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Online store Rumikom, which reviews are presented in this article works on the domestic market in 2014. The company mainly is engaged in that promotes technology and gadgets that go under the Xiaomi brand on the Russian market, and also in the countries-participants of the Customs Union. Another important factor is promoting the idea of the smart home, while not very popular in Russia. Employees of the online store regularly post reviews of new products, write articles and reviews comparing various models of the gadgets, produced instructional videos.


Rubicom reviews

Strive to work quickly and efficiently in "Rubicone". The reviews confirm this. On the website of the online shop regularly is a news blog dedicated to the news of the brand Xiaomi. Users one of the first here they learn not only the description of the goods with technical characteristics, but also actual reviews and opinions on technique, which only appears on the market.

In the capital Rumikom opened a show-room, planning in future to develop the retail network. Brand showroom in Moscow, works with 2014. It is possible to get acquainted with technical novelties. Trained salespeople will talk in detail about the features of the product and advise you on how to make the best choice.

How to succeed?

Rubicom reviews of the store

In reviews about the online store Rumikom users report that the company successfully wins the race as the competitors. Coordinated work of all employees to actively promote the brand Xiaomi in the domestic market.

The Company is positioning itself to two main goals are satisfied customers and quality products. The firm has five departments, which allow to achieve good results. It is the departments of logistics, human resources, sales, marketing and IT Department.


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Mission online store

Rubicom staff

In many cities is working Rumikom. Reviews of the store can be found all over Russia. Of course, the biggest representative offices opened in Moscow. But also point of sales is in Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Rostov-on-don, Tyumen, Stavropol, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Volgograd. As well as in several cities of the country.

And the delivery of the order by courier and pickup. In other settlements delivery "Mail of Russia" or common transport companies.

Range of products

reviews on the Internet shop ramicom

Rumikom reviews receives positive, largely due to the rich assortment of equipment brand Xiaomi. Here you can always find flagship model, latest and most popular and high-end gadgets.

There is a large selection of smartphones, tablets and laptops, headphones, speakers, chargers, various accessories, spare parts for machinery Xiaomi. As well as TVs, consoles, and even action cameras.

Xiaomi Company produces a variety of devices and gadgets. Among them you can find fitness bracelets, routers, gyrometer, bicycles, Segways and even folding electric bikes.

In online store Rumikom, in the opinion of staff that sell only quality products. For example, the smart home system. It's a smart kettles, testers water quality, temperature and humidity, auto air purifiers, antibacterial filters, smoke detectors and a smart home system that will make your life as comfortable as possible.


feedback about the store Runicom Moscow

There are several ways to pay for the goods you have chosen. First, you can do it in cash. And only in the moment when you will deliver and not in advance, and you will be sure to bring exactly what you wanted in the required configuration and without defects.

Second, you can pay in cash. First of all, this method is suitable for legal entities. If necessary, you can get the invoice for payment.

Third, this can be done in one of the branches of Sberbank of Russia, and also in the service "Sberbank online". To do this, simply select the method "Pay in the savings Bank with the receipt" to print a receipt that you will receive, and pay the cashier.

You can Also make a payment of any other Bank cards. It is convenient to do through the Internet. In this case the payment will pass through the most reliable processing system "Yandex. Money" by carefully secure Protocol. A payment to you will definitely be protected.


company Runicom reviews

Required provides the warranty company Rumikom. In reviews customers note that any problems with the return or repair of defective products has never been. So you can be sure that in case of technical troubles will surely help.

The Warranty period for mobile phones is one year from the date of purchase of the product. Warranty service is performed only in a specialized technical center and only if you hold the warranty.

For testing and detection of defects is provided to the buyer for two weeks. If during this period you find a defect, have every right to demand replacement goods on the same or different, taking into account the difference in price. Either for a refund. It should be remembered that, according to the law "On protection of consumer rights", it is necessary to determine the choice of technology before making a purchase. Goods of good quality, unfortunately, can not be exchanged or returned.

For Example, if after a week you realized that you don't like the color of a model or set of features, but the phone works properly, to exchange or return it, you can not.

This rule applies to almost all equipment.

Customer Reviews

Reviews about the store Rumikom in Moscow leave the majority of buyers, who applied here for help or advice. Many say that the encounter with courtesy, politeness and professionalism of the sellers. You can always advise which product to buy, what new products from this range are expected on the market in the near future.

Buyers are Also pleased that you can now order goods in Russia, not in China and then wait for delivery for several months. Much faster come the goods from "Rumiloma". In the reviews customers have noticed another plus. In the online store, which is the focus of this article, not buy a pig in a poke, as is often the case when bought from a private person abroad, and tested the gadget, which is protected by a warranty in accordance with the Russian legislation.

Many deceive reasonable prices that can be found in the store Rumikom. Especially when compared to other similar online stores. Another big plus - prompt delivery. Even when the ordering is done before the weekend or long holidays, the waiting time is not more than the declared. And most of all bring the goods yet.


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