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The Internet has become a popular mass medium. Particularly successful are the social networks. People love to get there friends to share their news and experiences, to update the photos, listen to music and participate in different groups. "Classmates” – one of the known sites. However, its popularity it attracts not only ordinary Internet users, but also hackers, scammers and spammers. They are all trying to obtain illegal benefits. So often we hear that someone hacked into the page "Classmates".

hacked page classmates

How to know if a page hacked by

If someone hacked his page on the social network, it just won't be able to ignore it. First, it without your knowledge can go a variety of spam. Second, you may lose the electronic money OK. And third, the most obvious symptom, which often face odnoklassnikiru on the site "Facebook" is closed, i.e. the user enters their normal login and password, but the system does not pass. Met with this many users, and many of them received spam from their friends.

The Reasons why the page can be easily hacked

Odnoklassniki on the site classmatesAs strange As it may sound, but most often (about 70% of cases) do the users fault that their account was hacked. The reason is that many ignore or are insufficiently attentive to the security requirements of the system. The first and very important rule of Internet safety requires the installation of complex passwords. Optimally it should be at least 6 characters, among which there are not only numbers but also letters. Thus it is best that the letters are both lowercase and uppercase. Х37с25А or у93Н75а6 – examples of good passwords that a cracker "Classmates" will not be able to pick your own.


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The Second piece of advice to protect your page – the correct way. You can't just close the browser without leaving the website. Be sure to click the “output”.

Another reason for hacking page "Schoolmates" can be using the same passwords on different Internet resources. It is especially dangerous to use the same password that you have on the mailbox. There, he must be even more unique and challenging. It's no wonder there is a perception that if hacked e-mail, so everything else, too.cracker classmates

Viruses – another possible reason that hacked the page "Classmates", because they can read information (including the entered username and password) and send it to the hacker. To avoid this, the computer must be installed a good antivirus program. The most famous of them - "Kaspersky anti-virus" and Nod32. Their virus database is regularly updated, which greatly reduces the risk of penetration “Trojan”.

Various programs in which can download pictures, music, etc., can also be guilty of the burglary. If they require a password, it can be used for selfish purposes or sent to interested parties.

What to do if the page is already hacked

It is best not to eliminate and to prevent trouble. So if your security system is suffering, and the password is too easy and frequently used, fix it. If you have already hacked the page "Classmates", it is not worth much upset. It is possible to return and again take control. For data recovery, you should contact support. They quickly correct the problem and issue you with a temporary password. It is advisable to immediately change. The same should be done with the password from the email. Increase your level of security, and then the hack does not threaten you.

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