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You have received emails with advertising content by email? Yes? Then you know what is spam. Almost all email services that are in the world today allocate a huge amount of resources to fight spam. Developers create a variety of programs and scripts that allow you to detect the advertising message and block them and their senders.

Despite this, such letters continue to come. Some of them are really determined and automatically transferred to the folder “Spam” (it is now every mail provider); the rest can really come into the category of “Inbox”.

Read More about what is spam in email, why send it and how to deal with it, will be discussed in this article.

What is spam?

In the word “spam” comes from the name of spicy minced meat (pork and beef), whose name was used in a Comedy series in 1971. As planned by the writer, in one of the cafés visitors so aggressively advertise this product that I literally haven't stopped using the word “SPAM”. The meaning was constant, excessive and aggressive repetition of the specified word.

what is spam in email

Today is “spam” called the automated mass mailings of correspondence and advertising. Unlike simple advertising, this newsletter has no target audience - send it to a huge number of people without a specific goal: just hoping that some small percentage of recipients are interested in the offer.


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In the era of electronic technology we all know what is spam. In the email, SMS, social networks and even the regular mailbox, we can find a lot of messages that are sent from the faces of those or other companies offering their services.

Spam is very Intrusive and sometimes even dangerous for the recipient. More about this will be described below. And yet more specifically about those who benefit from such distribution.

Who send you spam?

As already mentioned, we get a lot of non-targeted promotional offers. All those e-mails (spam) are often in the interests of the companies with which they are advertised (suppliers of goods and services, which are described in the proposal). In some cases, spam can carry out in order to achieve the opposite effect - scare away the consumer to stick it to a competitor.

how to eliminate spam

Of Course, if in your mailbox you find a letter is a Shoe store, it does not mean that such a distribution makes the store itself. Most likely, the messages were sent from a special server intended for such purposes. And the shop owner could just order a delivery like this.

Another situation, when you are trying to send spam with a request to transfer money or containing what is clearly a fraudulent offer. For example, it is well-known “letters” that your some distant rich relative left an inheritance of millions of dollars, and you are required to pay commissions in the amount of 200-300 $. This nature sends letter is likely just a group of people who have access to the necessary tools (for example, it can be a program to spam the server and the database for distribution).


If you talk about that advertise in spam emails, that's a huge number of options. The newsletter can promote a specific company, product or service, online store or service. In this case, of course, spammers try to operate covertly, so as not to harm service provider. For example, the official company will not engage in spam, because that's illegal. For the promotion of goods they can use the gasket or bogus stores.

a program to spam

In other cases, the spam can contain links to various websites that contain viruses; programs that can harm your computer, pornographic materials, various requests from fake people. Such mailings are just groups of people who just make money illegal ways. It may even be hackers experts with special knowledge in this field.

Is it Profitable?

According to unofficial research, annually the spammers earn millions of dollars on their activities. They advertise adult websites, stores with pharmaceutical drugs, dispatch viruses and different messages of a fraudulent nature to millions of people. Imagine that, despite the fact that many are aware of, what is spam email and how it can be harmful to the recipient, people continue to believe it and send money, buy access to sites, tablets, and even install the software.

the spam letters

If you give a specific answer, then Yes, spam is very beneficial. Otherwise, they would not have engaged in. Just another side of the coin is the question of how difficult is to be a newsletter from the point of view of monetary costs. Even the layman is clear that a program to spam (or some kind of special script) and the server which will be sending, as well as many other technical nuances are additional costs that needto recoup the profits from sent messages. So to say that spam is a simple task, it is impossible. This deals with a lot of people, but only a small part manages to earn here good money.

Spam in email

In the email spam appeared, probably, first of all. An especially effective tool he certainly was at the beginning of the development of Internet technologies. Then the people did not know what is spam, what to do with received letters that there was no inheritance in fact does not exist, and the money sent on these details, you can forget.

spam in browser

Later, of course, the spam problem attended to mail services. They were forced to enter the first locking mechanism spammers that were later successfully solved. The last few years the industry of spam protection and works: those who make the distribution comes up with something new; and the goal of mail services is to create a filter that prevents emails to users.

With the phenomenon referred to in this article are fighting all contemporary Internet companies, including “Yandex». Spam became the main enemy, therefore, the team search engine is constantly improving methods of selection promotional emails for several years now. The success they have AC as junk mail continues to come.

Spam to other agencies and services

In Addition to mail, there are many other services which are infested with spammers. In fact, it is the various forums, blogs, regular sites, message boards, social networks, abandoned resources, which already is not being worked on. This suggests that, despite the struggle with the phenomenon, no one knows how to remove spam.

Except that you can learn from the experience of the most advanced in the technology issue of market players IT is the largest social networking (Facebook, Twitter), where spam is constantly detected and removed. And - even there you can find a huge amount of hidden (and not) spam.

How to fight?

Just the question arises: how to deal with such a negative phenomenon? Is it possible to make spam in the browser ceased to annoy ordinary users, which, for the most part, not interested in the products offered?

To Deal with obsessive messages, but to eradicate such a thing as spam, is still impossible. The most effective instruments just are automatic and manual control what users send to each other, as well as some limitations, which can reduce the increase in the number of spam messages.

Yandex spam

For Example, Gmail has filters that reject messages containing links that are in large volumes slutsa different people. These accounts are just really quickly will be blocked and spam emails reach recipients.

The Problem with this technique is the many variations forms of spam. Roughly speaking, it is possible not only to send links and not with one account. In fact, attackers can create multiple accounts on different IP addresses, thus to conceal his real intentions. The postal service will be more difficult to identify such activity.

What measures are being taken?

In Addition to simple making filters, mail services lead many innovative projects that allow to recognize spam in one form or another. With their help, users will not think about how to remove spam, and it will make email much more convenient.

spam what to do

However, about how such decisions, why are they still missing Intrusive advertising messages, no one knows. Just under process news major email providers sometimes publish information about the test of new protection mechanisms; and over time, you may notice that really reduced the number of spam messages. Methods of operation of such mechanisms remain secret.

You received spam. What to do?

If you see in your mailbox of unwanted email advertising is clearly (or fraudulent) nature - do not panic. All you need to do is click “Mark as spam" (if such is your mail provider) in order to inform the service about the advertising nature of the message. If the button “spam” you do not - just delete the e-mail.

In Any case do not go to links specified there and not download the attached files! Do not forget what a spam email! It can be a program that can steal your data or infect your computer.

Responsibility for the newsletter

If you would like to try to deal with their own spam, let us go on to warn you that it is a criminal activity, including in our country. So try to not suggest.

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