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As a child, Jean-Baptiste Monnier dreamed of becoming a football player, but fate decreed otherwise. For 26 years this talented actor managed to appear in over ten films and television series. “Glee”, “Damn cell phone”, “Scream”, “Merlin” – film and television projects, thanks to which the French remembered by the audience. What is the history of the stars?

Jean-Baptiste Monnier: family, childhood

The Actor was born in France, it happened in December 1990. Jean-Baptiste Monnier was born in a family of journalists. He has a younger brother Benjamin. In childhood, the boy dreamed about the movie, he was interested in only sports. The child raved about the football, could not imagine life without the ball and boots.

Jean-Baptiste Monnier

The Mother and father of Jean-Baptiste didn't want son linked his fate with the sport. They were looking for ways to redirect his energy in a different direction. At the insistence of his parents, the boy began to sing in a choir ‘Little singers of Saint Mark" unexpectedly, this activity keeps him occupied. Football was on the backburner, what Monier had not to regret.


On the set of Jean-Baptiste Monnier was the first time in 2004. The teenager even thought about the fact that it can play a Central role in the movie musical “Glee”. On casting he came because he planned to be in the crowd. However, charismatic guy noticed the film directed by Christophe Barratt, who asked him to embody the image of Pierre, one of the main characters. A week later, Monnier was already used to the image of a young chorister.

Jean-Baptiste Monnier movies

Musical Film “Glee” talks about events occurring in the middle of the last century in France. Clement Mathieu agrees to the post of music teacher in a boarding school for troubled Teens. He is forced to watch as the rector of the institution resorts to violent educational measures. Clement is unable to stop him, but to accept the situation he did not intend. The teacher invents a highly original way of dealing with the local regulations. He organized the school choir.


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Care of the choir

Ribbon “Glee” made a huge impression on the audience, and Jean-Baptiste Monnier became an overnight star. Moreover, the experience helped him decide on a career choice of their dreams. In February 2005 a young man announced his departure from the choir ‘Little singers of St. Mark”. He realized that the acting profession is its real vocation.

Jean-Baptiste Monnier filmography

Dramatic arts Monier decided to study at the Institute of theatre and film them. Lee Strasberg. This UNIVERSITY, the young man successfully completed.

First role

In 2006 was again on the set of Jean-Baptiste Monnier. Filmography young actor replenished mini-series “Scream”. A former chorister embodied the image of Robert in his youth. His character works at a steel plant wants to get rich and get a life. The project also was the audience like, even if its success and can match with the popularity of “Glee”.

Jean-Baptiste Monnier personal life

In the same year Jean-Baptiste first tried on the role of a voice actor. He announced Sachs in the cartoon “Piccolo, Sachs and company». This work also seemed Monnier exciting, he promised to return to her someday.

Also in 2006, Jean-Baptiste played a key role in the film “the Great Meaulnes”. His character in this drama was the student of françois, dreamy and humble guy. The hero adventure begins with the fact that he befriends a new classmate. Energetic dreamer Augustin can not sit still, he once drags and Francois.

“Damn cell phone”

“Damn cell phone” – another famous film, which starred actor Jean-Baptiste Monnier. In this horror film with elements of Comedy, presented to the court audience in 2007, he got the main role. The young man embodied the image of a seventeen year old guy named Sid.

Jean-Baptiste Monnier actor

The Guy lives a life typical for the average student. He moonlights as a waiter, likes to skateboard, listen to music and play truant. The familiar world of the guy starts to crumble before our eyes, when his class gets a new girl. Sid falls in love with Agne, but he has no chance like a fatal beauty. Fortunately, long time to suffer from a lack of reciprocity it is not necessary, because in his hands is revealed to be a magic cell phone. The phone has an amazing ability to embody all the dreams of its owner in reality. Only now the situation gradually starts to spiral out of control.

«Red hotel”

What other films with the Jean-Baptiste Monnier worthy of the attention of the audience? In 2007, the world saw the crime Comedy “Red hotel”, in which the actor also played one of the main characters. The film tells about the amazing events occurring in the territory of the God-forsaken hotel. Cruel the owners are forcing his deaf son to get rid of the guests and steal their stuff.

This continues until guests do not become pilgrims led by a priest. The landlady, tormented by remorse, insists on confession. The priest is horrified whenlearns about the sins of the owners. However, the seal of confession does not allow him to reveal their secret.

What else to look at?

After the release of “red hotel” Jean-Baptiste decided to take a small break. Another film with his participation, was presented to the court audience only in 2011. He played a key role in the drama "Perfect child", which became a fruit of joint production of France and China. Unfortunately, the picture did not have much success.

In 2012, the star of “Glee” and “Damn cell phone” lit up in the mini-series “Merlin”. He then played a small role in the TV show ‘Murder…”, took part in the work on the series “Dear dead”.

Personal life

How does the personal life of Jean-Baptiste Monnier? The young actor admits that the girl of his dreams not yet met. Star believes that this is due to the excessive demands that it imposes on women. Beauty, intelligence, sense of humor – the virtues, which certainly should have his potential life partner.

Interesting fact

Jean-Baptiste is actively involved in charitable activities. For example, some time ago, the actor Monier joined the campaign “stars of Hope”, the purpose of which was to help the needy.

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