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Tattoo Nagiyev Dmitry attracts attention. The actor has several tattoos. However, some of them he referred to the mistakes of their violent youth. The speech now will go about the image of the cross. It is located on the hand of the actor and has quite an impressive size, so to ignore it is difficult.

Tattoo Nagiyev: description

On the forearm of a celebrity is tattooed a black cross. He doesn't have any jewelry made in a very simple style. It is also worth noting that the image size is quite impressive. The tattoo looks very masculine, girls rarely stay on so performed the body modifications.

Black Cross fully filled in a solid coating. Is tattoo Nagiyev Dmitry so that in combination with t-shirts it is visible to all. Yes, celebrity does not hide it from fans. Relief on the muscles, but the picture looks very harmonious.

tattoo Nagiyev value

Value Nagiyev tattoo: what's the point?

The First value, which is directly associated with such images, – is faith. It is believed that this cross relates to the Roman Catholics. It is also the so-called Celtic cross. According to one version, Dmitriy Nagiev gave thus a tribute to their ancestors. As you know, he has German roots.

Second value – guardian. Often, it is the cross considered a powerful symbol that wards off evil forces, takes the look of envy. Likely that Nagiyev as the public often have to deal with ill-wishers. There is nothing strange in the fact that he decided to protect themselves in this way.

Version Nagiyev tattoo tells about his proficiency. Image if deliberately simple, without any hint of elegance or adornment. This figure emphasizes the masculinity of a celebrity.

Nagiyev tattoo

Tattoo Dmitry Nagiyev can have both explicit and hidden meaning. However, it should be noted that it looks on the body of a celebrity is very harmonious.

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