuous monitoring of servers and services, the condition of its load, the solution of any technical problems and instant answers from experts. It is paid separately, single, or with monthly fee – economical option.

External drive for backup is from 50 rubles per month depending on the amount of memory. Its presence allows to increase the storage security of the website significantly.

E-planet – a convenient solution for all webmasters.

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TR: https://tostpost.com/tr/nternet/30740-e-planet-ru---bir-yer-olu-turmak-in-web-sitesi.html

UK: https://tostpost.com/uk/nternet/34540-e-planet-ru---m-sce-dlya-stvorennya-svogo-saytu.html

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