Falkland Islands – an archipelago of discord


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The Falkland Islands are a small archipelago in the South Atlantic, having today the status of overseas territories of the British crown - in now distant 1982, the year has become a real “bone of contention" between the United Kingdom and Argentina. From April to June of the year indicated there were full-scale hostilities with the use of most modern technology of the time. It was the only military conflict over the last few decades, when both sides used a comparable amount of heavy weapons.

Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands composed of only two relatively large Islands with extremely original names-East and West Falklands. They are separated by a narrow Strait. In addition, part of the archipelago includes hundreds of small Islands. The bulk of the population lives on East Falkland. And there would be nothing remarkable in these Islands, if not their geographical position.

The Falkland Islands occupy such a Prime location that represents your one-stop transshipment point for shipping routes of the South Atlantic and a magnificent Harbor for anchorage and repair of vessels, trawlers and other marine transport. This is especially true in light of the fact that in these waters there is active fishing. Besides, the archipelago is quite a busy trading route. But that's not all. The Falkland Islands, with such advantageous geographical position, strategic military plan to control the entire area of the South Atlantic.


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But the Falkland crisis had more serious economic implications. In the early eighties of British companies are actively developed the insular shelf of the archipelago on the subject of oil production. And the state of the Argentine energy at the time was extremely disturbing…

the Falklands conflict

So, on the second of April 1982, the Argentine contingent of the armed forces landed on the Falkland Islands. Garrison Marines of Her Majesty, stationed in the archipelago, had a strong resistance, causing the aggressors first loss. But soon by order of the Governor "Marines" laid down their arms. So began the Falklands conflict. Operation invasion under the name "Rosario" was completed successfully. But the fun was just beginning.

The Odious government of the Argentine dictator General Leopoldo Galtieri, starting with the annexation of the Falkland Islands, pursued another goal-to unite such an aggressive foreign policy, torn by internal contradictions of the Argentine society. The military junta was confident that the UK, because of the remoteness of the archipelago from the mother country will prefer to negotiate.

But the Cabinet of Ministers of the “iron lady" Margaret Thatcher reacted harshly, that was just in the spirit of this lady. Having decided on the power to respond with force, Britain sent a military solution to the situation of an expeditionary force composed of 107 warships (among which was the destroyer "Sheffield", is soon sunk by an Argentine missile “Exocet”) and 6 submarines, and ocean liners "Queen Elizabeth" and "Canberra", which had on Board 6 thousand Marines.

A Small fleet of the Navy of Argentina had no chance to stop this Armada. But the Argentine army was your argument – in the midst of the fighting were considerable forces of aviation and about 12 thousand soldiers. It seemed that these forces will be able to successfully prevent the landing of British units on the island.

Falkland crisis

The Twenty first of may, the English "Marines", supported by naval forces landed on East Falkland. Creating a beach head, they started advancing inland in the direction of the administrative center of the British Falkland Islands - Port Stanley.

In contrast to sea and air battles, land-based high technology does not have such crucial importance. Here is more traditionally – the outcome of the battle often resolved with automatic weapons, bayonets, grenades and combat training of soldiers. In this component a small professional contingent of the British "Marines" had a definite advantage over poorly trained Argentine conscripts. Despite the considerable numerical superiority of the latter.

The Turning point of a brief military campaign was the 29th of may, when during one of the battles of 450 British commandos defeated Argentine unit of 1450 soldiers. After that, the Argentines some time resisted in the mountainous regions of the island, but there were destroyed or captured.

The Fourteenth of June, the commander of the Argentine troops on the Falklands, major General menéndez, seeing the hopelessness of the situation, ordered troops to lay down their arms. Thus, in the Falkland Islands was again raised the flag of great Britain, and restored the rightful administration.

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