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The Name of this person is often heard in the media in the first half of the nineties. And the attitude was very ambiguous. For some, Oleg Gordievsky was a hero, others a traitor. Now about it have forgotten. Try to remember about this extraordinary figure.

The facts of the biography of a former intelligence officer

Oleg Antonovich Gordievsky, the biography of which was the subject of intense study of several leading intelligence agencies of the world, was born on 10 October 1938 in Moscow in the family of a member of the NKVD. This fact largely predetermined the choice of life path. After graduating in 1962 from the Moscow state Institute of international relations Oleg Gordievsky began their service in the First chief Directorate of the KGB. For several years under diplomatic cover worked in several countries in Western Europe for the exploration of the Soviet Union. Oleg GordievskyTo a certain point career developed quite successfully. But at this stage completed his unremarkable Soviet biography. Oleg Gordievsky today, nobody would have been interesting if it hadn't made a sharp turn in his life. However, it remained a mystery to all until 1985.


In early 1969, an employee of the consular Department of the Soviet Embassy in Denmark Oleg Gordievsky on their own initiative made contact with the British secret services in Copenhagen and offered his services. His proposal was accepted. From this moment, the Soviet part of his biography. In Moscow Oleg Gordievsky came back as a British spy. the book of Oleg GordievskyAnd the more successfully continued to develop its service career, the more value he represented for British intelligence.


He Oleg Gordievsky says that the revolution in his consciousness occurred in 1956 after he gave a speech N. With. Khrushchev at the twentieth Congress about Stalin's crimes. And the final decision to work against the ruling in the Soviet Union the political regime adopted after entering in August 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, when occurred the events of the Prague spring. Gordievsky, next stop executionAny selfish motives for his act, a former Soviet intelligence officer categorically denies. That, however, did not prevent him regularly for many years to pay Bank account from British intelligence.


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Failure and escape

Outwardly, all was quite well. Oleg Gordievsky returned to Copenhagen at the same place with the promotion. In the early seventies he served in Moscow in the Central office intelligence Agency. Then under diplomatic cover, was appointed to the Soviet rezidentura in London, which was then headed. However, under the pretext of appointment to a senior position in the KGB was recalled to Moscow. In the capital Oleg Gordievsky realized that the exposed and is under observation. The expectation of an imminent arrest pushes him to a desperate act. biography of Oleg GordievskyWith great difficulty, exposed the spy manage to contact their resident in Moscow. It is believed that from the Soviet Union it is difficult to escape, he Oleg Gordievsky was able to do it. From the country he rode through the Finnish border in the boot of a car belonging to the British Embassy. Diplomatic license plates are allowed to cross the border without inspection.


Escape the failed spy has caused a considerable resonance in the diplomatic environment and in the Western media. For a while Gordievsky was at the center of much attention to his person. Keep your mouth shut he was not going, therefore, with great pleasure, handed over to British intelligence services all agents ' information. This has led to the resignations, revelations and criminal cases against a number of prominent British figures who collaborated with the Soviet intelligence. In the fall of 1985 on the basis of information Oleg Gordievsky from the British capital were sent 31 personnel of the Soviet Embassy. As they formulate in the press, "for activities incompatible with diplomatic status". In response, symmetrical measures from Moscow was sent only 25 employees, apparently needed to even the number of spies in the Embassy was not. It was the largest exchange of this kind in the history of the diplomatic relations of the Soviet Union and the countries of Western Europe. Oleg Antonovich Gordievsky biographyOf Course, the betrayal of the former Soviet spy was not left without attention in his Homeland. For treason, Oleg Gordievsky was sentenced to capital punishment - shooting with confiscation of property. Of course, in absentia. Subsequently, the confiscation of property at the request of the spouse spy were cancelled. The family of a defector, a wife and two daughters, were able to reunite with him in September 1991. Currently, Oleg Gordievsky lives in London, leads an active social life, was adopted at the highest level.

Book Memoirs of Oleg Gordievsky

Deserters and spies in retirement often write memoirs about their adventures and dangers of life. In such literature there is always a certain demand. Was no exception and Oleg Gordievsky. "Next stop execution" was the title of his book published in London. It describes in detail the methods of work of security officers in the country and far beyond its borders. Not to say that this book became a bestseller, but some of the success she enjoyed. Was translated into foreign languages and even published in Russia.


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