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Sometimes, users are registered in social networks, you may need to get rid of some annoying friends. Here can be a question about how to remove friends from the same class.

Each user now in the social network a lot of friends. And it often happens that some of them are too active. Their communication infests you the whole account. They often add their photos, music, news, which you are not interested. But since this user is very sociable, and friends had many. They constantly communicate and discuss every new picture or news. And you, coming to your page, you see a large number of unnecessary information. It is because of these users you have nothing left to do, how to remove friends from Odnoklassniki. It would be better than to sit there and manually hide all news and events from the tape of only one other.

how to remove friends from Facebook

The network tab in the “Alert” are all requests to add new users to the status of “friends”. Going to your page with a username and password, look in the top menu of this option. Visvedevas on the icon you will see a list of new applications or are already taken. Clicking on it with the mouse, you can see all users who offers you his friendship. It is possible to reject the offer by pressing the button “Ignore”. The application will automatically be cancelled.

If to remove from a friends got a man whose proposal was previously confirmed, you must go to the tab “Friends” and select the desired user. The mouse hover on the photo, press the menu in which select the function of “Delete”. Confirming the selection, the user you are removing from your friends list.


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remove from friends

If you are not yet ready to take this fellow from the list of close people to you, but to read all this unnecessary information you do not want, then there is nothing left to do but delete. Friends of "Classmates" you don't strike out, but the news of this man not read.

To do this, go to the site "Classmates" and select the tab “Main”. In the timeline. select the function “Action”. In the opened window activate the same option. Next in your list of events and select those that belong to this user. When you hover over them with the mouse in the upper right corner will display a cross. Click on it, this opens the settings activity feed of that friend. Put a tick on the option “Disable all event notifications”. And confirm the function of “Clean”.

remove from friends

Now you know how to remove friends from Classmates, or to rid themselves of the excessive flow of public attention to some of them. Now, your news feed contains news, only your buddies that you will be interested to know.

“She has removed you from friends" - this phrase once in your life read man who has a page on the web. Some perceive this event painful, someone is disappointed. Never have to worry about this, for once in your life it happens to everyone for different reasons.

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